Alida Maria Post (b 1823)

parents Anthonie Post & Trijntje Coenders

born 8 September 1823, Weesp, North Holland, Netherlands[1]
baptised probably, the Roman Catholic Church, Weesp
died 7 January 1873, Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[25]

Alida Maria Post

Alida was born the 6th child of Anthonie and Trijntje Coenders[1].  Alida's grandfather, Harmen Post was a witnes on her birth certificate.

At the age of  28 years, Alida fell pregnant.  Her first child, Anthonius was born on 21 February 1852 in Weesp.  Anthonius' father is unknown since Alida did not disclose his name on Anthonius' birth certificate. 

Alida was unemployed at the time and was living in a house on the Hammerdijk in Weesp when Anthonius was born[2].

from Alida's marriage certificate

from Alida Maria's birth certificate

In Amsterdam
Alida is mentioned in the Amsterdam Inhabitants Register in 1852 living at a house on the Kloveniersburgwal.  She was working as a Domestic Servant, probably for the Reijnvaan family.  Her religion is noted as Roman Catholic (the Reijnvaan family were Dutch Reformed)[3].  We don't know when she left Weesp for Amsterdam.  Her son, Anthonius, is not mentioned so perhaps she left him with her parents? 

She left the Reijnvaan family on 23 October 1852 went to work for the Van der Feen family at their house on the Prinsengracht also as a Domesic Servant.  She is noted as unmarried and of the Roman Catholic faith.  Again, there is no mention of young Anthonius.  Alida left this family on 29 April 1853[3].  Why did she stay such a short time?  Where did she go to?

Marriage in Weesp
On 7 May 1857, Alida married Johannes Bernardus Hofmans in Weesp[4].  They declared their Intention to Marry (Afkondingen) on 19 April and again on 26 April.  Johannes worked as a Tanner's Servant (maybe Apprentice) and Alida worked as a Domestic Servant[22,23].

Johannes was born 5 April 1804 and baptised at the Roman Catholic Church in Delfshaven, Zeeland.  His parents were Johannes Hofmans and Geertruij de Winter[4].  Johannes' surname is also found as Hoffman and Hoffmans regularly.

Johannes Bernardus Hofmans baptism entry

Johannes had previously married Rosa Johanna Maria Corti(e) on 26 March 1829 in Middleburg, Zeeland, NL.  Rosa was born ca 1799 in Middleburg, Zeeland and her parents were Franciscus Corti and Elizabeth van den Broeke[6].  Johannes and Maria had, at least, 4 children - Johanna Pieternella Hoffmans (1829-?), Petronella Hendrika Hoffmans (1830-1830), Johannes Hendrikus Matthijs Hoffmans (1831-?) and Agnes Elizabeth Dorothea Hoffmans (1833-1833)[7].  In 1849, Johannes, Rosa and their daughter, Johanna Pieternella, were living at the Oudergracht 112 in Weesp.  Johannes worked as a Tanner.  The family was Roman Catholic[8].

Johannes was aged 53 years and (Alida was only 33) when they married and Alida was heavily pregnant with their first child who was born only 2 months later[6,9].

from Alida and Johannes marriage certificate

When their first child, Rosa, was born in July 1857, Alida and Johannes lived in a house on the Kerkstraat in Weesp. 

In 1858, they lived on the Nieuwestraat but in 1863 they had moved back to (same or different house?) on the Kerkstraat. 

By 1867 the family had moved to Amsterdam.  Johannes still worked as a Tanner and they lived at the Looijerdwarstraat 341[9,11,13].

The Looijerdwarstraat does appear to exist now, but there is a section in the Jordaan with a number of similarly named streets......maybe they lived here?  Could the street have been incorectly entered on the birth certificate?

Passing On
Alida died on 7 January 1873 at a hospice/hospital on the Achterburgwal.  Her home is stated as Looijersdwarstraat 341[25].

At this time, nothing more is known about Johannes Hofman's later life or when or where he died.

Delfshaven, Zeeland

from the internet

Children of Alida Maria Post and Johannes Bernardus Hof(f)mans

1.  Rosa Johanna Maria Hofmans.  Rosa wa clearly named after Johannes' first wife.  She was born on 28 July 1857 in Weesp but died only 4 years later on 2 January 1861 in Weesp[9,10].

2.  Johannes Matthijs Hofmans.  Johannes was born on 22 December 1858 in Weesp.  We don't know much about Johannes other than he died in Horst, Limburg, NL on 16 March 1909 aged just 50 years and he was without employment[11,12].

3.  Johannes Jacobus Hofmans.  This Johannes was born on 28 October 1863 in Weesp.  Nothing more is known.

4.  Johanna Catharina Hofmans.  Johanna was born on 23 May 1867 at her parents house at Looijerdwarstraat 341 in Amsterdam[14].

from Johanna's birth certificate

On 23 December 1898, Johhana gave birth to a son, Franciscus George Johannes Hoffmans.  Francisus was born at the Amsterdam Stedelijk Vrouwen Kliniek (State Women's Clinic).  Johanna worked as a Seamstress at the time.  When Johanna married Johan Bechtle in March 1899, he declared that he was a father of the child.  Frans used the surname Bechtle[15].

Johanna married Johan Heinrich August Cornelis Bechtle on 16 March 1899 in Amsterdam.  Johan was born on 3 March 1863 in Oudshoorn, NL.  His parents were August Frederik George Bechtle and Pieternella Catharina Diks.  No occupations are stated on Johanna and Johan's marriage certificate[16,17].

4.1  Franciscus George Johannes Hoffmans/Bechtle was born on 23 December 1898 in Amsterdam.  He married Margrita de Bock on 17 June 1920 in Amsterdam.  Frans worked as a Bookkeeper at the Rijksverzekeringsbank in Amsterdam and Margrita was unemployed.  Margrita's parents were Willem de Bock and Margrita van Harle.  Margrita was born in Amsterdam on 26 October 1900[15,18,19].

4.2  Johan Heinrich August Cornelis Bechtle was born on 1 August 1900 in Amsterdam[20].  He married Lambertha van den Akker on 17 March 1927 in Amsterdam.  Lambertha was born ca 1906 in Amsterdam[21].

4.3  Catharina Johanna Bechtle was born ca 1903 in Amsterdam.  She married Adrianus Anthonius van Velzen on 24 April 1924 in Amsterdam[21].

4.4  Antonius Johannes Bechtle was born ca 1906 in Amsterdam.  He married Engelina Johanna Maria van der Linden on 13 October 1932 in Amsterdam[21].

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