Antonette Johanna Post (b 1879)

parents Anthonius Post & Johanna Catharina Klaver

born 8 July 1879, Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[1]
died 24 October 1934, Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[2]

Antonette Johanna Post

Antonette (the second, but with different spelling) was born at her parents' house at Sint Nicolaasstraat 54[1]

She is your Author's grandmother.

from Antonette's birth certificate

Her parents moved around quite a lot during her childhood including time at Sint Nicolaasstraat 54, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 97, Nieuwe Nieuwestraat 29, Sint Nicolaasstraat 14 and Sint Nicolaasstraat 51[3].  Around 1903-04 she met Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen and they married in 1905 when she was 26 years old.  You can read more about their married life and children here.

Antonette passed away rather young at only 55 years of age and only 2 years after Wilhelmus died, also rather young[2].  I would like to know why.

from Antonette's death certificate

from Antonette's bereavement card

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