John Kinder (b 1777)

parents James Kinder and Judith Longsden

baptised 29 June 1777, Heaton Norris, Cheshire, England[3]

John Kinder was baptised on 29 June 1777 at St Thomas Chapel, Heaton Norris, Cheshire, England[3].

from the St Thomas, Heaton Norris parish register

John married Mary Isherwood on 5 October 1802 at Machester Cathedral.  Mary is described as coming from Manchester and was a Spinster.  Their marriage Banns were read on 12, 19 and 26 September[1].

from the Manchester Cathedral parish register

Mary was baptised on 8 January 1775 at Manchester Cathedral, St Mary, St Denys & St George Chapel.  Her parents were James Isherwood and Martha Bradshaw who were married by Licence on 31 March 1771[1].  James was Fustian Manufacturer which could refer to heavy cloth such as velvet or similar used in hat making.  He and two of his sons are noted as a Hatters (see below).  James and Martha had a number of other children also:-

Sarah Isherwood
20 November 1768
Joseph Isherwood 18 August 1771
John Wood Isherwood 17 March 1777
Joseph Isherwood 7 February 1779
William Isherwood 17 September 1780
Daniel Stanley Isherwood 24 December 1780
Hanna Isherwood 9 February 1783
Ann Isherwood 27 July 1783
George Isherwood 27 December 1785

All children were baptised at Manchester Cathedral, St Mary, St Denys & St George Chapel[1].

John and Mary were both buried in the graveyard of Brookfield Unitarian Church in Gorton.  John was buried on 7 August 1814, aged 38 years and Mary on 10 March 1825 aged 50 years.  Mary Isherwood would have been born ca 1775[4].

from transcripts of the Gorton Unitarian Church parish register

They were buried in Row 54, Grave No 31[5].  The verse from John's headstone reads:-

Here shall I slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpets joyful sound
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
And in my saviour's image rise

Administration Papers have been obtained for John Kinder of Gorton dated 15 March 1825 and Mary Kinder (Isherwood) also dated 15 March 1825 who both died intestate[6].

Although John died in 1814 no administration of  his estate took place until Mary died in 1825.  Then both estates were administered on 15 March 1825.  John's estate was administered by his brother, a "James Kinder of Dukinfield".  This is certainly his younger brother James Kinder baptised in 1779 who married Mary Rider and moved to Dukinfield and who stated his occupation to be a Warper on his marriage certificate.

Extracts from the Administration papers of John Kinder

John Isherwood, Mary's brother was appointed as the Administrater of her estate.  He was a Hatter of Cheadle Hulme.  Also mentioned are James Isherwood, Hatter of Gorton (Mary's father) and William Isherwood, Hatter of Cheadle Buckley (Mary's brother). 

The Administration papers of Mary specifically state that she had no children.

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