My Earliest Post Family

My earliest Post ancestor (at least that I can definately verify) is Marten Post born ca 1723 and who married Rebekka Krijgers in 1751 in Weesp.  Marten's father was Harmen Post[2].

Frans van Kuik has constructed a Post family tree and uploaded it to Genealogie Online which has been a great help for my Post family research.  Frans has done a great deal of work and has estabished a substantial tree.  I have searched, and generally found, most/all of the baptism, birth, marriage, death and burial information that Frans refers to plus a little more :-).  There are other Post family trees on and other places with similar information.  However, all of these family trees include additional Post family members who I cannot verify as belonging:-

Pieter Harmenz (Post), born ca1659
m. Sosanna (Sannetje) Dirks, 1684, Weesp, NL
Harmen Pietersz (Post), baptised 14 October 1696
m. Willemijntje van Wassenberg, 2 Nov 1718, Weesp, NL
Marten Pieters (Post), born 1723
m. Rebekka Krijgers

and this Marten is the ancestor for the rest of the Post family in Weesp.

These family trees suggest that Harmen Pietersz Post and Willemijntje van Wassenberg are the parents of Marten Pieters Post.  I have a baptism for Marten Pieters (no 'z') with father Harmen Pieters and mother Willemina.  This seems to be the Marten (Post) born 1723 that others have in their tree.  I have also found other children baptised with these parents in the 1720s.  The mother's name is alternately Willemina and Willemijntje - certainly the same person.

My problem with this scenario is that the surname Post does not appear on any of the documentation I have found - not for the baptism of Harmen Pietersz or on the marriage of Harmen Pietersz and Willemijntje van Wassenberg or the baptism of Marten Pieters. 

Harmen (Pietersz or Harmenz?) 1696 baptism entry, Netherlands Reformed Church, Weesp - son of Pieter Harmenz

Only the forename Harmen is noted.  The father is Pieter Harmenz, mother is Sannetje Dirks - no mention of Post.

Harmenz Pietersz & Willemijntje van Wassenberg marriage impost, Netherlands Reformed Church, Weesp

If Harmen Pietersz is in fact the father of Marten, why isn't the Post name visible in this entry?

Marten Pieters' baptism entry, Netherlands Reformed Church, Weesp

Marten Piesters baptism on 10 June 1723.  Again no mention of Post.

As much as I have searched in the Weesp Netherlands Reformed Church baptism records available via, I cannot find a "Marten Post" baptism in 1723 in Weesp or for 10 years either side.  Maybe he was born and baptised elsewhere and moved to Weesp?

So, for now, I will start with "Marten Post born ca1723, place unknown".   There is evidence that his father's name was Harmen - Harmen Post is noted as Marten's father and made his "mark" on Marten's Banns entry - see below[2].  There is a burial entry for a Harmen Post on 8 February 1775 in Weesp.  This could be Marten's father and if so, would have been born ca 1700.  Again, no mention of Harmenz or Pietersz in the entry.

Also, Willemijntje van Wassenberg was noted as the witness at the baptisms of Marten Post's first two sons, Harmen in 1753 and Anthonie in 1755[3,4].  There is likely to be a connection - I wish I could establish it with certainty!

Marten Post b1723 marriage Banns, Netherlands Reformed Church, Weesp
His father is noted as Harmen.  The Post surnam is clearly visible

  2. Marten Post b1723 & Rebekka Krijgers Weesp Netherlands Reformed Church banns entry
  3. Harmen Post b1753 Weesp Netherlands Reformed Church baptism entry
  4. Anthonie Post b1755 Weesp Netherlands Reformed Church baptism entry
  5. Harmen Post b ca 1800 Weesp Netherlands Reformed Church burial entry