Johannes Matthijs Post (b 1880)

parents Anthonius Post & Johanna Catharina Klaver

born 23 November 1880, Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[1]
died 28 February 1946, Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[10]
4 March 1946, RK Begraafplaats, Buitenveldert, Amsterdam, NL[11]

Johannes Matthijs Post

Johannes was always known as Johan.

He was born at his parents' house at Sint Nicolaasstraat 54[1]

from Johan's birth certificate

His parents moved around the inner west district of Amsterdam quite a lot when he was young including time at Sint Nicolaasstraat 54, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 97, Nieuwe Nieuwestraat 29, Sint Nicolaasstraat 14 and Sint Nicolaasstraat 51[2].

Marriage and Children
Johan married twice.  His first marriage was with Geertruida Johanna Schuckmann on 14 October 1908[3].  Their Intention to Marry were published on 4th and 11th October[4].  Johan worked as a Cigar Sorter and Geertruida had no occupation[3].

from Johan and Geertruida's marriage certificate

Geertruida was born on 14 October 1882 at her parents' house at Leidengracht 148 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Hermanus Hendricus Schuckmann and Maria Catharina Jansen.  When she was born, Hermanus worked as a Servant/Assistant to a Wine Seller[5].  Some 26 years later, Hermanus worked as a Coffeshop Manager[3].

from Geertruida's birth certificate

Like most couples in your Author's family tree, Johan and Geertruida lived in quite a number of homes, presumably renting - in July 1909, Jan P Heijerstraat 112; in July 1910, Westerstraat 109; in October 1910, Sint Nicolaasstraat 51 (his parents' house); in late 1911, Egelantiersgracht 20; and in April 1912, Westerstraat 107[9].

Johan and Geertruida had only one child, Antonius Johannes Gerardus Post, and Geertruida died just 2 days after his birth on 15 December 1913.  There must have been serious complications with he birth but the child lived[6].

from Geertruida's death certificate

Eleven months after Geertruida's death, Johan met and married Maria Elisabeth van der Kooij on 19 November 1914  in Amsterdam.  Their Intention to Marry was published on 7th November only.  Johan was still working as a Cigar Sorter and Maria (known as Marie) had no occupation.  Johan was 33 years old and Marie was 31[7].

from Johan and Maria's marricage certificate

Maria was born on 22 November 1882 at her parents' house at Paleisstraat 39 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Johannes van der Kooij, a Salesman and Maria Elisabeth Dijst[8].

from Maria's birth certificate

Johan's Amsterdom personal registration card

Johan's Amsterdam inhabitants card (Gezinskaart)

Johan and Marie lived the rest of their lives together and had two childre born in 1915 and 1917. 

They also moved around but not as often as Johan had previously.

In December 1919, Nassauplein 8; in February 1925, Kerkstraat 35; in December 1930, Jan P Heijerstraat 170 and in April 1934 the Zocherstraat 7[9]

Location of Jan Pieter Heijerstraat 170 and Zocherstraat 7

Zocherstraat 7

Johan's Amsterdam inhabitants card (Gezinskaart) 2nd side

It was when they lived at the Jan P Heijerstraat 170 that Johan's older sister, Antonette Johanna Post died (October 1934) leaving 4 young children as orphans and Johan and Marie took them all in. 

The 4 Roosen children also moved with them to Zocherstraat 7 but none of them stayed very long.

Passing On
Johan died on 28 February 1946 in Amsterdam and was buried on 4 March at the Roman Catholic cemetery - RK Begraafplaats-Buitenveldert in Amsterdam, Section D[10,11].

Children of Johan and Geertruida Johanna Schuckmann

1.  Antonius Johannes Gerardus Post
was born on 13 December 1913 in Amsterdam[9,10].  Antoon married Catherina Hendrika Bouma.

Children of Johan and Maria Elisabeth van der Kooij

2.  Wilhelmus Antonius Johannes Maria Post was born on 21 December 1915 in Amsterdam[9,10].  Wim married Johanna Frederika Roelofs.

3.  Maria Elisabeth Coletta Johanna Post was born on 2 October 1917 in Amsterdam.  Rie married Hendricus Simon Johannes Kuiper (Harry).

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