Enoch Kinder (b 1846)

parents James Kinder & Mary Ramsbottom

born 18 February 1846, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia[1]
baptised 3 May 1846, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia[1]
died 5 August 1891, East St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[12]
buried 6 August 1891, St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria, Australia[12]

Enoch Kinder

Enoch was the third son of James Kinder and Mary Ramsbottom who arrived in the Colony of Victoria in 1841 as some of the very earliest free emigrants to what was later to grow into the city of Melbourne.  He was born on 18 February 1846 and baptised at the Wesleyan Church in Melbourne on 3 May 1946.  At this time his parents had a grocery shop in Bourke Street, Melbourne.  Today, Bourke Street is one of downtown Melbourne’s most prestigious shopping and business streets.  Enoch grew up on the streets of Windsor and Prahran when his parents moved to their St Davids Street (now Upton Road) home and remained there for many years.

From the Wesleyan Church registers

Matilda Maud Crask

Matilda Maud Crask was born in Overstrand in the County of Norfolk, England on 3 September 1847[27].

Photo ca 1918

from Matilda Maud's birth certificate

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According to the 1851 UK Census, at age 3 years, Matilda Maud was living in Overstrand, Norfolk with her parents, James William and Ann Susannah Emery together with her siblings - James William, Henry Emery and Lucy Ann, all of whom were older than Matilda.  

The family emigrated to Australia (Matilda then aged 6 years), arriving in Melbourne in December 1854 aboard the ARGO.  The family surname is listed as Craske in the ship’s manifest[3].  

On Percy William Kinder’s birth certificate, Matilda stated her birthplace as Overstrand, Norfolk but later, on John Henry Kinder’s birth certificates she says Cromer, Norfolk. Cromer is just a little north-west of Overstrand.

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UK Census 1851[2]

Enoch and Matilda were married on 4 August 1868 at the Manse (the Minister’s residence) of the Scots Church, Melbourne[28].  
It is probable that they were not permitted to marry in the Church proper since Matilda was very pregnant with their first son, Enoch William, at the time.

Unfortunately, with Enoch and Matilda having been denied a formal church wedding, Enoch William died only two days after his birth.

On Enoch and Matilda’s marriage certificate, Enoch is noted as living in Windsor (probably with his parents in St Davids Street) and his occupation was Whitesmith.  

A Whitesmith was a tradesman who worked with metals other than precious metals eg tin, lead, pewter and possibly aluminium to make decorative/useful objects, as opposed to a silversmith/goldsmith.

From Enoch & Matilda's marriage certificate

Matilda was only 19 years old when they were married and was noted as living at her parents' home at 31 Evelyn Street, St Kilda. Her father, James William Crask was working as a Builder.

Lives and Locations

Immediately after their marriage Enoch and Matilda lived with Enoch’s parents, James and Mary Ramsbottom in St Davids Street, Windsor.  When their first child, Enoch William, was born, the birth took place at St Davids Street, Windsor and Enoch stated that this was his usual residence.  

When their second child, Florence Annie Mary, was born in October 1869, the birth took place at Green Street, Windsor and Matilda stated this as her residence.  In January 1873, when Enoch Thomas died, Enoch and Matilda stated their address to be 18/3 Church Street, Richmond.  By the time of Ellen/Eleanor’s birth in October 1873, the family had moved to 31 Evelyn Street, St Kilda[4,5,6,7,8].  The earliest records found Ref 8, show that from 1875 to 1891 they were living 31 Evelyn Street.  This was Matilda Maud's parents' house.  

Reference 9, the 1891-92 edition shows that Enoch had a workshop at13 High Street, St Kilda and Enoch’s occupation is Locksmith.  Reference 8 of 1890 and 1891 also lists the High Street address and Enoch’s occupation is stated as Smith and General Smith in these entries.

After Enoch died in 1891, Matilda continued to live at the same Evelyn Street house until 1895.

On 28 January 1868, Enoch was convicted and fined for discharging a firearm in a public place.  Was he shooting at someone or just celebrating?

The Argus, 28 January 1868[25]

We can see a consistency of metal working in Enoch's life – Whitesmith, Locksmith, General Smith and Fitter.  

It is believed that he designed an early version of the modern kitchen stove which had a wood fired hot top and a cooking oven below.  It is reported that he held a patent for this invention[10].

It is not yet known if the newpaper report (at right) relates to that patent or another.

The Argus, 22 April 1889[25]

The Windsor Railway Accident 1887

Windsor Station was originally called "Chapel Street Station", and was the terminus for trains from the Brighton Beach line.  

It was run by the St Kilda and Brighton Railway Company, who built a loop branch line connecting the Brighton line to the now defunct St Kilda line.  

The loop line was constructed on wooden trestles across the swampy grounds now known as the Albert Park Lake, and had a raised embankment with a bridge over St Kilda Road.  The first train on this loop line was on 3 December 1859.  

The railway lines traversing Windsor effectively cut the settlement into parts with the railway lines having sited in deep trenches over much of their length through Windsor. High and Green Streets had bridges and today the southern line has a bridge under Dandenong Road just to the east of Chapel Street, Windsor Station still exists today.

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On the afternoon of Wednesday, 11 May 1887, there was a terrible railway accident on the Melbourne to Brighton railway line at Windsor.  Five people were killed and 154 people were injured – Enoch was one of the injured.  

It was caused by the 5.40 Brighton express running into the rear of an ordinary train, which had preceded it, on the curve between Prahran and Windsor. The ordinary train had broken down. The accident occurred in a deep cutting which hampered rescuers. The engine of the express  train overturned and there was fire. It was later revealed at an inquest that an untrained station hand was left in charge of the signalling.

On Friday, 13 May, The Geelong Advertiser reported amongst the injured were Mr E Kinder, Prahran; injury to the spine, deep wound across right eye and severe shock. Enoch was taken to the nearby Alfred Hospital and treated.

Geelong Advertiser, 12 May 1887
Courtesy of Helen Muldoon

Lilian Roosen (Punch) and grand-daughter of Enoch, thinks that many of the injured were cheated of compensation because insurance company sharks got to the injured people while they were still in hospital and convinced some to sign away their rights to claims for damages - Enoch may have been one of them.

Cooper’s History of Prahran, Chapter 18 describes the accident thus:-

One of the most sensational occurrences in Prahran was the Windsor railway accident, which took place shortly before six o'clock on Wednesday, 11th May, 1887, when the 5.40 p.m. express overran the 5.30 p.m. ordinary passenger train. On approaching the Green-street overhead bridge, on the Prahran side of the Windsor Station, the driver found the semaphore against him.  He therefore pulled up in the cutting to await the signal, "Line clear," to proceed on his journey.  After some delay the "Line clear" signal was given, but on attempting to release the brake a pipe burst, and the driver found it impossible to move the train.  While he and the guard were trying to discover the cause of the blockage, the express, which left Flinders Street station ten minutes after they did, dashed round the curve and crashed into the standing train.  An awful scene of carnage followed, full of the horrors that usually attend such railway accidents.  The noise of the impact could be heard in Chapel Street, and over 10,000 people were soon on the scene.  Four (sic) persons were taken from the wrecked train dead, and over 100 passengers were more or less severely injured.

From Ref 11

Enoch Died

Enoch passed away on 5 August 1891, at his home at 31 Evelyn Street, East St Kilda. and was buried on 7 August 1891.  Enoch died at the rather young age of 45 years from cancer of the rectum from which he suffered for 2 years before his death[12].  The informant was his younger brother, Alfred Kinder, of Denham Street, Hawthorn, Victoria.  Described as a Fitter on his death certificate, he and Matilda had been married for 23 years.

Enoch was buried at the St Kilda General Cemetery, Victoria in the Independent Section C, Grave 219 on 6 August 1891.  Also buried in the same grave are – Percy William Kinder aged 3 years (Enoch’s second son) buried in 1874, Marion (Enoch’s daughter) buried 1876 and James William Crask (Matilda’s father) buried in 1885.

Enoch’s Last Will was dated 29 June 1891.  He and Matilda were living at Evelyn Street, East St Kilda.  He bequeathed “… the full amount of my life policy with all other worldly goods …” to Matilda alone.  This Will was witnessed by his brother, Alfred, a Draper, who was living at Denham Street, Hawthorn, Victoria at the time.

Unfortunately for Matilda, Enoch had no substantial assets (only a small life insurance policy and some personal effects) to help her raise her 7 living children!  Presumably even the young teenagers were working and so Matilda was able to live independently until her later years.

In Matilda’s probate application dated 3 September 1891, it is stated that Enoch left a personal estate of 122.12.6 but no real estate (they must have been renting the Evelyn Street house for many years).  

Of the total, 103.2.6 came from a life policy from the Mutual Insurance Company, his Tools of Trade were valued at 13.10.00, Furniture valued at 5.0.0 and a Silver Watch valued at 1.0.0.  

By way of surety, Enoch’s brother, Alfred Kinder declared before the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria that he was worth “property in the Colony of Victoria of the value of 123 over and above what will pay my just debts and liabilities”.  In fact, Alfred claimed his Denham Street property to be worth 400.

From Enoch's Probate[13]

After Enoch’s death, Matilda was left in a rather poor state and yet she still had a number of children to raise and educate.

Enoch’s estate contained very little.  She moved around regularly from one rental property to another and stayed on and off with her various children.

According to entries found in References 8 and 29, Matilda lived at 31 Evelyn Street until 1895.  From 1896 to 1902, she lived at 22 Little Alma Street, St Kilda (now King Street).  

In 1903, she lived at 12 Eliza Street, Richmond, 126 Albert Street, Windsor and 19 Nightingale Street, St Kilda.  

East St Kilda[26]
In 1905-06, Matilda was noted as being a Dressmaker living at 20 James Street, Prahran.

From 1906 to 1910 she was at 58 Marlborough Street, St Kilda.  In 1912-14 at 57 Earl Street, Prahran.  In 1914-16, when her son, Enoch Leslie was away at war, she stayed at Horne Street, Elsternwick and 420 New Street, Elsternwick, the homes of her son, George Herbert Kinder[29,30].

When her daughter, Frances Ruby married Frederick Laban Punch in 1915, Matilda stated she was living at 22 Waterloo Street, Balaclava and likely, the home of her son, Henry Emery Kinder.

Waterloo Street is now joined at the east end with Argyle Street after the widening of High Street in the 1960s[26]

In 1917 at 42 Hornby Street, Prahran, in 1918 at 18 Huntly Street, Elsternwick.  In 1919 at 43 Downshire Road, Elsternwick and 35 Adler Street, Caulfield.  In 1921 at 33 Sycamore Street, Caulfield.  From 1924 to 1928 she was living at 36 Orrong Road Sth, Elsternwick, Victoria.  Many of these addresses were where various children lived or rental properties for as long as she could afford to stay.  Times must have been very difficult for her!

Matilda Passed Away

Matilda died on 23 July 1930 and was buried on 24 July 1930 in St Kilda, Victoria.

She died at 10 Henry Street, Oakleigh, Victoria which was the house of her daughter – Frances Ruby who lived with her husband Frederick Punch. and their three children. 

The Argus, 25 July 1930[25]
The author’s mother, Lilian Roosen (Punch) remembered that Matilda lived at the house for several years.  

She died of cancer of the stomach and heart failure.  She had suffered for approximately 12 months.  She was 82 years old and was survived by 7 living children[14].

Matilda was buried at the St Kilda Cemetery, Independent Section C, Grave 293A.

The headstone reads – "In Loving Memory of Mathilda Kinder".

Matilda Maud Crask’s Grave

Also, buried in the same grave are:- Ann Susannah Crask (Matilda’s mother) buried on 21 February 1894, Amy Elizabeth Matilda Kinder aged 4 years (Enoch and Matilda’s niece by Henry Emery and Jane Roffey) buried on 26 January 1909 and Florence Bosisto (nee Kinder/Dunwoodie, Enoch and Matilda’s daughter) buried on 7 April 1941.

It appears that Matilda Maud did not leave a Last Will and there is no entry in the Victorian Probate index.

Children of Enoch Kinder & Matilda Maud Crask

In total, Enoch and Matilda had 13 children but only 8 of them survived to adulthood.  Use the links below to read their life stories:-

Enoch William b 1868
Enoch William was born on 6 September but died just 2 days later on 8 September 1868[4,15].

Florence Annie Mary b 1869
Florence married John Dunwoodie and later married Herbert Reginald Bosisto.

Percy William b 1871
Percy William was born on 17 May 1871[17].  He died at the young age of 3 years and 7 months on 29 December 1874[18].

Enoch Henry b 1872
Enoch Henry was born on 13 September 1872 but died only 4 months later

Ellen/Eleanor b 1873
Ellen/Eleanor never married and had one daughter.

Marion b 1875
Marion was born on 7 May 1875 at her parents’ house at 31 Evelyn Street, St Kilda, Victoria[21].

John Henry b 1878
John Henry was born on 1 May 1878 at 31 Evelyn Street, St Kilda but lived for 7 weeks only[23,24].

Lillian Elizabeth b 1879
Lillian Elizabeth married Bert Skoglund.

Henry Emery b 1881
Henry Emery was named after his uncle, Henry Emery Crask. He married Jane Roffey.

Enoch Leslie b 1883
Enoch Leslie grew up to be a bit of a rogue.

Frances Ruby b 1885
Ruby married Frederick Laban Punch. She was the author's grandmother.

Stuart William b 1887
Stuart William married Alison Mavis Barlow.

George Herbert b 1888
George Herbert was always known as "Bert".  He was a successful inventor and engineer.

Matilda Maud Crask in 1918

Photo postcard sent "To Harry and Jane, With fond love from Mother" and dated 15 July 1918 (presumably sent to Henry Emery Kinder and Jane Roffey).

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