Thomas Kinder (b 1838)

parents John Kinder & Ann Sandiford

born 1838, Dukinfield, Cheshire, England[2]
baptised 25 November 1838, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England[1]

Thomas was baptised at St Michael’s and All Angels Church of England, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.  The 1841 UK Census shows his parents lived in Wellington Street, Dukinfield in 1841[2].  Thomas was mentioned in this census - aged 2 years and born in Dukinfield.

In the 1851 Census, Thomas was found living with his uncle and aunt, Charles and Elizabeth Sandiford[3].  His parents and three siblings were noted as living in Davies Street, Dukinfield in the same census[3].  Davies Street was later renamed to Wharf Street (actually an extension east of the existing Wharf Street).

1851 UK Census

Thomas, lived his youth in Dukinfield and worked as a Solicitor’s Clerk.  In the 1861 Census, Thomas, then aged  22 years, was noted as living with an aunt, Mary Herod, in Wharf Street. Mary was a widow of 55 years of age and her occupation was a Grocer[4].  The house was located right next door to Thomas' parents.

1861 UK Census

Thomas Married Mary Ann Lingard
Thomas and Mary were married on 8 July 1863 at St Mary in Stockport, Cheshire[18,19].

Mary Lingard was born in Dukinfield and baptised on 21 May 1837 at St Michael's, Ashton-under-Lyne[1].  She has been identified as the mother of all the children appearing in the subsequent census records from the children's birth entries in the Cheshire BMD[14].  Mary's parents were John and Amelia Lingard.

According to the 1871 UK Census[10], Thomas and his family were then living at 20 Astley Street, Dukinfield.  Thomas was stated to be the Head of the household and he was then 32 years old and worked as a Solicitor's Clerk.  His wife, Mary, was 34 years and was born in Dukinfield.  Three children were still living with them - Mary Ann(ie), 6 years, Scholar; Herbert, 2 years and Earnest, 6 months.  Also in the same house lived, Thomas' aunt, Mary Herod, then 65 years and her occupation is formerly Shop Keeper.

1871 UK Census

In 1881, Thomas, his wife Ann and their four children were living at 194 Astley Street, Dukinfield[5].  Their eldest child, Mary Ann (16 years) was working as a Hat Bander.  The three younger boys – Herbert (12 years), Ernest (10 years) and Percy (6 years) were noted as Scholars.  All the children were born in Dukinfield.

1881 UK Census

According to Worral’s Commercial and General Directory of 1882, Thomas was still living at 194 Astley Street, Dukinfield and his occupation was recorded as Grocer[6].
In Slater’s Directory of Ashton, Dukinfield and Co of 1888, Thomas was noted as living at 196 Astley Street and was working again as a Solicitor’s Clerk[7].
In 1891 they were still living at 196 Astley Street[8].  Thomas was 52 years of age and was still working as a Solicitors Clerk Law.  Thomas' daughter Mary Anne was then 26 years old, unmarried and working as a Hat Trimmer.  Herbert (23 years) and Percy (16 years) were both mentioned and both their occupations were stated to be Employed Clerk.  Ernest was not mentioned.

1891 UK Census

The Burgess Roll for Dukinfield and the Parliamentary List for Staleybridge both mention Thomas at 196 Astley Street over the period 1899 to 1900[11,12].

In 1901, Thomas, Mary and Percy were still living at 196 Astley Street, Dukinfield.  Percy, then 26 years old was working as a Commercial Traveller[9].

1901 England Census

In 1911, they family home is still 196 Astley Street.  Thomas has Retired, (he is 72 years old)[13].  In this census, Mary states that they had 6 children with 3 of them remaining alive.

from 1911 England Census

There is a death reference which may be for this Thomas - Dec Q 1927, Ashton[20].

Thomas and Mary's Children

Thomas and Mary Lingard had at least 6 children[1,14].  Click on their names below to go to their stories.

1.  John Thomas born 1864

Mary Anne born 1865

Arthur born 1866

4.  Herbert born 1868

Ernest born 1870

6.  Percy born 1874

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