John Crask(e) and Sarah/Susanna Neve

For several generations, Crask(e) families have been in north-east Norfolk, England.

St Mary The Virgin Church of England, North Repps
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My earliest confirmed Crask(e) ancestors are John Crask(e) and Sarah/Susanna Neve.

John and Sarah/Susanna were married on 19 January 1807 at the parish church, St Mary The Virgin, North Repps, Norfolk, England[4].  They were married by Banns which were read on 15, 22 and 29 October 1809[4].

John & Susannah's Banns

John & Susanna's marriage entry


This author has yet to establish, with total confidence, the origins of either John or Sarah/Susanna but they appear to have lived all their married lives in North Repps, Norfolk.

John Crask
There are several pieces of evidence to support the view that John was born ca 1779 based on:-

- St Mary's Church, North Repps, records show John Craske buried on 16 September 1868 aged 91 years and this death can also be found in the Civil Registers -birth year 1775[4,27].
- The 1841 England Census records John and Susanna in Church Street, North Repps.  His age is stated as 60 years -birth year 1780[14].
- The 1851 England Census records John and Susanna in Church Street, North Repps.  His age is stated as 72 years -birth year 1779[28].
- The 1861 England Census records John and Susanna in Church Street, North Repps.  His age is stated as 83 years -birth year 1778[29].

I judge that the census ages are more likely to be correct than the stated age at death since this would have been provided by a one of his children.  Your author selects 1779 as a reasonable choice.  So where is his baptism record?  John states his birthplace as North Repps, Norfolk on the census records but your author has not found his baptism yet.

Sarah/Susanna Neve
This is somewhat confusing.  Her name is clearly stated as Sarah on their Banns and marriage entries.  On the 1841, 51 an 61 censes her name is clearly stated as Susanna.  A likely death certificate states her name as Susan.  Here is what has been found:-

- St Mary's Church, North Repps, records show Susan Craske buried on 29 November 1867 aged 84 years -birth year 1783[4].
- The 1841 England Census records John and Susanna in Church Street, North Repps.  Her age is stated as 55 years -birth year 1786[14].
- The 1851 England Census records John and Susanna in Church Street, North Repps.  Her age is stated as 66 years -birth year 1785[28].
- The 1861 England Census records John and Susanna in Church Street, North Repps.  Her age is stated as 74 years -birth year 1787[29].

Again, disregarding the stated age at death, a birth year of 1786 appears reasonable.  The 1851 census states her birthplace as Smallburgh, Norfolk but the 1861 census states North Repps (?).  Looking at the parish records, the surname Neve does not feature in North Repps but features prominently in Smallburgh.

Found -- Sarah Neve baptised 16 January 1786 in the parish church in Smallburgh.  Her parents were Samuel and Mary Neve.  

baptims entry for Sarah, daughter of Samuel Neve and Mary[5]

Later, in the three available cense records and on the baptism entries for all her children, she is Susanna.  So how did she become Susanna?  It appears from a survey of the Smallburg records that there were several Sarahs and at least one Susanna -- maybe her parents called her by both names after earlier infant deaths?

Their Lives Together
It is likely that John and Sarah/Susanna lived in North Repps from the time of their marriage until their deaths.  From at least 1814 until 1842, John worked as a Bricklayer in North Repps[6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,28,29].  

John, Susannah and some children appear in the 1841 Census living in Church Street, North Repps[14].   They are living in the same street in 1851 and 1861[28,29].

1841 Census of England and Wales

1851 Census of England and Wales

1861 Census of England and Wales

The baptism dates are certainly correct, but what about the ages of John and Susannah at their deaths or are they both "second" John and "second" Susannah born to these parents?  Also, their third last child, Jonahthan Neve was born in 1826 and so Susannah would have been 43 years old using her death entry or 50 years old using her baptism entry.  If Caroline (b ca 1836) and Susanna (b ca 1838)[14] are actually Susannah Neve's children then she would have been 62 years old.  This seems a little old to be having children in those days but - maybe?

Although this author has some doubts, the referenced baptism entries for John and Susannah are the only ones that can be found at this time.

Daughter, Susannah's estimated age from the census record is only 2 years out from her actual age.  Also, this is the only record found that refers to Caroline, born ca 1836 and another daughter Susannah born ca 1838.


John and Susannah had (at least) the following children.  All of these children (except Caroline and Susannah (the 2nd)) can be found in the parish registers of St Mary's, North Repps.

Follow the available links to learn more about these children.

Baptism entry

Burial entry

All these children have been found in the parish registers of St Mary's Church of England, North Repps.

James WilliamFrancis Neve and Mary Ann have been traced to Victoria, Australia.  Click on their links to see more.

Also visit and scoll down for North Repps.  Simon Knott has compiled an impressive history of this church.

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