Aldenhoven is a municipality in the district of Düren in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia located not far east of Aachen.

According to the findings of modern archeology, the history of Aldenhoven goes back to the time of the Rössen culture, that is, the period of 4,000 years before Christ.  This has been scientifically proven by the excavation of Retzener settlements in the village in Aldenhoven and Lower Saxony in the 1960s.  Aldenhoven was given its importance by three important Roman roads - Aachen-Jülich, Düren-Tüddern and Verviers-Limburg-Düsseldorf.  This particular position of traffic has probably caused the Romans to settle in the area of ​​Aldenhoven.  What was originally only a presumption, was later clearly proved by excavations in the years 1938/39 which show Franconian settlements in the Siersdorfer area in the 6th and 7th century.

The most recent documentary reports on Aldenhoven and the places that are now incorporated are from the turn of the millennium. The town of Aldenhoven is documented scientifically for the year 922.

Photos from personal visit in September 2016

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