Anthonie Post (b 1786)

parents Anthonie Post & Aaltje Meijer

born probably June 1786, Weesp, NL
baptised 20 June 1786, Roman Catholic Church in Weesp, NL[1]
died 24 April 1861, Weesp, NL[2]

Anthonie Post

Anthonie was known in Weesp as Anthonie Junior so as not be confused with his father. 

His father had married a Roman Catholic girl and Anthonie was baptised in the Weesp Roman Catholic Church and his family continued in that faith[1]

This is the only branch of this Post family which was Roman Catholic.

Anthonie's signature[7]

Anthonie Post baptism entry

Marriage to Trijntje Coenders
Anthonie married Trijntje Coenders (sometimes Katharina, sometimes Koenders) on 16 April 1813 in Weesp[3].  The marriage entry was written in French as was the custom when Napoleon controlled the Netherlands in that time.

from Anthonie Post & Trijntje Coenders marriage certificate

Trijntje Coenders was born in Weesperkarspel and baptised in the Roman Catholic Church in Weesp on 1 August 1788.  Her parents were Nol (Arnoldus) Coenders and Fem (Femmetje) Wouters.  The witness was Trijn de Graaf[4, 6].

Trijntje Coenders baptism entry

Anthonie and Trijntje lived their whole lived in Weesp and had 8 children with 7 of them reaching adulthood.  In 1849, they lived in Wijk F in Weesp (District F, but no street name or house number recorded).  With them at that time was their youngest daughter Francina aged about 21 years.  Anthonie's occupation was Werkman, probably a Labourer[6].

Passing On
Anthonie died first on 24 April 1861 in Weesp. (death certificate to be obtained)

Trijntje died on 7 April 1871 in Weesp.  Her death was reported by friends Evert Hazenaar and Dirk Mension.  She lived in a house on the Heerengracht 15, District F - likely this was the family home (not) cited in the 1849 census.  She was 82 years old[5].

from Trijntje Coenders death certificate

Herengracht 15, Weesp

(Google Maps)

Children of Anthonie Post & Trijntje Coenders

1.  Evert Post was born in Weesp in 1813.  He married Maria Laagland in 1842 in Weesp.

2.  Arnoldus Post was born in Weesp in 1815.  He married Maria van Hulst in 1845 and after her death in 1849, he married Hendrica Maria Hageman in 1850.  After Maria's death in 1864, Arnoldus married Maria Goes.

3.  Suzanna Post was born in 1818 in Weesp.  She married Anoldus Hulster.

4.  Adolf Post was born in 1819 in Weesp.  He married Johanna Wiggers in 1844.  Johanna died in 1849 and Adolf then married Bregje Roosen.  Bregje does not come from your Author's Roosen family line.

5.  Anthonie Post (the 3rd) was born in Weesp in 1821.  He married Heintje Hendrikse and later married Berendina te Riet.

6.  Alida Maria Post was born in 1823 in Weesp.  Her first child was Anthonius (the 4th) born in 1852 (father unknown). Anthonius is your Author's great-grandfather.  Later, Alida married Johannes Bernardus Hofmans in 1857.

7.  Dirk Post was born in 1826 but died before he reached 1 year of age.

8.  Francina Post was born in Weesp in 1828.  She married Jacobus Cornelis van Tol.

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