James Kinder (b 1882)

parents James Kinder & Sarah Ann Goodwin

born 1882, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[1]
baptised 12 February 1882, St Marks Church of England, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[2]
died 1961, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England[13,14]

James Kinder

James was born very early in 1882, probably at his parents' home. 

His father stated they lived at Whitaker's Court, Dukinfield at the young James' baptism[1,2].

James was baptised on 12 February at St Marks in Dukinfield.

St Marks C of E parish record

In 1891 James lived with his parents at 7 Danty Street, Dukinfield.  James, at 9 years of age, was a Scholar[3].

1891 UK Census

In 1892 when his older brother Arthur, married Sophia Ann Bailey, the family lived at 16 Furness Street, Dukinfield.  The same address was given by his older sister, Bertha, when she married in 1897.  Also, The Register of County Electors shows that his father, James, was living at 16 Furness Street in 1896[4].

The 1901 UK Census finds James, now 18 years old, still with his parents living at 86 Wharf Street, Dukinfield[5].  James was working as a Spindle Maker.

1901 UK Census

The 1911 Census finds James, now 29 years old, not married and still living at home at 86 Wharf Street[6].  James worked a sa Cotton Spindle and Flyer Maker.

1911 E & W Census

James married Sarah Eliza Waterhouse on 14 August 1914 at Old St George, Stalybridge, Lancashire.  James stated that he lived at 82 Furnace Street, Dukinfield.  James was 32 and Sarah was 33.  Sarah worked as a Frame Tenter.  Her father was John Waterhouse who was already deceased[8].  Sarah lived at 1 Birch Street, Stalybridge.

Old St George, Stalybridge parish record

Sarah Eliza Waterhouse was born on 14 September 1880 in Batley Carr, Yorkshire[10,11,15].  She was not baptised until 8 March 1882 at Holy Trinity Church of England at Batley Carr[12].

Holy Trinity Church of England at Batley Carr

In 1911, she lived with her mother, Harriet and older sister, Alice at 4 Higher Heyrod, Stalybridge.  Alice was a witness to Sarah Eliza's marriage.  Sarah already had a son, Harry, who retained the Waterhouse name.  James and Sally did not have any children of their own[9].  Harry is also shown in the 1911 Census aged 5 years.  Harry was born in Stalybridge on 14 February 1906[14].

Life After Marriage
Until the 1921 census results are issued, there is not much known about their lives in the Dukinfield area but it is known that they stayed.

Nothing more is known of Harry Waterhouse.

Passing On
James died first in Jan-Mar 1961 in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England[13,14].  Sarah Eliza died in Jul-Sep 1976[14,15].

Harry Waterhouse died in January 1988 in the Tameside area[14,17].

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