Willempje Post (b 1758)

parents Marten Post & Rebekka Krijgers

born July 1758, Weesp, NL
baptised 20 July 1758, Netherlands Reformed Church, Weesp, NL[1]

Willempje Post

Willempje was the third child of Marten and Rebekka and was baptised on 20 July 1758 in Weesp[1].

Willempje Post baptism entry, Netherland Reformed Church, Weesp

Marriage to Jan de Bas
Willempje and Jan de Bas were married on 27 August 1786 just 5 months before their first child, Kornelis, was born[2].

Willemje & Jan's Intention to marry, banns & marriage entry

They registered their intention to marry on 12 August 1786 and were married just two weeks later[2].
Their Banns may only have been read once.  A bit of a rush due to the pregnancy I expect!

Willempje then gave birth to Kornelis, Marten, Teunis and Harmen.

Children of Willempje Post & Jan de Bas

Willempje and Jan had 4 children[4,9]:-

1.  Kornelis de Bas was baptised on 8 February 1787 in the Netherlands Reformed Church in Weesp.  The Witness was Willempje's younger sister, Kaatje Post.  Nothing more is known.

Kornelis de Bas baptism entry

2.  Marten de Bas was baptised on 30 May 1790 in the Netherlands Reformed Church in Weesp.

Marten de Bas baptism entry

On 13 August 1815, Marten married Geertruij Hannisse.  Geertruij was born in Weesp ca 1796 and her parents were Frederik Hannisse and Aaltje van den Brink.  Marten worked as a Tailor[5].


from Marten and Geertruij's marriage certificate

Marten and Geertruij had at least, 10 children -- Jan b1815, Frederik ca1817, Willem ca 1822, Alisa/Alida b1824, Harmen b1826, Harmenus b1827, Geertruij b1828, Gijsbert b1830, Cornelis b1832 and Gijsbert b1834.  They were all born in Weesp[4,6].

Geertruij must have died sometime before November 1837 when Marten married a second time with Hermijntje Bismeijer on 25 November 1837 in Weesp.  Marten is described as a Widower.  Marten was now 47 years old and was still working as a Tailor.  Hermijntje was 31 years old, born ca 1806 in Weesp and her parents were Michiel Bismeijer and Evertje van Gijn[7].

from Marten and Herminjntj'e marriage certificate

Hermijntje had at least, 1 child before she married Marten -- Machiel Bismeijer b ca1831, father unknown.  Marten and Hermijntje had a child -- Cornelis born ca1833 who was born 4 years before they were married!.  Stange days indeed!  The 1849 census of Weesp shows the family living at Breedstraat 4.  Marten was still working as a Tailor

Machiel worked as a Painter's Servant (maybe Apprentice) and Cornelis worked as a Shoemaker's Servant (maybe Apprentice). Interestingly, Marten and Cornelis stated their religion as Netherlands Reformed and Hermaijntje and Machiel as Roman Catholic[8].

3.  Teunis de Bas was born 1791-92 and baptised on 19 January 1792 in the Netherlands Reformed Church in Weesp.  The Witness was Kaatje de Bas.  Nothing more is known.

Teunis de Bas baptism entry

4.  Harmen de Bas was born in 1793 and baptised on 19 September 1793 in the Netherlands Reformed Church in Weesp.  The Witness was Grietje van der Bult.  Nothing more is known.

Harmen de Bas baptism entry

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