Enoch Henry Kinder (b 1872)

parents Enoch Kinder & Matilda Maud Crask

born 13 September 1872, Carlton, Victoria, Australia[1]
died 31 January 1973, Richmond, Victoria, Australia[2]
buried 5 February 1872, St Kilda General Cemetery, Victoria, Australia[3]

Enoch Henry Kinder

A birth certificate has been found for Enoch Henry and a death certificate for Enoch Thomas[1,2]

The Enoch Henry birth was on 13 September 1872 in the Smith Ward of the Lying-In Hospital (now the Royal Women’s Hospital) in Carlton, Victoria. 

Enoch Henry's birth certificate

No death certificate for Enoch Henry has been registered and no birth certificate for Enoch "Thomas" has been registered[4].  There is however a death certificate for Enoch "Thomas".

The Enoch "Thomas" death certificate states that he died on 31 January 1873 and he was aged 4 months.  He was buried on 5 February at the St Kilda Cemetery.  He died of Diarrhea which he suffered for 3 days. 

The records of the St Kilda Cemetery have only one burial that day for Enoch Kinder, reference IND-25-C-185[3].  Enoch and Matilda are also recorded as living at 18/3 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria and Enoch "Thomas’" death certificate states that he died at Richmond.

The author concludes that there was only one person and the middle name was muddled at death.  He was probably named Henry after Matilda's older brother, Henry Emery Crask (deceased 1866).

Enoch Henry/Thomas' death certificate

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