Anthonie Post (b 1755)

parents Marten Post & Rebekka Krijgers

born September 1755, Weesp, North Holland, Netherlands[1,3]
baptised 4 September 1755, Weesp, North Holland, Netherlands[1]
died 18 October 1833, Weesp, North Holland, Netherlands[2]
buried Weesp, North Holland, Netherlands

Anthonie Post

Anthonie was the second son of Marten Post and Rebekka Krijgers and was born and baptised in Weesp. 

He was baptised in the Netherlands Reformed Church on 4 September 1755.  The Witness to the baptism was Willemijntje van Wassenberg possibly his grandmother or maybe not (see My Earliest Post Family)[1,3].

Anthonie Post baptism entry, Netherlands Reformed Church, Weesp

Marriage With Aaltje Meijer
Anthonie and Aaltje Meijer were married on 2 October 1785[3]

Aaltje Meijer was born in Weesp and baptised on 21 October 1761 in the Weesp Roman Catholic Church.  Aaltje's parents were Evert Meijer and Annetje Zweerman[4].  Aaltje was also known as Alida.

Aaltje Meijer's baptism entry, Weesp Roman Catholic Church

Anthonie and Aaltje were married in the Netherlands Reformed Church in Weesp.  Aaltje did not let her Roman Catholic upbringing get in the way of her marrige in the Netherlands Reformed Church but their children were all baptised as Roman Catholics.  So, both Anthonie and Aaltje compromised on their religious beliefs for love and marriage.

Anthonie and Aaltje's Intention to marry, banns & marriage entry

They registered their Intention to Marry on 28 May 1785 but they were not married until 2 October[3].  This is a 4 month delay rather than the usual 3 weeks!  Could the question of their different religioins have delayed the marriage?  This is most likely as it would have required considerable family and church discussion before all parties could agree.

Anthonie and Aaltje lived in Weesp all their lives.  We don't know what Anthonie's occupation was.

Passing On
Anthonie died first on 18 October 1833 in Weesp.  The death declaration was made by his son, Martinus Post and his older brother, Harmen Post.  Anthonie was 78 years old[2].

from Anthonie's death certificate

Aaltje died on 6 May 1843 at her house at Middenstraat 170 in Weesp[5].  Her death was reported by Hendrik Bekkers, 30 years old and he stated he was her grandson - this person has not yet been found. 

from Aaltje's death certificate

It appears that Anthonie and Aaltje and their children shared the house at Middenstraat 170 with Anthonie's older brother and his family - must have been very cosy!

Approximate location of Middenstraat 175
Google Maps
                View of the Middenstraat, 2013, looking from the Achter 't Vosje
                                                                                                              Google Maps

Children of Anthonie and Aaltje Meijer
As far as has been determined, Anthonie and Aaltje had 5 children[6]:-

1.  Anthonie Post (Junior) was baptised on 20 June 1786 in Weesp.  He married Trijntje Coenders (Koenders).

2.  Rebecca Post was baptised on 26 February 1787 in Weesp.  Rebecca had quite a family but never married.

3.  Evert Post was baptised on 27 January 1790 in Weesp.  He married Helena Molenaar.

4.  Martinus Post was baptised on 8 December 1796 in Weesp.  He married Lijsje Ro(o)semalen.

5.  Joannes Baptista Post was baptised on 26 June 1800 in Weesp.  He married Mijntje Roo(z)(s)male(n).

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