Mary Anne Kinder (b 1865)

parents Thomas Kinder & Mary Lingard

born 1865, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[1,3]
died 1917, Yorkshire, England[7]

Mary Anne Kinder
Mary Anne was born in 1865 in Dukinfield[1,3].

According to the 1871 UK Census, Mary Ann(ie) was 6 years and was a Scholar and lived with her parents at 20 Astley Street, Dukinfield[2].

1871 UK Census

In 1881, Mary Anne was 16 years old and worked as a Hat Bander.  She was still with her parents but they have moved to 194 Astley Street, Dukinfield[3].
1881 UK Census

In 1891 she was still living with her parents at 196 Astley Street.  Mary Anne was then 26 years old, unmarried and worked as a Hat Trimmer[4].

1891 UK Census

Mary Anne married Benjamin Denison in 1891 in a Civil Marriage in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire[10].

Benjamin Denison was born in Kirkstall (now a suburb of Leeds), Yorkshire ca 1862.  When the 1891 Census was taken, he lived with his parents at 24 Vine Street, Openshaw and worked as a Steam Engine Fitter[9].  Benjamin's parents were Joseph Denison and Ellen Perkin.  Benjamin was named after his paternal grandfather.

At the time of daughter Florence's baptism In 1891, the Mary Anne and Benjamin lived at 24 Brown Street in Higher Openshaw and Benjamin worked as an Engine Fitter[8].

In 1901, Mary Anne, Benjamin and their two daughters, Florence aged 9 years and Bessie aged 5 years, lived at 9 Britain Street, Mexborough, Yorkshire[5]

1901 UK Census

They were at the same address with Florence and Bessie in 1911 and Benjamin worked as a Locomotive Engine Fitter[6].

Passing On
Mary Anne passed away in Oct-Dec 1917 in Yorkshire (probably Mexborough).  She was only 52 years old[7].

Children of Mary Anne and Benjamin Denison

Mary Anne and Benjamin had 2 daughters:-

1.  Florence Denison was born in late 1891 and baptised on 9 December at St Clememts Church of England in Higher Openshaw, Yorkshire[8].  It appears that Florence never married and died in Jan-Mar 1917. She would have been only 24 or 25 years old[7].

from St Clement parish register

2.  Bessie Denison was born ca 1896 and died in Jan-Mar 1940.  She would have been about 44 years old[5,6,7].

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