Bertha Kinder (b 1874)

parents James Kinder & Sara Ann Goodwin

born 1874, probably Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[1,2]
baptised 15 November 1874, St Marks Church of England, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[2]
died probably Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Bertha Kinder

Bertha was born approximately mid-1874 and probably in Dukinfield, Cheshire[1,2]

Her parents had only recently arrived back from Salford where James had been working.

Bertha and her older brother, Arthur, were baptised on the same day.  Their baptism record stated that the family lived at Shaw Street, probably at number 5 since this was their addess when his younger brother, Joel was baptised in 1877[3].

from St Marks C of E parish records

By 1881, the family were living at 24 Zetland Street.  Bertha was 6 years old and noted as a Scholar[4].

1881 UK Census

In 1891 Bertha and her family lived at 7 Danty Street.  Bertha was then 16 years old and worked as a Cotton Winder[5].

1891 UK Census

Marriage To Isaiah Bird
Bertha married Isaiah Bird on 25 December 1897 at St Mark’s Church of England, Dukinfield, Cheshire[6].

Isaiah Bird was born on 5 May 1875 in Oldham, Lancashire, England.  His parents were William Bird and Elizabeth Crawshaw[7,2,24].  In 1881, he lived with his parents at 4 Pickford Yard, Dukinfield.  William worked as a Brickmaker and was born in Saddleworth, Yorkshire.  Elizabeth was a Cotton Weaver and was born in Stalybridge[10].

In 1891, he was living with his mother, Elizabeth, noted as a Widow, at 2 Kay's Yard, Dukinfield.  He was 16 years old and worked as a General Labourer[8].  With him were his siblings Marsha, William and Emma.

According to the 1901 Census, Bertha and Isaiah were living at 44 Wakefield Road, Stalybridge, Lancashire. Bertha was working as a Cotton Mill Winder and Isaiah as an Excavator[9].

1901 UK Census

Emigration to USA
Bertha and Isaiah decided to emigrate to Rhode Island, USA.  This was a popular migration point for people from Tameside and there are records for a number of other Kinder families/individuals emigrating there.  In the very early part of the 20th century the cotton industry in Tameside was in decline but Rhode Island was quickly becoming the leading cotton processing centre in the USA.

After they settled in, there were a number of cross-Atlantic trips:-[11,12,13,14]

1.  Isaiah travelled USA frrst.  He left Liverpool on 2 April 1907 aboard the SS Saxonia arriving in Boston on 12 April 1907.  He stated his occupation as Labourer and paid his own passage.  He was to meet his uncle, Thomas Bird who resided at 24 Blackstone Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, approximately 71 km south-west of Boston.

2.  Bertha followed.  She left Liverpool on 6 August 1907 aboard the SS Ivernia and arrived in Boston on 15 August 1907.  She stated she was the wife of Isack (sic) Bird of 24 Blackstone Avenue, Pawtucket.

3.  Bertha returned to England and arrived in Liverpool on 30 June 1910 aboard the SS Saxonia.  It appears that she travelled alone.  She stayed only about 8 weeks.  She left Liverpool on 16 August 1910 aboard the SS Ivernia and arrived in Boston on 25 August 1910.  She stated that her father, James Kinder lived at 86 Wharf Street, Dukinfield.  She also stated that she was returning home to her husband, Isack (sic) Bird at Ingrahamville, Pawtucket.

4.  Isiah left Liverpool on 15 July 1911 abord the SS Winifredian and arrived in Boston on 24 July.  No record of him leaving Boston for Liverpool has been found.  It seems he travelled alone this time.

5.  Bertha and Isaiah travelled together from New York to Liverpool aboard the Carmania and arrived on 24 June 1921.  They in the list of Aliens since Isaiah (and probably, Bertha) were by then US citizens.  They stated that they panned to live in Dukenfield during their stay.  They stayed almost 3 months then departed Liverpool aboard the Caroma on 8 October bound for New York.  They stated that they had stayed at 94 Wharf Street, Dukinfield and that Isaiah was a Textile Worker.  They arrived back in New York on 26 October.  The Immigartion List of United States Citizens stated that Isaiah was a US Citizen and Bertha also "By marriage".  It was different in those days.  They intended to live at 84 Charlton Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

SS Ivernia

Left:  SS Saxonia

Life in Rhode Island
Bertha and Isaiah lived and worked in Pawtucket, Rhode Island all their lives[15,16,17,18,19,20]

After initially arriving in the US, they stayed at 24 Blackstone Avenue. 

In 1910, Isaiah was a Labourer in a Dye Works and Bertha worked as a Laborer in a Weave Mill.  In 1915, they lived at 84 Charlton Avenue and Isaiah was a Serviceman, City Works (probably a cotton mill) and Bertha worked in a cotton mill.  In 1920 they were still at 84 Charlton Avenue and Isaiah's job was now Yarn Manager, Bleaching and Bertha was a Cloth Inspector.

By 1924 they had moved to nearby 131 Beverage Hill Avenue and were still there in 1930 and Isaiah worked as a Machine Operator in the Dye House and Bertha as an Inspector in a Silk Mill.  In 1935, they lived at 42 Fortin Avenue and Isaiah stated his occupation as Laborer, Cotton Finishing Mill.

By 1932 they had moved to 10 Chestnut Street but in 1933 they had moved to 42 Fortin Avenue and stayed there together until 1947 when Isaiah passed away.  They were not mentioed in the 1940 US Federal Census.  From 1948 until 1959, Bertha stayed in the same home.

Approximate locations of their houses in Pawtucket
Google Maps

Significant Events

Naturalisation.  Isaiah became a US citizen on 28 February 1914.  He stated his address as 82 Charlton Avenue (cf 84 stated in the 1915 census)[21].

Naturalisation Registration

US Passport Application.  Isaiah applied for his US Passport on 28 April 1912. 

He stated that he intended to leave the US to visit relatives in England and France and expected to return within 6 months. 

His stated address was 84 Charlton Avenue.  His application was granted on 2 May 1912[22].

Passport application photo

Military.  Isaiah received his World War 1 Draft Registration Card in 1917-18 but there is no record of military service.  He was, after all, 42 years old[23].

Passing On
Isaiah died first on 26 October 1947 at his home at 42 Fortin Avenue.  His cause of death was Acute Coronary Thrombosis.  He was buried on 29 October at the Moshassuck Cemetery in Central Falls, Rhode Island[24,25].

Bertha was still going strong in 1959 but no death record of her has been found yet.

Thanks to Sharon Kinder for her initial research.

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