John Kinder (b 1810)

parents James Kinder & Mary Rider

born 13 November 1810, Gorton, Lancashire, England[1]
baptised 13 January 1811, Gorton, Lancashire, England[1]

John was born, with his twin sister Sarah, on 13 November 1810 and they were both baptised at the Brookfield Unitarian Church, Gorton on 13 January 1811. 

Their parents, James and Mary Rider, were living in Gorton at the time[1] and they were born just 7 months after their parents were married so Mary was already pregnant at the time of her marriage.

Sometime after the birth of John's younger brother, James in 1814, the family moved approximately 8 km from Gorton to Dukinfield, Cheshire.  It is likely that John begain working in cotton mills at the age of 12 years or so as was normal in those times.

John married Ann Sandiford

John married Ann Sandiford in a civil marriage recorded at Stockport, Cheshire on 30 December 1836 – both were noted as being from Dukinfield.  The witnesses were James Kinder (John's father) and George Pilling[2,10].

Ann was a daughter of Thomas Sandiford and Sarah Barr.  She was born on 22 March 1810 and baptised on 22 March 1810 at the Fairfield United Brethern or Moravian, Droylsden, Lancashire[7].  She had (at least) two sisters and one brother who were all similarly baptised - John in 1803, Mary in 1805 and Martha in 1807.  The strict religion of her family may explain why she was married in Stockport in a civil ceremony without her family present.  Did she marry against their wishes?

Family Life in Dukinfield

John, Ann and his young family appear to have remained in Dukinfield.  

The 1841 census shows them living in Wellington Street, Dukinfield.  John’s occupation is noted as Cotton Spinner, and he was aged 30 and also noted as not born in Cheshire - we know he was born in Gorton, Lancashire.  His wife, Ann was aged 30 years and noted as having been born in Cheshire.  There was only one child mentioned – Thomas, aged 2 years and born in Cheshire[3].

1841 Census

In the 1851 census, John, Ann and three children – Sarah, James and Joseph are noted as living in Davi(e)s Street, Dukinfield.  John’s occupation was then noted as Shopkeeper. The children were aged 10, 8 and 2 years respectively and two eldest were noted as being Scholars[4].

1851 Census

When his son, Cyrus, was born in September 1855, John's occupation was Small Wares Dealer[10].

By 1861, John and Ann are reported at his mother's, Mary, house at 20 Wharf Street, Dukinfield and John’s occupation was stated to be Greengrocer and Beer Seller so he had probably taken over Mary’s business[5].  The 1861 census now correctly noted his birthplace as Gorton, Lancashire.  It is likely that this is the same house as noted in the 1851 census - just the street name changed.

Five of their children also appear in this census:-

1861 Census

James and Mary Rider’s third child, Joseph, was living with his older brother since his mother Mary Rider had died during the previous year.  

Thomas was found at the home of an aunt, Mary Herod, right next door in Wharf Street, Dukinfield.  Whether he was living with her or just there on the night of the census is unknown.

An 1865 directory listed John as a Shopkeeper in Wharf Street[15].

from the 1865 Post Office Directory of Cheshire

According to the 1871 census[9], John and Ann were living at 123 Astley Street, Dukinfield.  John's occupation was Coal Dealer.  Daughter Sarah was 29 years old, unmarried and worked as a Cotton Weaver.  Son, John, now 19 years old was working as a Coal Miner.  Also Cyrus, now 15  was also working as a Coal Miner.  Looks like a switch from beer to coal has taken place.

1871 Census

By 1881 John and Ann had moved to 140 Astley Street[6].  Now, John’s occupation was that of Coal Carrier although he is 71 years old!  Actually, he has Retired by 1875 as noted on his son, Cyrus', marriage certificate[11].  

By this time, all of John and Ann’s children had left home.  This 1881 Census also recorded Elizabeth Sandiford, aged 49 years, a lodger, staying with John and Ann.  Elizabeth was likely to be Ann's sister.

1881 Census

John died in early 1886 aged 75 years[13,8]

Ann died in late 1897 aged 87 years[14,8].

Today's location of 20 Wharf Street.

John and Ann's Children
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1.  Thomas (b 1838)
Eldest son, Thomas married Mary and worked as a Solicitor's Clerk in Dukinfield

2.  Sarah (b ca 1841)
Sarah was baptised on 29 August 1841 at St Michaels and All Angels in Ashton-under-Lyne[7].

3.  James (b 1843)
James married Sarah Ann Goodwin and they raised their large family in Dukinfield.

4.  Samuel (b1845)
Samuel was baptised on 23 March 1845 at St Michaels and All Angels in Ashton-under-Lyne[7].  He died in 1846 aged just 1 year[8].

5.  Joseph (b 1848)
In 1872, Joseph married Alice Hurst at St Peter’s Church in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.

6.  John (b 1851)
John was baptised on 28 December 1851 at St Mark’s Church of England, Dukinfield.  He married Ellen who was born in Dawley Green, Shropshire.

7.  Cyrus (b ca 1855)
Cyrus married Eliza Ball at St James' Church of England, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, in mid-1875.  Eliza also came from Dawley Green, Shropshire.

Overview of John and Mary's Descendants

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