Enoch Leslie Kinder (b 1883)

parents Enoch Kinder & Matilda Maud Crask

born 22 February 1883, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[1]
died 5 May 1947, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia[2]
buried 6 May 1947, Brighton, Victoria, Australia[2,3]

Enoch Leslie Kinder

Enoch Leslie was always known as Leslie or Les.  He was born on 22 February 1883 at his parent’s home at 31 Evelyn Street, St Kilda[1].  It is expected that he was educated and grew up in the St Kilda area.

Leslie had may different jobs throughout his life including in 1903 a Packer[4], in 1903 a Draper's Packer[5], in 1909 a Groom[6], in 1909 a Perambulator Manufacturer/Blacksmith[7], in 1914, a Labourer[8], in 1937 a Bricklayer[9] and in 1947 a Labourer[2].

It is fair to say that Leslie was somewhat reckless as a younger man.  He had minor scrapes with the law, had several liasons and children he did not care much for and this lifestyle continued with his army service.  It was not until he met Hilda Mayes that his life seemed to settle down.

Leslie's birth certificate

Despite his rather unglamorous occupations, Les was quite a ladies man and met and wooed several as you can read below.  According to his army enlistment papers, he was described as being 5 feet 4 inches tall, fair complexion with blue eyes and brown hair.

Leslie had a few early convictions for - assulting two girls in 1909 and another for drink driving in 1924.
The Argus, 9 October 1909

The Argus, 24 July 1924

The Argus, 25 July 1924

Leslie's Marriage to Catherine Winifred Kinniff

Leslie's first serious liaison was completed with his marriage to a Katherine Davies who was supposedly born in 1879 in Holborn, England.  Her parents were stated to be John Davies and Katherine Franklyn. The marriage took place on 28 February 1903 at the Baptist Church at 68 Chapel Street, St Kilda, Victoria[4].  Leslie's mother, Matilda Maud Crask was one of the witnesses.

Something strange is going on here.  The bride was really Catherine (Katherine) Winifred Kinniff.  This conclusion is  reached since:-

* The parents on John Daniel's birth certificate (December 1903) are Leslie and Katherine Kinder formerly Kinniff.  The registration was made by Mary Kinniff, Aunt[5].
* The parents on Mary Magdalene's birth certificate are Leslie and Catherine Winifred Kinder formerly Kinnoff[6].
* There is a birth of Catherine Winifred Kinniff in 1877 in Richmond, Victoria with parents John Kinniff and Mary Franklin[31].  John Kinniff was born in Holborn, London, England. 
* The death certificate for Catherine Winifred Dunstan states her first marriage was to Leslie Kinder.

So who was Katherine Davies?  Did John Kinniff and Mary Franklyn divorce and she remarry Davies but why would her name be Katherine?  John Kinniff was alive at this time.   Did Catherine Winifred make up the name to disguise herself?  But who was Katherine Davies who signed as a witness?  Catherine's mother?

So why the (deliberate) misrepresentation on the marriage certificate and it is curious that they chose the Baptist Church for their marriage since Catherine's family were Roman Catholic and Les' family were all Anglicans.  Perhaps that is why and perhaps they were trying to cover up their marriage by Catherine using a false name?  It could have been complicated!

Catherine Winifred's father, John Kinniff, Mary and son George, arrived in Melbourne in August 1862 aboard the Netherby.  John and Mary had a further 7 children all born in Richmond including Catherine Winifred and a sister Mary.  In 1903, the Kinniff family lived at 402 Church Street, Richmond[11].

from Catherine Winnifred Kinniff birth certificate

The Victorian BMDs record the death of Catherine Winifred Dunstan in Burwood in 1953.  She was 75 years of age and her parents were John Kenniff and Mary Franklin - our Catherine[30].  It says her first marriage to Leslie Kinder lasted 23 years, ie up to about 1926 but no divorce record has been found.  She must have married again sometime after that but no record of her marriage to a Dunstan can be found.  Could this have also been an invention?

from Catherine's death certificate
It seems strange that no names are provided for either marriage.  Catherine died from Bronchopneumonia and suffered senility for some time.  She was being cared for by her nephew, Daniel Thomas and his wife Mabel Lena (nee Dolphin)[11].

Catherine was buried on 3 January 1953 at the Brighton Cemetery, Victoria.  She lies in the Roman Catholic Section R, grave 208C.

Lying in the same grave is her nephew, Daniel Thomas Kinniff who was buried on 4 June 1985[29].

Note:-  No mention of a loving
husband...Dunstan   --->

Leslie's Liaison with Sadie Isabel Howes

Sometime before mid-1913, Leslie met Sadie Isabel Howes.  She fell pregnant and on 20 March 1914, a son, Murray Howes was born[9,10].  Leslie and Catherine Kinniff were probably not divorced at this time.  Later, after Leslie had joined the AIF, another son was born - Ronald Leslie Kinder Howes, in Northcote on 22 August 1915[10].  The tryst which resulted in Sadie's second pregnancy must have been in the month after Leslie joined the AIF.

It is not known if Leslie ever acknowledged these two sons.  Leslie's mother, Matilda Maud Kinder (Crask) helped raise Murray so Leslie must have had some involvement.

Sadie Isabel Howes was born in 1894 in Cheltenham, Victoria.  Her parents were Edward Alfred Howes and Mary Matilda Needs.  She had 8 siblings all born in the Brighton-Cheltenham area[10]

In 1916, Sadie married James Carlaw.  James worked as an Ironmoulder[11].  No children have been found from this marriage.  In 1916, James and Sadie lived at 2 Little Kent Street, Richmond, Victoria, in 1917 at 58 Highett Street, Richmond and in 1919, in Webster Street, Oakleigh, Victoria[11].  In 1930, James lived at 87 Johnston Street, Annandale, NSW but Sadie is not mentioned[11].  James died in 1964 in Seaford, Victoria. 

Sadie was not mentioned with James in 1930 since she was living with Maurice Cruise Dillon, a Hairdresser, at 304 Blaxland Road, Eastwood, New South Wales[11,27].  In 1935, Sadie and Maurice were married in Sydney and in 1936 they lived at 21 Forbes Street, Horsnby, NSW[11].  Maurice died in Woollahra, NSW in 1940[22].  No children have been found.  By 1942, Sadie had returned to Victoria and lived at 34 Burgess Street, Bentleigh and in 1949 at 140 The Esplanade, Brighton[11].

Sadie Isabel died in 1967 aged 73 years in Dingley, Victoria[10].  She was buried on 11 Jul 1967 at the Cheltenham Cemetery, Victoria and lies in grave 6*87*N.  Also lying in the same grave are Sadie's parents and her older brother, Hector E Howes[28].

Leslie Joined the Army

On 27 October 1914 Leslie joined the Australian Imperial Force and after basic training, went off to fight in Europe.  He was a Private and served in the 29th Battalion. His service number was 2602[8].  He proved to be a bit of a handful, even for the army!

He initially arrived in Egypt but was sent home aboard the Kyarra and returned to Australia 17 July 1915 and admitted to hospital.  In August 1915 he was discharged from the Langwarrin Isolation Hospital having having suffered from gonorrhea and was sent to the Seymour Barracks.

He reattested on 10 March 1916 because his original attestation papers were lost. 

On 14 March 1916, he again went overseas aboard the Anchises but quickly got himself into trouble.  The ship stopped in Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and he and 6 others went absent without leave (AWL) and failed to re-embark before the ship left.  He was AWL for 14 days and was fined 58 days pay.

On 19 November 1916, he was admitted to hospital but returned to duty on 7 December.  In early March 1917, he was in France (Etaples) but found himself in hospital and again in April 1917 and yet again in September 1917 - each time for periods of 2 or 3 weeks.

Postcard sent from Egypt, May 1916 to Leslie's
brother Bert (George Herbert Kinder).

On 29 August 1918, Leslie was wounded in action having suffered a severe gunshot wound to the left leg.  He was invalided out of the field on 3 September 1918 and admitted to the War Hospital in Exeter, England.  On 1 October 1918, the army wrote to his mother and stated that he was convalescent.

He returned to Australia aboard the Takada on 11 February 1919 and was officially discharged from the AIF on 22 August 1919.  He was awarded the Victory Medal, the British War Medal and the 1914/18 Star (the routine service medals, but none for bravery or action).

When he returned to Australia, he gave his address as 43 Downshire Road, Elsternwick - his mother's address.  In 1919, his address was 420 New Street, Elsternwick and he worked as a Labourer - he was dossing with his mother and younger brother, George Herbert Kinder[11].  It is not known if Leslie ever met with Sadie after his return.
While he was overseas, the AIF was contacted twice by ladies asking for Leslie's whereabouts.  On 26 September 1918, Mrs A McLeod of 228 New Street, Brighton, Victoria enquired and on 27 February 1919, Miss E McLean of 18 Cedar Street, Caulfield, Victoria also enquired.  In the second case, the AIF told Miss McLean the 43 Downshire Road address.  The author cannot identify these ladies.

Leslie's Long Term Relationship With Hilda Mayes

Hilda Mayes was born Hilda Dunne in 1893 in Nhill, Victoria.  Her mother was Ada Jane Dunne and father unknown.  In 1896, Ada Jane Dunne married Donald Mayes.  Donald Mayes was born in Penolah, South Australia.  Hilda took the surname of Mayes and grew up in the Nhill area with 3 siblings - Rene Gladys Mayes b1897, Donald John Mayes b1898 and Vera Lennox Mayes b1900.  Ada Jane Mayes also had another child, Clarence born in Portland, Victoria in 1903, father unknown[10].

No marriage for Leslie and Hilda has been found although it is stated that they married in New South Wales ca 1919 (ie when Leslie was 36 years old) but there is nothing registered in NSW around this time.  One of Leslie/Hilda's children recounted a story that on her death bed, Hilda shouted out words to the effect that - I will lose the house when they find out we were never married[12].  It is very likely they were never married.

Leslie and Hilda must have hooked up very soon after his return from Europe since their first child was born in 1920. 

In 1923, Leslie and Hilda lived in Sycamore Street, Caulfield, in 1924, they rented a house at 5 Clarendon Street, Malvern during 1925-31, noted at 12 Masters Street, Caulfield in 1926 (very temporary?).  From 1931 to 1937, they lived at 63 Charman Road, Mentone and from 1942 they lived at 77 Charman Road[11,13,32,33,34,35,36,37].  It appears that they owned the house at 77 Charman Road.

Throughout this period, Leslie worked mainly as a Labourer.  Hilda worked as a Doctor’s Receptionist.

Leslie and Hilda's Passing On

Leslie died on 5 May 1947 at the age of 63 years in the Austin Hospital at Heidelberg, Victoria[2].

He suffered from heart disease and cancer of the rectum.

No Last Will or Probate has been found.

from Leslie's death certificate

Leslie was buried on 6 May 1947 at the Brighton General Cemetery, Brighton, Victoria.

He lies in the Church of England Section R, grave 71[15].

Hilda died at Mentone, Victoria on 15 February 1975 aged 79 years.  Her last address was 77 Charman Road. 

She was buried on 15 February 1975 in the same grave as Leslie[15]

Also buried in this grave are his children with Hilda Mayes - June Kinder, Patricia Ann Foristal, David Hamilton Kinder and Gerald Kinder.

Hilda's Last Will was made out on 19 July 1974

Hilda's estate consisted of the house and land at 77 Charman Road, Mentone valued at $12,000.  Her sons, David and Gerald had lived with her and taken care of her for a number of years and it was all left to them.  Hilda's son Peter was named Executor.

1.  Children of Leslie and Catherine Winifred Kinniff

1.1  John Daniel Kinder was born on 23 December 1903 at 402 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria.  This is probably where his parents lived together with Catherine's father John and sisters, Mary and Jane. Catherine's mother, Mary had already passed away in 1896[10,11].

John Daniel's birth certificate

Sometime before 1925, John started to use the surname Kinniff, probably because he was almost totally raised by his mother and her family.  Leslie had done a runner after the War of 1914-18.  In 1925, John lived at "Carmel" in Hartwell Road, Burwood.  He is noted as a Student.  At the same address were Jane Kinniff, Mary Kinniff and Stephen John Kinniff.  Stephen was John's uncle, a brother of Catherine Winifred and Mary and Jane were Catherine's sisters.  From 1931 to 1936, John lived still at "Carmel" in Hartwell Road, Burwood and he is a Student.  Jane, Mary and Stephen are still there also.  In 1943 he lived at 1 Lithgow Street, Burwood and is still a Student and Mary and Stephen are with him[11].  It seems a little odd that he is 40 years of age and still refers to himself on the Electoral Roll as a Student when he is probably working as an Insurance Investigator.  Did he desire annonimity?

John died at Burwood, Victoria on 4 June 1947.  He suffered from hyperpiesis (high blood pressure) for several years but died of a cerebral haemorrage.  On his death certificate, his parents are both stated as unknown[17].  Again a little odd since his uncle Stephen would have known them.  John was buried at the Kew Cemetery on 5 June 1947 in the Roman Catholic Section A, grave 1488.  (note:  Enoch Leslie was of the Church of England faith.  Lying in the same grave are his grandfather, John buried on 17 July 1912 and his grandmother, Mary Franklin buried on 19 May 1896[17,18].

from John Daniel's death certificate

The Argus, 5 June 1947

Interesting to see Enoch Leslie's name mentioned.  Was this a little dig at him?

John Daniel never married.  The Victorian Probate Index has a note O/W Kinniff and his occupation was noted as Insurance Investigator[16].

1.2  Mary Magdalene Kinder was born on 5 July 1909 the Women's Hospital in Carlton, Victoria[6].

Mary Magdalene's birth certificate

Nothing more is known of Mary.

2.  Leslie's Children With Sadie Isabel Howes

Leslie and Sadie Isabel had 2 children and both were offered for adoption.  It seems very sad that Leslie and Sadie happily engaged in the joy of love making but neither of them cared much for the result or had much thought of their consequences.  In Leslie's case, the War of 1914-18 gave him an excuse to be absent and perhaps Sadie was in a poor economic and health state.  It is difficult to judge their respective circumstances and outlooks but at least both children enjoyed grew up in happy homes and enjoyed good lives.

2.1  Murray Howes ---> Kinder was born on 20 March 1914 in St Kilda, Victoria.  Murray's birth was recorded as Howes but he never used that name from a very early age. 

Like his brother after him, his mother could not care for him and initially he was left in the care of Mrs Elizabeth Hall of 76 Chomley Street, Prahran, Victoria on 30 April 1914 but on 22 March 1915 Murray became a ward of the State of Victoria.  His State Papers state that Sadie was living at Cummins Lane, North Brighton and worked as a Domestic Servant.  Her father was a Market Gardener and was at the same address.  His Papers also state that his father is reputed to be Leslie Enoch Kinder, No1574, 14th Infantry, 3rd Reinforcements[21].  Sadie's father, Edward Alfred was indeed a Market Gardener of Cummins Lane, North Brighton in 1914, 1919 and also in 1924 but no sign of Sadie[11].

During the period from March 1915 trough to July 1916, Murray was cared for by three different Carers but on 14 November 1917, he was taken in by Leslie's mother, Matilda Maud Kinder.  Matilda formally adopted Murray on 10 February 1920 and he was discharged from the care of the State[21].  Later Murray lived through his teenage years with his Uncle Bert (George Herbert Kinder ) and Auntie Minnie.  He had a good upbringing.  Bert was quite wealthy and Murray had everything he needed[14,19].

Murray (at right) with his uncle Bert  with Maud Minnie Stvens (left) and Marjorie Gwendoline Kinder.

Murray married Beatrice Alice Marke on 19 June 1937 at St Agnes Church of England, Glenhuntly, Victoria.  Beatrice was born on 3 January 1917 in Auburn, Victoria.  Beatrice's parents were Henry Alfred Marke and Frances Maud Moore.  Murray lived at 401 Kooyong Road, Elsternwick, Victoria at the time and Beatrice lived at her parents' home at 7 Mackay Avenue, Glenhuntly[9,10].  During the 1940s, Murray and Beatrice continued to lived with Beatrice's parents

Murray and Beatrice were living at 30 Clydesdale Street, Box Hill in 1950 when Beatrice’s father died and her mother went to live with them.  Murray always looked upon Frances as his Mum and she was very fond of him also[19].  They stayed there until 1966[11,19].

Before the War of 1939-45, Murray worked as a Sewing Machine Mechanic and had his own business.  After the War, he was in real estate and worked from offices in the Block Arcade, in central Melbourne.  Beatrice remembered that he was a really good fix-it man and good at building[19].

Murray had his first heart attack whilst living in Box Hill, Victoria and his doctor advised him to retire so he and his family moved to Wangaratta in country Victoria in 1966. In Wangaratta the family lived at 81 Tone Road in 1968, at 158 Tone Road in 1972[11].

Murray died on 6 July 1973 in Benalla.  He was cremated at The Necropolis, Springvale, Victoria and was interred on 10 July, grave reference CASU-43-557[12].  Murray suffered from Bright’s Disease.   Bright's disease historically is often a catch-all for a variety of kidney diseases, but strictly speaking is glomerulonephritis, which may be a complication of streptococcal sore throat.  Bright's disease is another name for nephritis, an inflammation of the liver.

Beatrice and her daughter, Lesley then moved to Benalla and lived at 179 Bridge Street in 1977, at 26 Cecil Street in 1980 and later at 22 Witt Street[11].  Wangaratta and Benalla were chosen because Beatrice had a had a sister and her family living in Benalla and Wangaratta is not far away

Beatrice died on 13 January 2008 at Benalla and was buried on 17 January 2008 and lies in the same grave as Murray.

Murray and Beatrice had one daughter – Lesley Roberta Kinder who was born on 4 April 1942.  Lesley suffered from a mental disability and never married.  She died on 24 June 2004 in Benalla aged 62 years.  She was buried on 29 June 2004 and lies in the same grave with her parents.

2.2  Ronald Leslie Kinder Howes ---> Jewell was born on 22 August 1915 in Northcote, Victoria[10,21]

Ronald was the second of Leslie and Sadie Isabel's children to be offered for adoption.

Before Ronald became a ward of the State of Victoria, he was in the care of Mrs Gladys Austin of 8 Beaconsfield Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria who took him from Nurse Mitchell of 22 Church Street, Richmond.  This was a Defacto Adoption and his mother's name is stated as Isabell Howes

Mrs Austin placed Ronald into the care of the State of Victoria on 26 April 1916.  On these State Papers, Ronald's mother is stated as Lilian Howes, address unknown, but this is in error.  Sadie probably gave a false name.  Leslie Enoch Kinder, AIF is noted as the father.  The mother is reputed to be in bad health and cannot support the child.  Her address was stated as 32 Lyons Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria[21].  In another paper dated 22 August 1933, it was stated that Ronald's mother is now married and living in Green Street, Richmond, Victoria (see above).

Between April 1916 through to October 1917, young Ronald was passed between five different Carers in the suburbs of Brunswick and Moonee Ponds until he got lucky - on 19 October 1917, he fell into the arms of Henry and Mary Jewell who lived in Coburg.  Ronald had a rough start to his life but things worked out very well for him as a member of the Jewell family.

Ronald married Alice Vance Wickham-Heath on 17 April 1943 at St Augustine's Church of England, Moreland, Victoria.  Ronald was 26 years old and worked as a Case-maker.  He gave his address as 7 Church Street, Brunswick, Victoria.  Alice was 22 years old and worked as a Machinist.  She gave her address as 3 Fitzgibbon Avenue, Brunswick.  In both cases, they stated their parents as unknown[23].

from Ronald and Alice's marriage certificate

Alice was born Alice Vance Wickham in 1920 at Carlton, Victoria.  Her father was unknown and her mother was Emily Wickham[10].

Ronald and Alice lived their whole married lives at 61 Wilcox Street, Preston, Victoria and Ronald worked as a Case-maker and Alice as a Machinist through to 1970[11].

Alice died first on 13 August 1970 at their Wilcox Street home.  She was just 50 years old.  She died of complications relating to breast cancer which she suffered for 2 years previous.  She was cremated at Fawkner Crematorium on 17 August 1970 and her ashes lie in the HC Curwen-Walker Gardens, Island Feature No.2[24,26].

Ronald died on 1 September 1975 at 16 Black Rock Street, Reservoir, Victoria.  His occupation was stated to be Sheet Metal Worker.  He died of a heart attack aged only 60 years.  he was cremated at Fawkner Crematorium on 4 September 1975 and his ashes lie with Alice[25,26].

Ronald and Alice had 2 children.

3.  Children of Leslie and Hilda Mayes

Leslie and Hilda had 9 children - Patricia Ann Kinder b1920 (married Foristal), James Kinder b1920, Peter Kinder b1921, June Kinder b1925, Gerald Kinder b1927, David Hamilton Kinder b1928, Judith b1930, Living, Living.

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