St Martinus Church, Aldenhoven

One of the landmarks in Aldenhoven is the Roman Catholic Parish Church of St Martinus.  According to an inscription in the foundation stone it was first built during the 16th century.  It was established on the location of a small field church which had served many surrounding villages as place of worship.  The main building was finished in 1516 and was an imposing structure built in gothic architectural style.  The towers rose to 64 metres and could be seen from substantial distances in the Juelicher county.  The bitter suffering altar was the most valuable work of art in the church.  It was carved around 1510 in Antwerp, Belguim.  

In the World War of 1939-45, the alter was destroyed together with the church.  Only the wings and a small part of the Schnitzereien painted on wood could be saved though badly damaged.  They have since been restored and the splendour and value of the altar can be seen again.

The church was rebuiIt in same place during 1949-53 but the towers are now only 42 metres high.  This new church was designed by Alfons Leitl.

Aldenhoven town website,
Personal visit, September 2016