Isabella Eleanor Punch (b 1843)

parents Thomas Punch & Ann Brown

born 20 November 1843, Limehouse, London, England[2]
baptised 13 July 1845, St Anne's Church of England, Limehouse, London, England[2]
died May 1865, Stepney, London, England[4]

 Thomas and Ann had both Isabella and her younger brother, Andrew Benjamin born 1845, baptised together.

From St Anne's, Limehouse Parish Register[2}

Google Maps - Stepney, Limehouse, Poplar Location

St Anne's, Limehouse

In 1851, the family was living at 1 Ratcliff Street, Parish of St Anne's, Limehouse.  Thomas worked as a Shipwright.  Ann was noted as a Storekeper, General Goods[1].  Isabella Eleanor is missing from the list of children.  She is only 8 years old.  Could she be with a relative?

From the 1851 UK Census

She can't be found in the 1861 UK Census either - curious.

On 8 May 1864, Isabella married George Gregory at St Thomas' Church of England in Stepney, London[3].  It is difficult to read, but it looks like George was 67 years old but actually he was 24, born 8 April 1839 in Limehouse.[2].

In 1861, George Gregory was living with his parents, Joseph and Frances in "G. Wrights Building" in Limehouse.  George was a Lawyer as was his father[6].

Isabella died in Stepney in the Apr-May quarter of 1865 (FreeBMD Vol 1c, Page 363)[4].  She is likely to have died in May shortly after the birth of their only child also named Isabella.Eleanor.

After Isabella's death, George remarried and remained in the area.  On 2 April 1866 he married Grace Darling Strickland[8].  In 1871, they were living at 12 Oak Lane in Tower Hamlets, London with their son Samuel aged just 5 months[6].  In 1881, The family lived at 15 Eastfield Street, Tower Hamlets and they have additional children - Florence, Grace and Emma[7].


George and Isabella had only one child, Isabella Eleanor.  She was born on 17 May 1865, probably at her home in Limehouse and was baptised at St Anne's Church of England, Limehouse on 2 July - likely after her mother died.

St Anne, Limhouse Parish Record[2]

There is an entry in FreeBMD for the Jan-Mar quarter 1866 for this child, died 0 years old, Vol 1c, page 402.

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