Francis Neve Crask (b 1812)

parents John Crask & Sarah/Susanna Neve

born 13 December 1812, North Repps, Norfolk, England[21]
baptised 16 December 1812, St Mary's North Repps, Norfolk, England[21]
died 11 March 1872, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[5]
buried 12 March 1872, St Kilda General Cemetery, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[8]

St Mary The Virgin, North Repps
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Francis Neve Crask

Francis Neve Crask was born and raised in North Repps, Norfolk.  

St Mary's baptism rgister

Francis Neve Crask and Sarah Tester

In 1836 Francis Neve married Sarah Tester at St James Church of England in Paddington, London on 3 August[4].  Sarah was born ca 1811. Francis worked as a Plasterer in London[7].  Why did he go to London?

St James, Paddington marriage register

Francis and Sarah had two daughters:-
Sarah died suddenly at their home in Queen Street, Marylebone and was buried on 23 August  1839.  She was just 28 years of age[10].  Perhaps she suffered from the birth of their seocnd child.

Burial Register of St Marylebone, London

In 1841 there is a Francis Crask listed as living in Castle Street, Norwich, Norfolk.  His occupation is stated as Plasterer[11].  His age is incorrectly stated as 25 years.  There is no mention of his children.  Maybe this is (is not) him?

Francis Neve Crask and Mary Brett

On 7 September 1842, Francis married Mary Brett at St Martin's Church in Overstrand, Norfolk, England.  Mary's parents were Robert Brett and Mary[21].  She was born on 10 January 1809 and baptised on 1 February 1809 at St Mary's, North Repps.

St Mary's baptism register

When Francis and Mary married, Mary was noted as a Spinster and living in Overstrand.  Robert Brett worked as a Gardener.  One of the Witnesses was Francis' older brother, James William.  The other Witness was Francis' younger sister, Mary Ann[23].  Francis stated his current abode as Marylebone, London.

1851 Census

In 1851, Mary and her two step-daughters were living at 33 Newnham Street (?), Marylebone.  Mary is noted as Plasterer's Wife and born in North Repps, Norfolk.  Both girls are noted as having been born in Marylebone, London[12].

1851 UK Census

Emigration to Australia

Francis arrived in the Colony of Victoria on 29 December 1854 on board the Sussex[2].  He arrived within days of his older brother, James William. Presumably, they planned to emigrate together.  Later on 25 January 1857, Mary and the two girls arrived on board the Appleton[2].

The Argus, 30 December 1854[13]

The Argus, 26 January 1857[13]

From, at least, 1863 to 1872 Francis and Mary lived at 42 Henry Street, Windsor - only a short distance from his brother in East St Kilda[20].

Passing On

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Francis died at his Henry Street home on 11 March 1872 and was buried at St Kilda General Cemetery on 12 March 1872[5,8].  Mary continued to live in Henry Street until her death in 1884[20].

He made out his Last Will on the day he died.  It was witnessed by two neighbours in Henry Street.  He signed with a cross - he could not write.

From Francis Neve's Last Will[14]

Estate left to Mary[5]

Mary obtained Probate on Francis' estate on 18 April 1872[5] and advertised on 21 March[13].

Mary passed away on 18 September 1884 at her Henry Street home aged 75 years[16].

In her Last Will dated 3 May 1875 left all her estate and belongings to her step-daughter, Caroline Crask (as yet unmarried)[15].

The Argus, 21 March 1872[13]

Probate was and granted on 22 October 1884 to Caroline, now Caroline Turner[16].

From Mary Brett's Probate[16]

Mary was buried at the St Kilda General Cemetery on 19 September 1884 in the Wesleyan Monumental Section, Compartment B, Grave 0196[8].

In the same grave are buried Thomas Oakford and Mary Ann Jameson.

Mary Ann Jameson was born Mary Ann Crask, a younger sister of James William and Francis Neve Crask.  Thomas Oakford was her first husband.  After Thomas died, she married George Jameson[3].
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Children of Francis Neve Crask

Caroline Crask
Caroline was baptised on 20 November 1835 at St Mary's Church of England, Marylebone, London[7].

Caroline was named as the sole beneficiary of her mother's estate and when she applied for probate she gave her address as Henry Street, Windsor, Victoria but by the time of the award of probate, she had married John Turner in 1884[3,16].  They lived in Janiember East in northern Victoria[16].  Jainember is a small pastoral community lying between Bendigo and Echuca.

No children have been found in the Victorian BMD indexes for this couple.  Not too surprising since Caroline was 49 years old when they married.

The burials of Caroline and John have been found at the St Kilda General Cemetery.  They lie together in the Wesleyan Monumental Section, Compartment B, Grave 0137[8].  John was buried on 28 October 1899 and Caroline on 30 July 1913.  There is no gravestone.  Their plot is alongside that of Susannah Jane Crask and Sarah Ann Walton.

Susannah Jane Crask
Susannah Jane was born ca 1837[9].  After arriving in Australia she married William Davies Walton in 1867.  William was born in Birmingham, England[3].  They may have moved to Prahran in the early 1870s and later to Windsor.  When William died on 16 July 1878, his occupation was stated to be Government Letter Carrier[17]..

Susannah and William had 2 children:-
William Davies Walton was living at 56 Vine Street, Windsor when he died leaving no Last Will.  Susannah Jane applied for probate and claimed to be the sole beneficiary, but she died on 12 November 1900 and the probate was not yet fully administered. Susannah also died intestate, so her daughter, Sarah Ann applied for probate and became the sole beneficiary.  She was living at 66 Henry Street, Windsor and she is noted as being a Spinster at the time[17,18].  This second probate was granted on 22 June 1910[18].

Rose Ruth was buried on 7 January 1880.

William Davies was buried on 17 July 1878 in the same grave as Rose Ruth at the St Kilda General Cemetery, Wesleyan Monumental Section, Compartment B, Grave 0131[8].

There are 3 other Waltons also buried in this grave at St Kilda:-

Susannah Jane Crask was buried on 14 November 1900 at the St Kilda General Cemetery, Wesleyan Monumental Section, Compartment B, Grave 0135[8].

Sarah Ann Walton was buried on 15 May 1934 in the same grave as her mother.

It looks like the end of the line for this family.

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