Sarah Kinder (b 1810)

parents James Kinder & Mary Rider

born 13 November 1810, Gorton, Lancashire, England[1]
baptised 13 January 1811, Gorton, Lancashire, England[1]

Sarah was born, with her twin brother, John, on 13 November 1810 and they were both baptised at the Brookfield Unitarian ChurchGorton on 13 January 1811. 

Their parents, James and Mary Rider, were living in Gorton at the time[1] and they were born just 7 months after their parents were married so Mary was already pregnant at the time of her marriage.

Sometime after the birth of Sarah's younger brother, James in 1814, the family moved approximately 8 km from Gorton to Dukinfield, Cheshire.  It is likely that Sarah begain working in cotton mills at the age of 12 years or do as was normal in those times.

There is no mention of Sarah in the 1841 census[2].  Has she died or has she married by now?  

She is not mentioned in her mother's Last Will[3].

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