Ton Klaver's Family Histories

My friend, Ton Klaver has studied the Klaver family history and has carried out extensive research into this family for many years.  Ton can trace his Klaver family origins back to the town of Vollenhove in the province of Overijssel as far back as 1560.  The line of Klaver that Ton and your author descend from, arrived in Amsterdam around 1770 and a substantial Klaver family grew and prospered there for more than 200 years.

Ton and  your author are related since we both share a common ancestor - Jan Klaver who married Antonetta Johanna van de Bilt in Amsterdam in 1852.  Ton  is a great-grandson of Jan and Antonetta.and your author is a great-great-grandson of Jan and Antonetta.

Ton has written several family histories and these are presented here.  They are only in the Dutch language for now, but in time, I will translate them into English.

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These stories are copyright and published with the permission of Ton Klaver.  These stories  must not be re-published or further distributed in whole or in part without the permission of Ton Klaver.

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