Hickey - Kinder - Snip

This is a special page which sets out the interweaving of three interesting families.  All three come from totally diverse backgounds:-
but they converge in Australia in the early days of the settlement of the Colony of Victoria.


The Hickey family is the most difficult for your author because the records for Co Clare, Ireland are sparse on the internet and possibly only a visit will uncover the facts but also because many Hickey families were/are present in the area which straddles Co Clare and Co Limerick and many found their way to Australia.  Despite this, it is the Hickey family which ties these three families together.

Your author has pieced together the following:-

John Patrick Hickey             b ca 1810, Ireland         d Victoria, Australia
m. Elizabeth Shields                 b ca 1810, Ireland         d Victoria, Australia

1.  Bridget Hickey                                    b ca 1830, Ireland         d 1873, Victoria, aged 40 years[1]
     m. Patrick O'Reilly, 1857, Victoria

2.  Elizabeth Hickey                                                                       b ca 1833, Co Clare, Ireland[4,5]      d 1911, Bright, Victoria[5] (see further below)
     m. Pieter Lourens Snip, 7 Jan 1858, Beechworth, Victoria           b "Holland"[4]    (Peter Lawrence Snip in english)

3.  Mary Hickey                                                                    bap 9 Jul 1840, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co Clare, Ireland[2,11]
     m. Cyrus Kinder, 23 June 1859, Windsor, Victoria             b 23 Oct 1839, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[3]


Your author has an extensive Kinder family tree on this website.  A full story of Cyrus Kinder and Mary Hickey is also provided.  Here are a few points of interest:-
  1. James Kinder.  Born in 1861, married Catherine Fanny Butler
  2. Sarah Ann Kinder,  Born in 1863, married John Flagg
  3. John Franklin Kinder.  Born in 1865, married Annie Louisa Holbrook
  4. Mary Ellen Kinder.  Born in 1868, married Edwin William Robert Firth
  5. Mabel Ruth Kinder.  Born in 1876, married Edgar Wallis
  6. Elizabeth Alice Kinder.  Born in 1879, married Peter Frederick Lawrence-Snip --- see more below

Peter Lourens (Lawrence) Snip

"Snip" is a Dutch name found prominently in the province of North Holland.  Peter's "Snip" family has been researched back to at least 1706 in Petten and later to the island of Texel in North Holland.  Many folk in this part of North Holland were Seafarers and Fishermen.  Based on work done by Monique Monsou, you can see Peter Snip's ancestry here[6].

Peter's birth name was registered in the usual Dutch form of Pieter.  He was born on 20 August 1830 in Petten, North Holland.  Pieter's mother was Neeltje (Cornelia) Krijnen.  His father was Lourens Cornelis Snip and he was a Master of a Ship[4,7].

from Pieter's birth certificate

Peter said that he arrived in Australia in September 1854 aboard the ship Oriental.  He travelled from home and sailed from London.  Your author has not been able to confirm this.  By the time he applied for Naturalisation he had been resident in Victoria for 22 years.  He received his Naturalisation on 21 September 1876[12].

On his marriage certificate, Peter stated his name to be Peter Lourens Snip, taking his second name from his father[4].  This was, of course, anglicized to Peter Lawrence Snip.  Later it became a hyphenated surname.

Peter and Elizabeth Hickey were married on 7 January 1858 in Beechworth, a town in the north-east of Victoria.  Peter stated that he worked as a Miner (of gold) at Spring Creek, Victoria.  There were a number of gold mining places called "Spring Creek" in Victoia at that time but one was Spring Creek Ovens, located in the Ovens Valley near Murtleford, just south of Beechworth.  This is likely where Peter was seeking his fortune.

In 1903 and 1905, they lived on a property named "Brookside" on the Porepunkah Road near Bright, Victoria.  Peter worked as a Farmer.  In 1908, Elizabeth was still living at Brookside[9].

Peter died on 16 April 1906 in Bright, Victoria.  The burial records state that he was of the Roman Catholic faith, he was 75 years old and died of Pleurisy.  His occupation was stated as Miner.  He was buried at the Bright Cemetery on 18 April 1906.  He lies in Section 2, Block D, Lot 35[5].

Elizabeth Hickey (Elizabeth Lawrence Snip) died on 26 January 1911 in Bright.  The burial record states that she was of the Roman Catholic faith, she was 77 years old and died of Bright's Disease.  She was buried at the Bright Cemetery on 28 January 1911.  Elizabeth lies in the same grave as Peter[5].

Note that their gravestone has their surname only as Lawrence although the burial register has Snip.  Peter changed his surname Lawrence** 

Peter and Elizabeth had 8 children all born in Victoria:-[1]

Notice the tendancy to use the name Lawrence as a middle name for both boys and girls.  This was common in The Netherlands at this time.  Later the surnames alternate between Snip, Lawrence-Snip and simply Lawrence and Laurence -- rather confusing!  The first name mentioned is what is stated in the Victorian BMD Register.

1.  Martha Snip. Born in 1861 at Ovens River.  She married Mortimer Edward McCarthy in 1881 and stated her name as Martha Lawrence Snip.  She died in 1946 in Surrey Hills, Victoria.  Mortimer was born ca 1854.  His parents were Michael McCarthy and Mary Ann Kearse.  He died in 1929 in Prahran, Victoria.

During the period of 1903 to 1912, Mortimer worked in the Victoria Police with the rank of Senior Constable.  From 1915 to 1927 he seems to be unemployed stating either no occupation or ex-Civil Servant[9].  Why did he leave the police force and why couldn't he get another job?

In 1903 they lived at 13 Derrick Street, Kew, Victoria.  In 1909 at 207 High Street, Kew.  In 1912 in Waltham Street, Sandringham and from 1914 to 1919 at 20 High Street, Kew.  Their last known address was 17 Albert Street, Surrey Hills, Victoria in 1927[9].  It was likely their last address.

Martha and Mortimer had a number of children and in all cases, Martha stated her name as Martha Lawrence.  Sometimes it was recorded as Laurence.  But why was Lawrence not included on her birth record?

1.1  Maud May McCarthy.  Born 1883 in Bright.  She died in 1959 in Surrey Hills, Victoria aged 78 years.  She never married.  Maud appears to have lived with her parents most or all of her life.  She was with them from 1903 through to 1927 and probably inherited the Surrey Hills house[9].

1.2  Elsie Victoria McCarthy.  Born 1885 in Chiltern, Victoria.  In 1909, Elsie, recorded as Elsie Victoria Veronica, lived with her parents at 207 High Street, Kew[9].  Elsie married James John O'Connor in 1910.  James was born in Chiltern, Victoria.  They had, at least, on child - Irene Mary O'Connor born in 1911 in Sandringham, Victoria[1].

1.3  Edward Arthur McCarthy.  Born 1888 in Chiltern.  He died in 1933 in Kew, Victoria aged 45 years.  He possibly married Nellie May Sibley.  They had, at least, one child - Jack Sibley McCarthy born ca 1929 who died in 1947 in Parhran, Victoria.  Nellie's father was Jack Sibley, mother unknown and born ca 1890 and died in 1966[1].

Edward worked as a Driver from 1919 to 1931 then became a Painter[9].  Edward ia reported to be living at 13 Ermington Place, Kew in 1919, at 50 Mary Street, Kew in 1921 and with Nellie at 11 Derby Street, Kew in 1922, at 61 Cobden Street, Kew from 1924 to 1931 and at 10 Balmoral Street, South Yarra from 1935 to 1943.  Nellie may have lived at 21 Alfred Street, Prahran until she passed away[9].

1.4  Bertie Laurence McCarthy.  Born 1890 in Barawartha, Victoria.  She died aged 1 month in 1890 in Barnawartha.

1.5  Mortimer McCarthy.  Born 1893 in Barnawartha.

1.6  Alma McCarthy.  Born 1895 in Barnawartha.  She died aged 11 years in 1907 in Kew.

2.  Cornelius Lawrence (Cornelis Laurens) Snip.  Born in Melbourne in 1864 but he lived for only 4 weeks.  It was probably anticipated to be a difficult birth so Elizabeth went to a larger hospital in Melbourne, but to no avail.

3.  Emma Snip.  Born in 1865 at Ovens River.  Emma married William Wilkin Keyes (or Keys) in 1893.  There are two alternate entries.  One with her surname as Snip and one with Lawrence Snip (no hyphen).  Emma and William appear to have one child:-

3.1  William Key(e)s.  Born 1894 in Bright.

Later, as Emma Lawrence and secondly as Lawrence-Snip, she had two more children.   The father's name is not recorded in either case but presumably they were William's:-

3.2  Laurence Vivian Keys.  Born 1902 in Richmond.  His mother was stated to be Emma Laurence.

3.3  Victoria May Lawrence-Snip or Keyes.  Born 1906 in Richmond, Victoria.  There are two registration entries for Victoria's surname - Lawrence-Snip and Keyes.  She died in March 1925 in Bright and was buried on 21 March at Bright Cemetery (surname Keys).  She lies in Section 2, Block D, Lot 35.5.  Her religion was stated as Roman Catholic[5].

As Emma Keys, Emma lived on a property on Porepunkah Road, Bright from 1903 to 1909.  This was probably Brookside.  Her occupation was stated as Home Duties.  From 1912 to 1924, she was known as Emma Lawrence and her address was variously stated as Back Road, Porepunkah and Back Porepunkah Road, Bright[9].

Emma's death is recorded as Emma Keys.  She died in 1925 in Wangaratta, Victoria.  She was aged 60 years[1].  She was buried on 21 March 1925 at Bright Cemetery and lies in the same grave as her daughter, Victoria May.  Her religion is noted as Roman Catholic[5].

4.  Alfred Patrick Snip.  Born 1869 in Bright.  Around 1880, Alfred changed his surname to Lawrence as did his siblings**  Alfred married Martha Boyd Hanna in 1902.  Martha was born in 1866 in Yackandandah.  Her parents were Joseph Hanna and Margaret Wier[1].  

In 1905, Alfred and Martha lived at 14 Gordon Avenue, Kew, Victoria.  Alfred worked as a Civil Servant and Martha took care of the home.  They moved and in 1909 they lived in Swan Hill, Victoria and Alfred worked as a Customs Officer.  By 1915, they had moved to Walwa, Victoria, a small farming community east of Albury.  Alfred's occupation was stated as Inspector of Excise.  He remained in this occupation until at least 1919 but in 1922 he was a Farmer in Walwa and continued farming through to 1949[9].

Alfred and Martha's children were:-

4.1  Gretta (Margretta) Erskine May Lawrence was born in 1903 in Kew, Victoria[1,8].  Gretta married Thomas Edgar Holt in 1934[1].  During 1925-1926, Gretta lived with her parents in Walwa.  After Gretta and Thomas married they lived for a short time through to 1936 with her parents and Thomas worked as a Farm Worker.  From 1943 to 1972, Gretta and Thomas operated the Bridge Hotel at Jingelic in New South Wales.  Jingelic is just across the Murray River from Walwa.  From 1977 to 1980 they lived at 39 Bogong Avenue in Mt Beauty, Victoria.  Thomas was noted as a Hotelkeeper.[9].

4.2  William Oswald Boyd Lawrence was born in 1906 in Kew, Victoria.  He was always known as Boyd[1,8].  He married Myra Violet Shannon in 1939 in Sydney, NSW (Reg 16165/1939 & 6168/1939[10]).  Boyd's surname was recorded as Laurence and Laurance and his given names as William Arnold.In 1936 and 1937.  Myra was born on 2 February 1911 in McKay, North Queensland.  Her parents were Cyril Kirby Shannon and Violet Blanche Elworthy[13].

Boyd left Melbourne to stretch-his-wings and found his way to North Queensland where he met Myra.  They moved to Walwa and took up farming, probably on his father's property.  From 1942 to 1949, Boyd and Myra lived at "Willsburn", Walwa and Boyd was a Farmer[9].  About 1952 they sold up at Walwa and purchased a property at Theresa Downs in Queensland, not far from Emerald - Coroa.  After Boyd and Myra separated, Coroa was sold in 1962 and Boyd moved to a farm at Esperence, Western Australia[8].  

Boyd died in Swanbourne, Western Australia on 6 July 1984.  He was buried at the Fremntle General Cemetery, General Area, Lawn G, grave 0027[14].  Myra died in 1988 in Rockhampton, Queensland.  Boyd and Myra had 5 children[8].

4.3  Marjorie Weir Lawrence was born in 1908 in Kerang, Victoria.  She was always known as Nancy.  She married Norman McKenzie Donnell in 1935[1,8].  In 1936, Marjorie and Norman lived at 6 Glen Street, Glenferrie (now Hawthorn), Victoria.   Norman worked as a Driver.  In 1937 they lived at 9 Slatters Street, Coburg, Victoria.  In 1942, they were at "Taronga" in Jingelic, NSW and from 1954 to 1968, Norman operated a farm at Mt Alfred, Victoria.  Mt Alfred is a district a lttle to the west of Walwa.  Later they retired and in 1972 lived at 602 Macauley Street, Albury, NSW.  Marjorie lived at 316 Mount Street, Albury in 1977 and 1980[9].

Norman died in Albury in 1976 (NSW Reg 13711/1976)[10].

5.  Peter Frederick (Lawrence) Snip.  Born 1872 in Bright.  He died in 1931 in Richmond, Victoria.  His death registration states his surname as Lawrence.
Peter married Elizabeth Alice Kinder in 1897.  His marriage entry included the additional middle name Lawrence.

Click Here to see my Kinder family tree.  

His registration on the Electoral Roll was always Lawrence-Snip[9].  It is interesting that he, amongst all his siblings, retained Snip as part of his name.

Peter and Elizabeth initially lived on a property on Buckland Road, Upper Buckland, Victoria in 1903 and Peter was a Farmer.  In 1908 and 1909 they were at Brookside.  From 1916 to 1931, they lived at 115 Derby Street, Kew[9].  This was nearby the home of Elizabeth's parents.  During this time Peter worked as a Labourer.

Peter and Elizabeth had (at least) 4 children.   The registration of their children was sometimes recorded as Snip and sometimes as Lawrence-Snip.  All the children dropped Snip from their surname some time later:-

5.1  Peter Cyrus Frederick Lawrence-Snip was born in 1898 in Kew,Victoria.  Peter married Susan Agnes Gray in 1923 in Victoria.  His surname is only registered as Lawrence.

5.2  Mary Elizabeth Lawrence-Snip was born in 1900 in Bright, Victoria. Mary married George Frederick Geaves in 1922 in Victoria.  Her surname is only registered as Lawrence.

5.3  Desmond Kinder Lawrence Snip was born in 1906 in Kew, Victoria.  Desmond married Emma Elizabeth May in 1932 in Victoria.  His surname is only registered as Lawrence.  Emma's parents were Samuel James May and Amelia Still.  Emma died in 1978 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

5.4  Valda Lillian Lawrence-Snip was born in 1915 in Kew, Victoria.  Valda (Laurence) married Henry Rupert Clark in 1935 in Victoria.  She died only 2 years later in 1937 in CHARM, Victoria.  Possibly during or resulting from childbirth?  Henry was born in 1910 in Ararat, Victoria.  His parents were Leonard Henry Clarke and Ann Christina Johnson.  Henry died in 1972 in Heidelberg.

5.5  Holly Lawrence. - maybe?

6.  Elizabeth Lawrence Snip.  Born 1874 in Bright.  As Elizabeth Lawrence, she married Harry Arthur Saunders in 1895.

7.  Arthur Lawrence Snip.  Born 1878 in Bright.  Arthur married Susan Rosabena (Bena) Murdoch in 1905.  Susan was born in Buckland (Valley), Victoria in 1884.  Her parents were David Ballantyne Murdoch and Mary Ann Miller.  She had 9 siblings and their surnames are alternately spelled as Murdock and Murdoch.  Susan died in March 1957 in Bright, Victoria and was buried at Bright Cemetery on 26 March.  She lies in Section 2, Block E, Lot 11.5[5].  In the cemetery record, her surname was registered only as Lawrence.  On their marriage registration, Arthur's surname is recorded only as Lawrence.  Arthur may also have been known as Albert or Albert Arthur.  Albert (Arthur) Lawrence died in 1957 in Bright.  The registration states his father to be Peter Lawrence and mother as Elizabeth Unknown.

Arthur and Rosabena lived in the Bright area all their lives.  From 1908 to 1957 they lived at Devil's Creek, Brookside.  It is not clear if this was Arthur's parents' property or a nearby one.  Arthur was a Farmer[9].

Their children were:-

7.1  Arthur Peter (Lawrence) Snip.  Born 1906 in Bright.  He died in June 1906 in Bright and was buried on 10 June 1906 at Bright Cemetery.  He lies in Section 1, Block B, Lot 42.  The cemetery records state that he was of the Presbyterian faith and died of Heart Failure[5].  His middle name Lawrence is on his death registration and burial record but not on his birth registration.

7.2  Ruby Elizabeth Snip.  Born 1907 in Bright.  She married George Stephen Perry in 1942.  George died in Brighton, Victoria in 1963.  His parents may have been Alfred Edmond Perry and Mary Polly Price[1].  He was buried at the Bright Cemetery on 26 October 1963 and lies in Section 2, Block H, Lot 30.  He was a Roman Catholic.  He died aged 60 years.  Ruby died in 1994 and was buried on 7 March 1994 at the Bright Cemetery and lies in Section2, Block E, Lot 11.5 (ashes only).  Her religion was stated as Uniting Church[5].  Ruby and George lived in the Brookside/Porepunkah area all their married lives.  George worked as a Labourer[9].

7.3  Arthur Snip.  Born 1908 in Bright.  He was known as Mick.  He died on 18 December 1987 in Bright and was buried on 21 December at Bright Cemetery under the surname Lawrence in the same grave as his brother, Mortimer Edward Lawrence (Snip)[5].  Arthur worked as a Labourer in Brookside[9].

7.4  Eric Leslie Snip.  Always used the surname Lawrence.  Born 1910 in Bright.  He died in 1981 in Kew.  His death registration states his surname only as Lawrence and his father's name as Albert Arthur Lawrence[1].  He married Gladys Edith unknown.

From 1931 to 1936, Eric worked as a Farmer in Brookside.  He and Gladys moved to Melbourne and in 1943 they lived at 66 Eglinton Street, Kew.  From 1949 to 1954 at 24 Napier Street, Fitzroy.  From 1958 to 1980 at 6 Segtoune Street, Kew.  In Melbourne, Eric worked as a Labourer, a Tanner and from 1954 as a Machinist.  Gladys also worked as a Machinist[9].

7.5  Mortimer Edward Snip.  Born 1912 in Bright.  He used the surname Lawrence.  He died on 22 November 1985 in Bright and was buried at Bright Cemetery on 26 November.  He lies in the Lawn Section, Plaque, Lot 44 under the surname Lawrence[5].  Mortimer lived at Brookside all his life and worked as a Labourer[9].

7.6  Peter Ronald Snip (or Lawrence-Snip or Lawrence).  Born 1916 in Bright.  He died in September 1958 in Wangaratta, Victoria and was buried on 15 September at Bright Cemetery.  He lies in Section 2, Block B, Lot 26 under the surname Lawrence[5].  His surname is Laurence on his death registration.  He lived at Brookside and worked as a Labourer[9].

8.  Mortimer Edward Snip.  Born 1881 in Bright.  In 1903, Mortimer worked as a Farmer at Devil's Creek (Upper Buckland district)[9].  Mortimer married Emily Grizelle Lithgow in 1912 in Gilgandr, NSW (Reg 1678/1912).  Mortimer died in 1938 in Gilgandra (Reg 17244/1938)[10].

Your Author has a few loose ends also:-
  1. Violet Susan Venus Lawrence lived at Brookside from 1926 to 1928.  In 1928 she married John Joseph McCormack in Victoria -- who was she?
  2. Keith William Lawrence lived at Bookside and Porepunkah from 1942 to 1980 -- who was he?
  3. Mary Ann Lawrence lived at Porepunkah Road in 1908/09 and at "Toorak", Bright from 1912 to 1924 -- who was she?

**  Perhaps having a Dutch surname was not popular during the South African Boer War era?  The First Anglo-Boer War was from 1880 to 1881 and the Second Anglo-Boer War was from 1899 to 1902.  Australia supported the British against the Boers.  Perhaps there was a major family split?

Linking Hickey, Kinder and Snip

In 1897, Peter Frederick Lawrence Snip married his first cousin - Elizabeth Alice Kinder. 
Remember that Peter Frederick's mother, Elizabeth Hickey and Elizabeth Alice's mother, Mary Hickey were sisters.

Documents and Maps

Elizabeth Hickey and Peter Snip amrriage certificate

Peter Snip was born in Petten, North Holland, The Netherlands.

Google Maps

Beechworth and Bright are located in the north-east of Victoria.

Google Maps

Snip burials at Bright Cemetery

Peter (Lawrence) Snip and Elizabeth Hickey's grave at Bright Cemetery

Emma Snip burial record at Bright Cemetery

Mortimer Edward (Snip) Lawrence born 1912 and Arthur (Snip) Lawrence born 1908
Bright Cemetery

Peter Lawrence Snip's Application for Naturalization 1876

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