Cotton Mill Rules 1851

 A copy of Mill Rules of 1851

1.         All the Overseers shall be on the premises first and last.

2.         Any person coming too late shall be fined as follows: For five minutes 2d; ten minutes, 4d; fifteen minutes, 6d, etc.

3.         For any bobbins found on the floor, 1d for each bobbin.

4.         For single drawing, slubbing or roving, 2d for each single end.

5.         For waste on the floor, 2d.

6.         For any oil wasted or spilled on the floor, 2d each offence, besides paying for the value of the oil.

7.         For any broken bobbins, they shall be paid for according to their value, and if there is any difficulty in ascertaining the guilty party the same shall be paid for by the whole using such bobbins.

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8.         Any person neglecting to oil at the proper times shall be fined 2d.

9.         Any person leaving his work and found talking with any of the other workpeople shall be fined 2d for each offence.

10.        For every oath or insolent language, 3d for the first offence, and if repeated they will be dismissed.

11.        The machinery shall be swept and cleaned down every meal time.

12.        all persons in out employ shall serve four weeks notice before leaving their employ; but (the proprietors) shall and will turn any person off without notice being given.

13.        Any person wilfully or negligently breaking the machinery or damaging the brushes, making to waste, etc. they shall pay for the same to the full value.

14.        Any person hanging anything on the gas pendants shall be fined 2d.

15         The masters would recommend that all their workpeople wash themselves every morning, but they shall wash themselves at least twice every week - Monday morning and Thursday morning - and any found not washed will be fined 3d for each offence.

16.        The grinders and drawers, and slubbers, and rovers, shall sweep at least 8 times in the day as follows: In the morning at 71/2, 91/2, 111/2 and 12; and in the afternoon  at 11/2, 21/2, 31/2, 41/2 and 51/2; and to notice the board hung up: when the black side is turned, that is the time for sweeping. The spinners shall sweep as follows: In the morning at 71/2, 10 and 12; and in the afternoon at 3 and 51/2 o'clock. Any neglecting to sweep at the time will be fined 2d for each offence.

17.        Any person found smoking on the premises will be dismissed.

18.        Any person found away form their usual place of work except for necessary purposes, or talking with anyone out of their own alley, will be fined 2d for each offence.

19.        Any person bringing dirty bobbins will be fined 1d.

20.        Any person wilfully damaging this notice will be dismissed.

The Overlookers are strictly enjoined to attend to these rules, and they will be responsible to the masters for the workpeople observing them.

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