Geoff Roosen's Family History


This web site is mainly about my family history and just a little about myself and my family, work, hobbies and travels.  

I am fascinated by genealogy.  Not simply the collecting of names and dates but I am interested in the people and their stories behind the facts.  I 
also like to study the places and times in which people lived and how we can learn from that.  Thanks to the internet, there is much information available from all over the world, but also as family members grow older and their memories fade, much information is lost.

This is my effort to gather and preserve as much of my family history as I can.

The main families that interest me are:- Ro(o)sen, Post and Klaver and van de Bilt in The Netherlands
Punch, Kinder, Crask(e) and Emery in England

ENTER and enjoy this site!

Why the rose image? 
My surname is the Dutch plural of the flower's name.

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