Ann Neve Crask (b 1807)

parents John Crask & Sarah/Susanna Neve

born 13 April 1807, North Repps, Norfolk, England[1]
baptised 18 April 1807, North Repps, Norfolk, England[1]
died Jan-Mar 1874, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, England[6]

Ann Neve Crask

Ann Neve Crask was baptised at St Mary The Virgin Church in North Repps, Norfolk[1].  It is presumed that she grew up and was schooled in North Repps since her parents lived there all their lives.

from St Mary's North Repps parish register
It is likely that Anne went to London to work as a Domestic Servant and she married William Duley.

William Duley
In 1841, William lived with his wife, Margaret and children Ellen and Thomas at 2 Wallis(?) in Pimlico, London[2].  William was born ca 1807 but it is not known where.  Also, nothing is known of his wife Margaret - perhaps they were Irish?

1841 England Census

Marriage and Later
Anne and William were married in the Apr-Jun quarter of 1841[3].  Possibly, Anne was his servant and Margaret died leaving him with two children.  Was this a marriage of convenience for both of them?

Then what?  The next information comes from the 1851 England Census wherein Anne (Anna) Duley is working as a Servant/Housemaid at a house at 9 Montague Street, St George, Bloomsbury, London.  Anne is a Widow. The head of the household was Elizabeth Winslade.  The two Duley children are not there[4].

1851 England Census

Anne is still at 9 Montague Street in 1861[5].

There is a death registration for a William Duley in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1846 in the registration district of Pancras[6].  Given that Duley is an unusual spelling, it could be him.

Anne died in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1874 in Norfolk (King's Lynn registration district)[6].

There were no children

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