Sarah Ann Neve Crask (b 1808)

parents John Crask & Sarah/Susanna Neve

born 30 October 1808, North Repps, Norfolk, England[1]
baptised 30 October 1808, North Repps, Norfolk, England[1]
died Apr-Jun 1887, Stisted, Essex, England[13]

Sarah Ann Neve Crask

Sarah Ann Neve Crask was baptised on the day she was born at St Mary The Virgin Church in North Repps, Norfolk.

from St Mary's North Repps parish register

It is presumed that she grew up and was schooled in North Repps since her parents lived there all their lives.  

John Hearn

John Hearn was born on 24 September 1810 in Burnham Thorpe and baptised on 1 October 1810 at All Saints Church of England.  His parents were John Hearn and Elizabeth Grimshaw.  The township of Burnham Thorpe lies on the north coast of Norfolk approximately 60 km north of Norwich.

John Hearn's baptism entry

John married Martha Carler on 11 October 1836 in Brettenham, Suffolk, England[17].  They had one child, Elizabeth born in 1837.  Martha died sometime before mid-1839 since John is noted as a Widower on his marriage certificate below.


On 15 October 1839, Sarah married John Hearn at St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich, Norfolk.  Sarah Ann was noted to be residing in the parish and John is from the parish of Thorpe next Norwich[2].

Both worked as Servants.

In August the following year, John worked as a Butler at Thorpe Lodge and later in 1843, he worked as a Servant in Thorpe Town[3,4].

Thorpe St Andrew is about 2 miles east of Norwich.  Previously it has been known as Thorpe-next-Norwich and Thorpe Episcopi.  Until 1852 it included Thorpe Hamlet, which then became a hamlet of Norwich.

1841 England Census

According to the 1841 census, John worked as Man Servant at Thorpe Lodge[5].  At that time Thorpe Lodge was an impressive manor house owned by the Harvey family.  John was included on the household staff list but there is no mention of Sarah Ann.  Perhaps she was in rented accommodation elsewhere.  John may not have lived-in at Thorpe Lodge all the time but he was there on the night of the census.

Thorpe Lodge staff - 1841 census

Today, Thorpe Lodge is home to the Broadlands District Council Offices, 1 Yarmouth Road, Norwich.

1851 England Census

In 1851, Sarah has been found living in Stisted, Essex.  She is noted as the Head of the household and a Butler's Wife.  Her first child, Sarah Ann Hearn lived with her as well as another child Ann Maria Hearn.

1851 England Census

John has been found working as a Butler at Stisted Hall[12].

1851 England Census


"Stisted, is a market town and parish in the hundred of Lexden. about 47 miles north east of London by the road through Braintree, and 44 miles through Witham.  It is 18 from Chelmsford.  It stands partly upon the low ground on the north side of the river Blackwater, and partly upon the side of an agreeable hill, which rises on the same side.  It is indebted for it's existence, according to morant, to an abbey formed there.  Other antiquaries ascribe its origin to the romans and contend that this place is the canonium of antonius.  Several coins and other roman antiquities have been found in the neighbourhood, sufficient to prove that it had been a roman villa.  The manor was, in the reign of Edward the Confessor, the property of Cole, a saxon - and it subsequently passed to King Stephen who, with Queen Maud, founded an Abbey here for cistercian monks in the year 1140.  The town was formerly noted for it's woollen and cloth trade and particularly for a superior kind of baize - distinguished by the name ' Stisted White '.   The parish of great Stisted contains, by the census of 1831, 3277 inhabitants, having increased it's population 758 since the year 1801."[8]

The manor of Stisted also belonged to the monks of Canterbury Cathedral before the reformation. It was sold to Thomas Wiseman in 1549, whose heirs sold it to William Lingwood in 1685, whose widow (his third wife) beqeathed it to John Savill in 1719. It was inherited by Savill's brother, and then his niece, who married the Rev. Charles Onley[9].

Stisted in Essex

1861 England Census

In 1861, Sarah was still living in Stisted in the High Street.  She is stated to be Married and a Butler's Wife.  She seems to be alone.  John is not mentioned and no children are mentioned[7].

1861 England Census

In 1868, John appeared in the Electoral Roll for nearby Braintree.

1871 England Census
 In 1871 John and Sarah lived in the High Street in Stisted.  They are both 60 years old.  John's occupation is stated as Late Butler Domestic[18].

1881 England Census

In 1881 Sarah and John lived in the High Street in Stisted.  They are both 70 years old and Retired[10].

1881 England Census

Passing On

Sarah Ann died first in 1887 aged 77 years and her death is recorded in nearby Braintree[13].  She probably died at home in Stisted.

John's death is also recorded in Braintree in 1889 and he was aged 79 years[14].


Elizabeth Hearn
was born 1837 and baptised on 23 July 1837 in Brettenham, Suffolk, England[17].  She was the daughter of John and his first wife, Martha Carler.  It appears that she never married.

In 1871 she was at home[18].  In 1881 she was still living at home with her parents aged 44 years and her occupation was Retired Servant[10].  In 1911, she was living with her sister, Sarah Ann (Richardson) at The Elm, High Street, Ashstead, Surrey.  She was 74 years old[19].

Sarah and John had, at least, 3 children of their own:-

Baptism record

In Apr-Jun quarter 1874, Sarah married William Richardson.  The marriage is recorded in the registration district of Braintree, Essex.  William was born in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1841 in Samford, Suffolk[17].  According to the 1881, Sarah with William are living at Lower Street, Capel St Mary, Suffolk.  William is 40 years of age and was born in Capel St Mary, Suffolk.  He worked as an Agricultural Labourer[20].  They have three children:-
  1. Alice Richardson aged 7 years
  2. Kate Richardson aged 5 years
  3. Eva Richardson aged 3 years
According to the 1891 Census, they were living in Scotts Street, Capel St Mary[21].   

In 1901 Sarah lived on the London Road in Capel St Mary.  William worked as a Road Labourer.  Heavy work for a man of 60 years.  Eva has married and was living in the house but her husband was not present.  Her son, William H Rout, was there, aged 1 year[24].  William Richardson died on the Oct-Dec quarter of 1907[22].

The 1911 census shows Sarah was a Widow and still living at her home on the London Road.  With her was her grandson, William Harold Rout now 11 years old.  There is no mention of Eva[19].

1.  Alice Maud Richardson was born in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1873 in Capel St Mary, Suffolk[23].  She was baptised on 7 December 1873[17].

2.  Kate Richardson was born ca 1876 in Capel St Mary, Suffolk[20].  It appears she may have not married.  In 1901, she worked as a Domestic Servant in the household of Matilda F Cutts at 3 Mitcham Road, Tooting Graveney.  She was 26 years old and Single[25].  In 1911, Kate was still working as a Servant/Cook in the household of  MarionRuth Courthauld at Evegate House, Bocking, Essex[19].

3.  Eva Richardson was born in the Jul-Sep quarter of 1877 in Capel St Mary, Suffolk[23].  She married Harry Thomas Rout in the Jul-Sep quarter of 1899 in Samford, Suffolk[26].  Harry was born ca1875 in Capel St Mary, Suffolk[19].  
In 1901, Eva and their first son, William Harold, born 1899, are staying with Eva's parents.  Harry has been found on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  He was working as a Miller at Fort Chateau Al Etoc[27].  So why was he there? Simply employment or did he join the military?  

In 1911 they lived 24 Wilberforce Street, Ipswich, Suffolk.  Harry worked as a Miller's Fluor Packer.  Their first son, William Harold Rout, born 1900, was staying with his garndmother.  Another son, Arthur Cecil V, born 1904, had died by this time.  A daughter, Violet May, born 1899, had also died.  Frederick Owen, born 1902 and Gordon Clifford Raymond aged just 9 months were at home[19].  

Gordon married Grace Annie E Grimwood in 1936[17].  Grace was born ca 1909 in Ipswich.  Her parents were Joseph and Frances Grimwood[19].  Gordon died in 1995 in Ipswich.

Baptism record

There is birth registered for Annie Hearn in Braintree in 1865[16].  There is also a death registered for Annie Hearn in Braintree in 1867, aged 2 years[15].  It is unlikely that Sarah Ann Neve was the mother but who were her parents?

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