Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church

Before 1800, Catholic worshippers used a small building on the south side of the Grotepoortstraat (approximately half way between the Schoenmakersstraat and the junction with the Annastraat). This building is now used for apartments.

Map detail from 1832

From about 1808, the building shown below, in the Grotepoortstraat, is believed to have been used as the Roman Catholic Church in Harderwijk. It was purchased in ca 1805.  It is approximately opposite the earlier smaller building.  It is also now used for apartments.

St Martinus Church in the late 1800s

In 1855 the Parish of St Martinus was established and continued until 1913 when the Parish of  St Catharina was formed.

Old Roman Catholic Church Book
After 1811, all births, marriages and deaths had to be officially recorded in the records of the Town (the Burgerlijkestand). Before that,  baptisms, marriages and deaths were recorded by the Parish Priest in his own record book, usually in Latin but sometime in French..