GORTON, Lancashire, England

Gorton was once a small town lying approximately 8 km south-east of Manchester in Lancashire.  Today, Gorton has been enveloped and is a district of the City of Manchester.  Neigbouring areas include Longsight and Levenshulme.

A derivation of the name of the township:  "About the year 920 a battle took place between the invading Danes and the Saxons, when the former were routed on Winning Hill. The stream running through the township was discoloured with blood, hence the name Gore Brook, from which the town Gore Town (Gorton) is derived."  This statement is explicit and definite and apparently fully worthy of credence.  "Gore Brook" runs through the township to-day and through the centre of Sunnybrow Park situated between Hengist Street and Knutsford Road.

In mediaeval times the district was a township of the ancient parish of Manchester in the Salford Hundred of Lancashire.

Manchester City Football Club was founded as St. Marks (West Gorton) in 1880 by Anna Connell and two wardens of St Mark's Church, who also worked in an iron factory in Gorton.

The municipal borough of Manchester was created in 1838 and elevated to a city in 1853.  Part of Gorton township was included in the city in 1890.  The remaining part of the township became an Urban District of the administrative county of Lancashire in 1894.  A small part of the urban district was transferred to the city of Manchester in 1901 and the remaining area was fully incorporated into Manchester in 1909.

Gorton is home to Gorton Monastery, a Franciscan, 19th century High Victorian Gothic Monastery. Also Brookfield Unitarian Church on Hyde Road, built by Richard Peacock.

Gorton main road with Brookfield Church at left

The main attraction for me, as the author of this Kinder family history, is the Brookfield Unitarian Church which lies on the main road from Gorton to Manchester.  It is likely that this is the church which was used by my Early Kinders including James Kinder and Mary Rider.  It is also likely that James and Mary's first 5 children were baptised here.

Here is a street map of Gorton (I can't remember where I found this).  It shows the location of the Brookfield Unitarian Church on the south side of the main road, just before the turn to Denton.

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