John Franklin Kinder (b 1843)

parents James Kinder & Mary Ramsbottom

born 20 November 1843, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia[1]
baptised 8 April 1844, St James' Church of England, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia[1]
died 2 September 1920, Malvern, Victoria, Australia[6]
buried 3 September, 1920, St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria, Australia

John Franklin

John Franklin was the second son of James and Mary who emigrated to Australia in 1841.  By the time John Franklin was born in 1843, James and Mary were living and working as Shopkeepers (Grocers) in Collingwood, Victoria[1].

Margaret Sarah Armstrong
Margaret Sarah Armstrong was born in 1845 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia[2].  

Margaret Sarah was always known to her family as Sarah.

Her parents were Henry Armstrong and Margaret and it may be assumed that her parents were early Melbourne settlers just like John Franklin’s. She had three younger brothers – Robert (b 1847), Henry (b 1849) and Henry Alfred (b 1851)[2].

Marriage and Working Life

John Franklin and Sarah were married in 1865.  

There are some entries in the Prahran Municipal Rate Book over the period of 1869 to 1870:-

In 1869, John Franklin is noted as a Carpenter.  His father, James, owned a wood house and workshop also in St David's Street.  John Franklin probably worked out of those premises.

In 1870 John Franklin was working as a Butcher in St David's Street, Prahran (this part of Prahran is now called Windsor), Victoria.  Maybe he was helping out his father?

In later years he worked as a Carpenter and House Painter[4,5,10].

From 1870 to 1884, John Franklin is noted as a Carpenter of St Davids Street, Windsor (St Davids Street is now Upton Road[10].  Much of the south end of Upton Road was demolished when Queens Way was put through to connect with Dandenong Road in the 1960s.

See also Prahran & Windsor

Also from 1875 to 1883 John Franklin was involved in a partnership called Kinder & Kelly which operated out of premises at 27 Little Flinders Street (now Flinders Lane), Melbourne [10].

From 1884 to 1887, Sarah is separately reported in Ref 10 as a Storekeeper at 5 St Davids Street.

Between 1888 and 1896 --- where did they live ?

Later in 1897 and 1898, John and Sarah lived in High Street, Malvern, Victoria and between 1899 and 1906 he is listed at "McKinnon" in Jordan Street, Malvern.  From 1905 to 1921, John and Sarah lived at 30 Alice Street, Malvern.  Probably he was building this home himself during the overlap of residences in 1905/06.  After John died Sarah continued to live at 30 Alice Street until her death in 1928[10].

Passing On
John Franklin died on 2 September 1920, aged 76 years and was living at his Alice Street house at the time.  He was buried on 3 September in grave 106, Independent Section C at St Kilda Cemetery, St Kilda, Victoria next to his parents.

He bequeathed his entire estate to his wife, Sarah.

The Argus, 8 September 1920[9]

According to John Franklin's record of Probate, Sarah inherited ownership of two properties – one at 30 Alice Street, Malvern and another in Eva Street, Malvern.  In all, John Franklin left an estate valued at over 2,000 to Sarah[6].

Sarah died on 11 August 1928 at her Alice Street home and was buried on 20 August 1928 at the St Kilda Cemetery in the same grave as John Franklin.

John and Sarah’s son, Alfred Franklin (b 1881) and her son-in-law, Harry Saunders Lansbury were appointed as her Executors.  Sarah left all of her estate to two of her daughters – Grace Evelyn and Ruth Ethel – both of whom never married and neither of them had any children.  At the time of Sarah’s death, Grace was aged 52 years and Ruth was 43 years old.  It is likely that they were both still living with Sarah and had cared for her for many years.  Sarah made a second proviso – that if both Grace and Ruth should die, then the estate shall pass solely to her son – Alfred Franklin.

From 1929 until 1940, John and Sarah's daughter, Grace Evelyn, lived in the 30 Alice Street house.

Between 1912 and 1913, Alfred Franklin Kinder lived in the Eva Street, Malvern house.

Children of John Franklin and Margaret Sarah Armstrong

John Franklin and Margaret had 9 children:-

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