John Henry Kinder (b 1878)

parents Enoch Kinder & Matilda Maud Crask

born 1 May 1878, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[1]
died 23 June 1878, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[2]
buried 24 June 1878, St Kilda Cemetery, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia[2,3]

John Henry

John Henry was born on 1 May 1878 at his parents' home at 31 Evelyn Street, St Kilda[1].

John Henry's birth certificate

Sadly, John lived lived for 7 weeks only.  He died on 23 June 1878 and was buried on 24 June 1878 in a public grave at the St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria, grave reference WES-25-C-563.  His death certificate states the cause of death as Premature birth[2,3].

John Henry's death certificate

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