Mary Ann Craske (b 1821)

parents John Crask & Sarah/Susanna Neve

born 9 May 1821, North Repps, Norfolk, England[10]
baptised 12 May 1821, St Mary's North Repps, Norfolk, England[10]
died 18 November 1914, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia[4]
buried 19 November 1914, St Kilda General Cemetery, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[7]

from St Mary's parish register

It is presumed that she grew up and went to school in North Repps.  On 3 March 1845 married Charles Mallows at St John de Sepulchre in Norwich.  They are both noted to be living in Ber  Street, Norwich[11].  Charles' occupation is Japanner.  In 1841, Mary Ann's older brother, Francis Neve, was reported living in Norwich[12].

St John de Sepulchre parish record

1851 UK Census

In the 1851 UK Census for Marylebone, London, on the page following Mary Brett's entry, in the same house lived Thomas Oakford, 27 years old a Visitor and he worked as a Plasterer.  Did he work with Francis Neve Crask?  Also there is Mary Ann Mallows (nee Craske), also a Visitor[13].  So where is Charles Mallows.  Mary Ann states she is married. This census was taken on 30 March and there is a death recorded in Norwich for a Charles Mallows in Jul-Sep quarter (3Q) of 1851[14].  So, perhaps, Mary Ann met Thomas while visiting her sister-in-law and married him after Charles passed away.

1851 UK Census

There is a merriage recorded in Thetford, Norfolk in the Dec Quarter, 1853 for a Mary Ann Mallows[15].  This certificate needs to be obtained to prove it is ours.

Emigration to Australia

Thomas arrived in Australia on 9 April 1855 on board the "Essex" and  Mary Ann arrived 2 years later on 29 December 1857 on board the "Almora"[2].  The Almora sailed from Liverpool, England.

The Argus, 10 April 1855[5]

The Argus, 30 December 1857[5]

Thomas Oakford Passes On

Thomas' parents were Edward Oakford and Mary Ann Fegeter[3] and Thomas worked as a Plasterer[9].  Thomas Oakford died in Windsor, Victoria on 24 July 1872[3,8].

from Thomas Oakford's Last Will

Thomas made out his Last Will on 15 June 1872 and one of the witnesses was William Davies Walton.  Thomas and Mary Ann were living at 111 Wellington Street, Windsor, Victoria at the time[8].  Thomas left his entire estate to Mary Ann.

from Thomas Oakford's Probate

Mary Ann Married Again

Mary Ann married George Jameson in 1857 in Victoria[3].

George came from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England.  He first married Matilda Clarke on 15 April 1846 in Newcastle.
and they had two sons[1]:-
Presumably, Matilda died before George and his sons emigrated to Victoria.

Thomas Clark(e) and Alfred.Jameson were both Executors of their father's Estate.  Both Thomas Clark(e) and Alfred were noted  to be living in Deniliquin, New South Wales[9].  Thomas worked as a Farmer and Alfred as a Commission Agent.

George Jameson Died

George Jameson died on 9 September 1884 in Carlton, Victoria[3].

from George Jameson's Last Will

George made out his Last Will on 8 January 1878.  He was living in Cardigan Street, Carlton, Victoria.  He stated his occupation as Gentleman[9].  

In this Will, he bequeaths all his estate to his two sons, Thomas Clark Jameson and Alfred Jameson.  There is no mention of Mary Ann.  

George left no real estate, only his personal effects and some cash to the value of just over 1,110.

Mary Ann Died

Mary Ann died on 18 November 1915 in South Yarra, Victoria and was buried on 19 November at St Kilda General Cemetery in the Wesleyan Monumental Section, Compartment B, Grave 0196[4,7].  

In the same grave are buried her aunt, Mary Crask (nee Brett) and her first husband, Thomas Oakford.

Before her death she lived at 9 Hobson Street, Hawthorn.

The Argus, 29 November 1915[5]
The person named "M.M. Kinder" is Matilda Maud Kinder (nee Crask) who married Enoch Kinder.  Mary Ann was Matilda Maud's aunt.

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