Eliza Jane Punch (b 1834)

parents Thomas Punch & Ann Brown

born 29 September 1834, Limehouse, London, England[1]
baptised 29 September 1834 at St Anne's Church of England, Limehouse, London, England[1]

Eliza Jane Punch was baptised on 29 September 1834 at St Anne's Church of England, Limhouse in the heart of the London Docklands area of the 1800s..

From St Anne's, Limehouse C of E Parish Register[4]

St Anne's, Limehouse

Google Maps - Stepney, Limehouse, Poplar Location

Ref 2 has Thomas and Ann Punch and their young family living in Tower Hamlets, London, Parish of St Dunstan, Stepney in 1841.  This is probably where Eliza Jane was born.  With them are their children:- Thomas James (16 yrs), John (14 yrs), Sarah (12 yrs), William (10 yrs), Charles (8 yrs), Eliza (6 yrs), Louisa (4 yrs), Emily (2 yrs) and Maria (1 yr).

From the 1841 UK Census

In 1851, the family was living at 1 Ratcliff Street, Parish of St Anne's, Limehouse.  Thomas is worked as a Shipwright.  Ann was noted as a Storekeper, General Goods[1].  The children mentioned now are:- Sarah (22 yrs), Charles (18 yrs), Eliza (16 yrs), Emily (12 yrs), Maria (10 yrs), Helena (8 yrs) and Andrew (6 yrs).   So, Eliza Jane and her siblings were raised and schooled in the Limehouse district.

From the 1851 UK Census


On 2 May 1859, Eliza Jane married Charles Gregory at St Thomas' Church of England, Stepney, London.  The marriage was witnessed by Maria Amelia, Eliza's younger sister and Maria's husband, Thomas George Pegg[1].

From St Thomas', Stepney, C of E Parish Register[1]

Charles Gregory was born in London ca 1827.

Married Life

In 1871, the family was living in the town of Caterbury, Kent at 5 Cambridge Terrace, Victoria Road.    In this census record his occupation is Commercial Clerk (Coal). By this time they have 2 children, Sarah Ann and Alfred living with them.  They also have a young servant, Jane Moore, only 14 years old[4]

from 1871 UK Census

Canterbury, Kent, England
(Google Maps)

Victoria Road, Canterbury
(Google Maps)

In 1881, the family had moved to Portsmouth, England and were living at 3 Southsea Terrace where they operated a Lodging House.  Their two children are still with them[5].

from 1881 UK Census

London --> Canterbury --> Portsmouth
(Google Maps)

Southsea Terrace, Portsmouth
(Google Maps)

3 Southsea Terrace, Portsmouth
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Charles passed away sometime before 1891 since we find Eliza Jane and the two children back in London at 34 Upper Baker Street, Marylebone.  Eliza is operating a Lodging House assisted by her daughter, Sara Ann[6].

from 1891 UK Census

34 Upper Baker Street is a rather salubrious address located in a prestigious part of London. 

It must be assumed that their moves to Canterbury, then Portsmouth yielded a tidy reward.

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Children of Eliza Jane and Charles Gregory

Three children have been located:-

1.  Emily Gregory was born on 7 June 1864 in Limehouse, London and was baptised on xxxxxxxxxx at St Anne's Church of England.

2.  Sarah Ann Gregory
was born ca 1865 in London.  In 1891 she worked as an Assistant to her mother at the Lodging House at 34 Upper Baker Street, Marylebone, London[6].

3.  Alfred Gregory was born ca 1868 in Peckham, Surreu, England.  In 1891 he worked as a Railway Clerk in London[6].

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