Cyrus Kinder (b 1855)

parents John Kinder & Ann Sandiford

born 9 September, 1855, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[1]
died 7 January 1933, Lake Hospital, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England[24]
buried 11 January 1933, Dukinfield Cemetery, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[16]

Cyrus Kinder

Cyrus was born in Dukinfeld on 9 September 1855[1] probably at his parent's Davies Street (now Wharf Street) home.

Our next record of Cyrus is the 1861 Census wherein, he was noted as being 5 years of age and living with his parents at their home and Beer Shop at 20 Wharf Street, Dukinfield[2].

1861 Census

In the 1871 Census, Cyrus, then 15  was working as a Coal Miner[3].  They started young!  He was living with his parents at 123 Astley Street, Dukinfield.

1871 Census

Eliza Ball

Eliza Ball was born in Dawley Green, Shropshire, the fourth child of William and Eliza Ball and she was baptised on 21 March 1853 at Dawley Magna Church.  Her siblings were Abraham (b ca1844), Stephen (bap 19 October 1845), Jane (bap 9 July 1848), Mary Ann (bap 27 October 1850), William George (bap 17 June 1855) and Thomas (bap 20 September 1857)[5].

In the 1851 UK Census, William, Eliza and their first five children are found living in Great Dawley.  William's occupation is Minor[21].  Eliza and the children were all born in Dawley.

High Street, Dawley, Shropshire[4]

Dawley Magna Church[4]

In the 1861 Census, William and Eliza's children, Abraham, Stephen, Jane, Eliza, William George and Thomas, are all staying with Thomas Shilton in Dawley[22].

So how did Cyrus and Eliza get together since Cyrus was born in Dukinfield and Eliza came from Dawley quite some distance away in Shropshire?  Dawley lies in the heart of the Coalbrookdale or East Shropshire coalfields.  We know from the 1881 Census, that Cyrus’ older brother, John, was a Coalminer and that his wife Ellen, was also from Dawley.  It is possible that John went to Dawley to find coalmining work, met Ellen and then Cyrus and Eliza were introduced by Ellen?

Married Life

Cyrus and Eliza Ball were married at St James, Church of England, Ashton-under-Lyne on 11 April 1875[7].

Cyrus was living with his parents iat 123 Astley Street, Dukinfield and stated his profession as Collier.

St James C of E, Ashton-under-Lyne

from Cyrus & Eliza's marriage certificate

Presumably the families decided to have the marriage in Dukinfield, away from Eliza's family, since she was already 2 months pregnant with their first child, Edith.  Perhaps they needed a sympathetic Minister.

According to the 1881 Census, he and Eliza were  living at 47 King Street, Dukinfield and son, Samuel, was living with them[8].  By this time, their first two children, Edith and Cyrus had both died.  Cyrus’ occupation was stated to be Gardener N D which may mean Greengrocer since Wirral’s Directory of 1882 listed Cyrus as a Greengrocer at this address[9].

In 1891 they were still living at 47 King Street [10].  Cyrus' occupation is noted again as Greengrocer.    On the day of the census (3 April 1881) Cyrus and Eliza had two house guests from Dawley - Emily and William Evans.  Also, their children Harry, Janet, Sidney and William are all at home and all at school.  Samuel and Fred have both passed away in the 10 years between censes.

1891 Census
Kelly’s Directory of 1896 mentions Cyrus at this address as a Greengrocer[11].  Again in Slater’s Directory of 1888, Cyrus is noted at this address as a Greengrocer[12].  Cyrus appears on the 1899/1900 Burgess Roll and was noted living at 47 King Street[13].  In the 1901 edition of the Manchester & District Trades Directory, Cyrus was still at 47 King Street under the category of Fruiterers and Greengrocers.  Ref  14 shows Cyrus living at 47 King Street for the years 1890, 91,93,95, 96, 97, 98 and 1899-1900.

The 1901 Census shows Cyrus and Eliza still living at 47 King Street[15].  His occupation was still Greengrocer and his employment status was stated as Own Account working at home.  William Evans was still lodging with them and now he is noted as a Nephew of Cyrus.

1901 Census

On the evening of the 1911 UK Census, Cyrus was with his older brother, John at 136 Chapel Street, Dukinfield[6].  Cyrus is noted as a Visitor and his occupation as Greengrocer.  His son, Stephen is also noted on the census return and his occupation as Greengrocer Hawker.   Eliza was visiting her daughter, Janet Garside, in Ashton-under-Lyne that same evening (see Janet below).

from 1911 UK Census, John Kinder

Passing On

Cyrus and Eliza were living at 192 Cavendish Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire when they died.  

Firstly, Cyrus died on 7 January 1933.  He was then 77 years old.  He died at the Lake Hospital, Ashton-under-Lyne and his daughter, Mary Maria Kinder was the informant[24].  Cyrus was buried on 11 January 1933 at the Dukinfield Cemetery[16].

from Cyrus' death certificate

Eliza died nearly three years later on 30 October 1935 at her home, aged 82 years[25].  Again, Mary Maria Kinder was the informant.  Eliza and was buried on 2 November 1935 at the Dukinfield Cemetery[16].

from Eliza's death certificate

In a single grave, #B3-476 at Dukinfield Cemetery are buried - Cyrus and Eliza and six of their children – Edith, Cyrus, Samuel, Fred, Mary Maria and Elsie[16].


Cyrus and Eliza had 11 children**.  

1.  Edith – was baptised on 28 November 1875 at St Mark’s Church of England, Dukinfield[17,5].  She died in 1877 and was buried on 26 April aged just 1 years[16].

2.  Cyrus – was baptised on 4 February 1877 at St Mark’s Church of England, Dukinfield[17,5].  He died in 1879 and was buried on 31 July aged just 1 years[16].

3.  Samuel – was baptised on 2 November 1879 at St Mark’s Church of England, Dukinfield[17,5].  He died in 1882 and was buried on 2 January aged just 2 years[16].

4.  Harry – was born on 14 June 1882 in Dukinfield and baptised on 12 July at St James Church, Ashton-under-Lyne .  According to the 1901 Census, he was single and worked as a Railway Goods Porter[15].

Harry's baptism record

5.  Fred –  died aged only 9 months and was buried on 13 April 1885[16].

6.  Janet – was born ca 1886 in Dukinfield.  According to the 1901 Census, she was15 years old and worked as a Cotton Weaver[15].  Janet married Alfred Pearson Garside in 1907 at Holy Trinity Church of England, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire[18].  Alfred and Janet Garside appear in the 1911 Census[5].  They were living at 55 Elgin Street, Ashton-under-Lyne with a daughter Ethel aged 1 year.  Visiting them was Janet's mother, Eliza and younger sister, Mary Maria.  Alfred worked as a Bricklayer and Janet as a Weaver of Calico in a cotton mill.

1911 UK Census, Alfred Garside

7.  Sidney
– was born ca 1889 in Dukinfield[17].  He married to Mary Ethel Wood in 1907.  They emigrated to the USA and lived in Rhode Island (see Paul Kinder's Ancestry website).

8.  William – was was born in Dukinfield on 3 February 1891 and baptised on 22 March 1891 at St Michael's, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire[5].  William married Lillian Shaw on 9 April 1909 at St Mark’s Church of England, Dukinfield[19].  William gave his address as 42 (47?) King Street, Dukinfield and gave his age as 21 years but he was only 19. Lillian was living at 46 King Street and was 23 years of age.  Perhaps a shotgun wedding?  Her father was Charles Shaw.  William and Lillian emigrated to Rhode Island, USA ca 1909 (see Paul Kinder's Ancestry website).

9.  Stephen – was born 1892 in Dukinfield.  Stephen appears in the 1911 UK Census aged 18 years[6].  His occupation is stated as Greengrocer Hawker.  Stephen emigrated to Rhode Island USA in 1911 (see Paul Kinder's Ancestry website).

10.  Mary Maria – was born on 23 September 1894 in Dukinfield[23].  She died and was buried on 2 November 1981, aged 87 years[16].  It appears that she did not marry.  When she died, she was living at the long time family address of 47 King Street, Dukinfield.

11.  Elsie – was born 1898 but died and was buried on 21 June 1899 aged 1 year[16].

** It is amusing that Cyrus in the 1911 UK Census while visiting his son, stated that he had 13 children but Eliza, visiting her daughter on the same evening, stated she had 11 children.  I usually believe the mother in these circumstances!

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I want to thank Paul Kinder for his assistance in sorting out the correct Eliza Ball and for providing Cyrus' birth, marriage and death certificates.  Paul has also collected a great deal of information about Sidney Kinder and his American descendants.  Please visit Paul's Kinder family website at, User Name: pdkinder67.