James Kinder (b 1843)

parents John Kinder & Ann Sandiford

born 1843, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[1]
baptised 2 Jul 1843, St Michael's, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England
died May 1923
buried 10 May 1923, Dukinfield Cemetery, Cheshire, England[16]

James Kinder

James was a grandson of James and Mary Rider and the 3rd child of John Kinder and Ann Sandiford. 

James was born in Dukenfield and baptised on 2 July 1843 at St Michael's Church, Ashton-under-Lyne.

In the UK Census of 1851, John was listed still living with his parents in Davi(e)s Street, Dukinfield.  James is noted as being a Scholar of 8 years of age[2].

Davi(e)s Street no longer

Today, the address - 20 Wharf Street, comes up in that part of Wharf Street that was previously Davi(e)s Street.

1851 UK Census

In 1861, James was still living at home and the family was living at 20 Wharf Street, Dukinfield.  This probably the same house as noted as Davi(e)s Street prviously.  He was 18 years of age and worked as a Laborer at Engine Work[3].

1861 UK Census

Sarah Ann Goodwin

Sarah Ann Goodwin was born in 1847 or 1848 in Macclesfield, Cheshire.  

There are two registered births for "Sarah Ann Goodwin", one in 1847 and another in 1848[4].  In the 1851 UK Census, her age was stated as 1 year but in the 1861 Census her age was stated as 13 years.  Perhaps the first Sarah Ann died very young and the name was used a second time?

Sarah was probably born at the home of her parents, James and Maria Goodwin who were living at 9 St Paul's Terrace, Macclesfield, Chershire.  The UK Census of 1851 states that James was a Labourer and was born in Staffordshire. Sarah was the 7th child listed in the census record[5].

1851 UK Census

According to the UK Census of 1861, Sarah was still living at home an aged only 13 years, worked as a Silk Piecer

This was a very lowly job, just picking up bits of off-cuts and scraps from the factory floor. 

The family lived in Fountain Street, Macclesfield[6].


1861 UK Census

Marriage and Family Life

It is not known how James and Sarah met since they lived quite some distance apart, but in any case, they did and they were married on 2 January 1870 at St James’ Church of England, Prestbury, Cheshire.  Prestbury is located approximately 4 km north-west of Macclesfield.

James was 27 years old and Sarah was 22.  They both made their mark with an “X” only.  Interestingly, Sarah’s parents – James and Maria did not sign their names also.

The marriage certificate states that Sarah was living at 41 St Georges Street, Sutton.  Was this Sarah's home address in 1870?  James was also stated to be living in Sutton, at 32 Byrons Street, probably at the house of a friend of the Goodwins since he had to establish residency in the area before they could be married.  Sutton is now a suburb in the south of Macclesfield.

In April 1871, James and Sarah were living in Salford at 1 Corporation Square[8].  They remained in Salford for the next few years since their first child, Arthur, was born there in 1873.  James worked as a Blacksmith's Striker and Sarah as a Silk Weaver.

1871 UK Census

According to the UK Census of 1881, James and Sarah had moved back to Dukinfield and were living at 24 Zetland Street[9].  James’ occupation was stated as Labourer Iron and by this time they had three children – Arthur aged 8, Bertha aged 6 and Joel (noted as Abel in the census return) aged 3 years.

1881 UK Census

When their last child, James, was baptised in February 1882, James gave his abode as Whitakers Court, Dukinfield[17].

In 1891 the family were recorded as living at 7 Danty Street, Dukinfield and James’ occupation was stated as Smith’s Striker[10].  This time there is confusion over the name of their third child – is it Joel or Abel?  I think the 1881 entry was wrong or they have decided to change his name.  I will call him Joel.  Their fourth child, James, is now aged 9 years.  Also, now, Arthur aged 18, is an apprenticed Boilermaker and Bertha was working in a mill as a Cotton Winder at 16 years of age.  Young Joel, aged only 13 years, was also apprenticed as a Boilermaker.

1891 UK Census

In 1892, Arthur married Sophia Ann Bailey and stated his address as 16 Furness Street, Dukinfield[11].  The same address was given by his daughter, Bertha, when she married in 1897[12].  Also, The Register of County Electors shows that James was living at 16 Furness Street in 1896[13].

The 1901 UK Census finds James, Sarah and their son, James (now 18 years old and unmarried) living at 86 Wharf Street, Dukinfield[14].  Also lodging with them was Amos and Amelia Mellor, both noted as boarders (any relation?).  James, senior, was 58 years of age and his occupation was stated as Labourer At Iron Works.  Sarah’s occupation was stated as Grocer Shop Keeper.  The younger James was working as a Spindle Maker.

1901 UK Census

When James’ son, Arthur, married for the second time in 1907, James’ occupation was stated as Coal Merchant[15].

The 1911 Census finds James and Sarah still living at 86 Wharf Street[18].  James was still working as a Coal Dealer.  Their son, James was still at home and they have a guest - Emily Kinder, the first child of their son, Arthur and Sophia Bailey.

1911 E & W Census

Passing On
Both James and Sarah were buried at the Dukinfield Cemetery[16].  Sarah died first and was buried on 18 February 1922 aged 73 years.  James died a little more than one year later and was buried on 10 May 1923 aged 80 years.  They both lie in grave B2-466.  James purchased this grave on 30 September 1880 (probably the day his daughter, Lucy, died).

Sarah’s address when she died was 9 King Street, Dukinfield and James’ was 267 Dukinfield Road, Hyde.

Children of James and Sarah Ann

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