Anthonius Post (b 1852)

parent Alida Maria Post

born 21 February 1852, Weesp, North Holland,  NL[1]
died 2 June 1909, Amsterdam, North Holland, NL

Anthonius Post

We don't know who Anthonius' father was.

His mother, Alida Maria was only 17 years old when she fell pregnant.  As a young Catholic girl ina a small town, this would have been embarrassing.

It seems that as a young child he was partly raised by his grandparents Anthonie Post and Trijntje Coenders in Weesp since his mother went to work in Amsterdam and was there for several years.

He was born on 21 February in a house on the Hammerdijk in Weesp at 3 o'clock in the morning[1].

from Anthonius' birth certificate

Your Author presumes that Anthonius grew up in Weesp but it is not yet known when or why he found his way to Amsterdam but he did get there and on 7 May 1872, he entered the Nationale Militie by virtue of the lottery system.  He lived in Amsterdam by then.  He joined the 1st Regiment, Vest. Artillery.  His military registration describes him as being 1.678m tall with blue eyes and blond hair[2].

Anthonius' Military Registration

First Marriage
 Anthonius met his first wife, Johanna Catharina Klaver in Amsterdam and they published their Intentions to Marry on 1 and 8 April and were married on Thursday, 12 April 1877 in Amsterdam.  The Witnesses to their marriage included Arnoldus Hulster (husband of Anthonius' aunt, Suzanna Post b1818) and Izaak Johannes van de Bilt (Johanna's uncle)[3,4].

from Anthonius & Johanna's marriage certificate

Johanna Catharina Klaver (known as Jo) was born on 31 July 1855 at her parents' house at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 344 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Jan Klaver and Antonetta Johanna van de Bilt.  If you can read Dutch, here is more information about them!  When they were married, Anthonius was 25 years old and worked as a Cigarmaker.  Johanna was 21 years old and stated no occupation[4].

from Johanna's birth certificate

Until 1906, Anthonius always stated his occupation as Cigarmaker. but in 1906 he said he worked as a Shopkeeper and in 1909 his death certificate stated Salesman (maybe still Shopkeeper)[18,19].  Where was his shop?  Could it have been at the Spuistraat 49, the shop that hi son-in-law, Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen operated for many years?

Where did they live?
Anthonius and Johanna moved around but generally stayed in the north-west and inner-west of Amsterdam.  In January 1878, they lived at Palmdwarsstraat 19 in the north-west but by November 1878 they had moved to Sint Jacobdwaarsstraat 8 in the inner-west.  They stayed in this part of town for the next 25 years or so.  In July 1879, they lived at Sint Nicolaasstraat 54, in January 1883 at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 97, in February 1884 at Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 29, in June 1886 at Sint Nicolaasstraat 14 and from December 1888 to December 1904 at Sint Nicolaasstraat 51[5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17].

North-west of central Amsterdam

          Just north-west of the Palace --->

Entry to Sint Nicolaasstraat from Nieuwezijds voorburgwal.  No 54 is the second doorway (Google Maps)

Sint Niclaasstraat 54
Oct 2003

Johanna Klaver Died and Anthonius Married Again

Johanna Klaver died on 3 December 1904 at their house at Sint Nicolaasstraat 51, Amsterdam.  She was only 49 years old[17]

She was buried on 7 December 1904 at the Roman Catholic cemetery Sint Barbara Kerkhof, Amsterdam[20].

Anthonius married a second time with Catharina Maria Johanna Krijger on 7 November 1906 in Amsterdam.  He was now 54 years old stated his occupation as Shopkeeper

Catharina was 39 years old and had been previously married to Cornelis Wilhelmus Joannes Koops.  Her parents were Theodorus Ignatius Krijger and Elisabeth Maria Schouw.  Witnesses to this second married were Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen (Anthonius' son-in-law) and Joahnnes Matthijs Post (Anthonius' son)[18].

Death Card for Johanna Klaver

Click here to see the full card

Catharina Krijger was born on 1 February 1867  at her parents' house at Blauwburgwal 190 in Amsterdam - very much in the same area as Anthonius and Johanna lived[22].

Anthonius and Catharina Krijger Pass On
Anthonius Post died on 2 June 1909, probably at his house at Sint Nicolaasstraat 51.  He was 75 years old.  He was also buried at the Roman Catholic cemetery Sint Barbara Kerkhof, Amsterdam[19,23].

from Anthonius' death certificate

Catharina Krijger died on 30 September 1910 probably at the same house at Sint Nicolaasstraat 51.

from Catharina's death certificate

Children of Anthonius Post and Johanna Catharina Klaver
Anthonius and Johanna had 8 children:-

1.  Antonetta Joanna Post was born on 8 January 1878 but lived only 10 months.

2.  Antonette Johanna Post was born on 8 July 1879.  She married Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen.  Antonette is your Author's grandmother.

3.  Johannes Matthijs Post was born on 23 November 1880.  He married Geertruida Johanna Schuckmann and later, Maria Elisabeth van der Kooij.

4.  Alida Maria Post was born on 31 December 1882 but died in 1884.

5.  Johannes Franciscus Anthonius Post was born on 13 June 1886.

6.  Anna Alida Francisca Maria Post was born on 29 December 1888 but died the following year.

7.  Johannes Wilhelmus Antonius Post was born on 17 May 1894 but died within 1 month.

8.  Jan Post was born on 1 December 1895 but died 8 months later.

Anthonius Post and Catharina Maria Johanna Krijger had no children.

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