Agatha Sara Roosen (b 1799)

Johannes Theodorus Ro(o)sen & Antonia Maria Peeters

8 October 1799 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]

17 April 1817
St Martin Church, Munster, Northwest-Rheinland, Germany[43]
Anton (Christoffel Antonius) Cremer/[2,3,4,43]
18 August 1782
St Peter Church, Waltrop, Germany[44]


Agatha Sara Roosen
Agatha Sara was baptised at the Harderwijk Catholic Church on 8 October 1799.

Agatha Sara's baptism entry

It appears that she was named after her Aldenhoven aunt (Maria Agatha, already deceased) and her Godmother, Hyatha Sara Hendriksen. 

Anton Cremer

Anton Cremer was baptised on 18 August 1782 at St Peter's Catholic Church in Waltrop, Germany[12,44]

He was baptised as Christoffel Antonius.  His parents were Joseph Theordorus Cremer and Anna Maria Bispelinghoff.  His godparents were Christoffel Anton Beckman and Anna Elisabeth Bispelinghoff.

Throughout various later documents he is generally referred to as Anton or Anton Chistoffel and his surname is spelled alternately as Cremer and Kremer.  Indeed some of his children grew up with their surname spelled as Kremer.

Anton Cremer's baptism record

So how did Agatha and Anton get together?  Did Anton go to Harderwijk for work or did Agatha go to Waltrop or Munster?  Since Agatha was young, I expect it was Anton who travelled to Harderwijk.

Agatha and Anton Cremer were married in Munster, Germany on 17 April 1817.  Agatha's name is spelled Rose.  Agatha's father, Johannes Theodorus, is mentioned[43].  Agatha was just 17 years old and already pregnant with their first child, Theodora Antonia who was born later that year in October[2].  Perhaps that is why they were married in Munster and not Waltrop or Harderwijk.  Best to be out of the limelight?

Agatha Sara Roosen & Anton Cremer -mariage entry

Tracking Agatha Sara & Anton Cremer

Agatha Sara and Anton move frequently between The Netherlands and Germany.  In The Netheralnds, they lived in Harderwijk andAmsterdam.  In Germany, they lived in Waltrop and Munster.  Tracking their movements has been a challenge!

Houses they lived in:-
1832  - 223 Donkerstraat, Harderwijk (maybe no. 6 today?)
??  Zwolle

When Theodora was born in Harderwijk in 1817, Anton’s occupation was noted as Carpentry Joiner[2].  When their second daughter was born in 1819, Anton was working as a Cabinetmaker[3].  It is possible that he worked with or for Agatha Sara’s father, Johannes Theodorus.

Some time around 1821, the family moved to Waltrop, Germany.  Their daughter, Maria Francisca (1821) and sons, Anton (1825) and Fredrich (1831), were born there.

Waltrop, Germany

Photo credit - Reinhod Moller

<--- Photo credit - Revier Steinhart

St Peter's Catholic Church, Waltrop, Germany

It is not known exactly when the family returned to Harderwijk and they are not mentioned in the 1830 Census since it was after February 1831 (when son, Fredrich was born in Waltrop) and before August 1832 (when daughter, Maria Francisca died in Hardwerwijk)[5,11,28].  Anton was still working as a Carpentry Joiner in Harderwijk in 1834 and 1836 when their next two sons were born.  At that time, the family was living in the Hondengaatstraat 423[4]

The name Hondengaatstraat translates literally as dog's arsehole street and was so named
because under the original town hall  (located on the south-east corner),
was an awful cellar prison - a real hole!

They were not mentioned in the 1840 Census[6].  It appears that around 1837 they moved again back to Germany.  Their next two sons, Friderich Wilhelm (1838) and and Theodor Philipp Henrich (1840) were both born in Munster, Northwest-Rheinland, Germany.

When their son, Anton was married in 1851 in Amsterdam and for a second time in Zwolle in 1859, Anton Senior stated his profession as Piano Maker and that he and Agatha Sara lived in Munster[33,8]

It appears that although some of the children made their home in the Netherlands, Agatha Sara and Anton lived out their days in Germany. 

No record of their deaths has been found.

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Children of Agatha Sara Roosen & Anton Cremer

9 children have been found.

1.  Theodora Antonia Kremer was born 20 October 1817 in Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL and was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on the same day[2,9].  Her surname was entered as Kremer in the town register of births and the Harderwijk Cathoilic Church Book. 

It is not known what became of her.

from Theodora Antonia's birth certificate

Theodora Antonia's baptsim entry

Antonia Agnes Kremer was born 22 January 1819 in Harderwijk and baptised the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[3,10].  Her surname is noted as Kremer as is Anton's.

Antonia Agnes' birth certificate

Antonia Agnes' baptism entry

Antonia's first marriage was with Franz Joseph Busse on 8 November 1853 in the Saint Ludgeri Catholic Church in Munster, Northwest-Rheinland, Germany[47]

Antoia Agnes & Franz Busse marriage entry

Franz was baptised on 18 November 1821 at the Catholic Church in Brakel, Westfalen, Germany[45].  His parents were Friderich Busse and Elisabeth Wies(e)mann[34,45]

Franz Joseph died on 22 September 1856 in Ostbevern, Germany and was buried on 23 September.  He was 2 months short of his 35th birthday.

Franz Joseph Busse death entry, St Ambrosius Church, Ostbevern

Antonia and Franz lived in Ostbevern when their two children were born:-

2.1  Josephina Louise Gertrudis Busse was born on 10 June 1854 and baptised on 12 June at Saint Ambrosius Catholic Church in Ostbevern, Westfalen, Germany[34,46].

Josephina Louise Gertrudis Busse baptism entry

Josephina lived for less than one year and died on 22 May 1855 in Ostbreven[34,46].  She was buried on 25th May.

Josephina Louise Gertrudis Busse death entry

2.2  Carl Franz Joseph Busse was born on 1 November 1855 and baptised on 5 November at Saint Ambrosius Catholic Church in Ostbevern, Westfalen, Germany. 

Carl Franz Joseph Busse baptism entry

Carl Franz lived only 6 months, 12 days and died on 13 May 1856 in Ostbevern[34,46].

Carl Franz Joseph Busse death entry, St Ambrosius Church, Ostbevern

Shortly after Franz Busse's death, Antonia remarried.  This time to another Franz Joseph - Franz Joseph Woermann (or Fischer) in Ostbevern, probably in early 1857.  The marriage entry is yet to be found.

Franz Woermann was a widower.  His first marriage was to Anne Marie Elisabeth Aertker on 6 Aug 1839 at St Ambrosius Church, Ostbevern[34].  Anne Aertker's death details have not been found but her last child was born in Oct 1854.  Together, Franz and Anne had 6 children.  No wonder Franz was looking for a second wife - he would have had his hands full!

Franz and Anne's children were - Bernard in 1841, Maria Gertrud in 1844, Maria Elisabeth in 1846, Joseph in 1849, Anna Gertrude in 1851 and Maria Theresia in 1854.

Together, Antonia Agnes and Franz Woermann had had 2 children in Ostbevern:-

2.3   Henriette Elisabeth Woermann was baptised on 28 Oct 1857 at St Ambrosius Church, Ostbevern.

Henriette Elisabeth Woermann baptism entry

2.4   Agatha Adolfina Woermann was baptised on 24 Jul 1859 St Ambrosius Church, Ostbevern.

Agatha Adolfina Woermann baptism entry

Nothing has been found regarding the passing of Antonia Agnes Kremer or Franz joseph Woermann (Fischer),

3.  Maria Francisca Cremer was born on 27 May 1821 in Waltrop Germany.  She was baptised on 28 May at St Peter's Catholic Church, Waltrop[44].

Maria Franscisa Cremer baptism entry

Sometime after February 1841 and August 1842, the family moved back to Harderwijk.  Maria Francina died in Harderwijk on 28 August 1832[11]
She was only 11 years old.  Her death certificate has the family name as Kremer.

Maria Francisca Cremer/Kremer death certificate

According to Maria Francisca's death certificate, Anton was working as a Cabinetmaker and the family was living at 223 Donkerstraat in Harderwijk (maybe no.6 today?).

4.  Anton Cremer was born 13 August 1825, Waltrop, Germany and was baptised at St Peter's Catholic Church, Waltrop on 15 August[44].  His godfather was Antonius Richtmann.

Anton Cremer baptism entry

Anton came to Harderwijk from Waltrop with his parents sometime before 1832[11].  As a yong man, Anton probably moved to and from Germany with his parents,  He moved to Amsterdam and met his first wife. 

Anton's first marriage was to Maria Hendrika Petronella van Wezep on 17 April 1851 in Amsterdam[33].  Maria Hendrika was born in Amsterdam on 10 August 1827.  Her parents were Joseph van Wezep and Gesina Petronella Voltelen[30].

They had 4 children.

For sometime up to 29 April 1851, Anton, Maria and their first son, Christoph Anton were living at Warmoesstraat 98 (later changed to 408) in Amsterdam[26].  Anton's occupation was noted as Piano Tuner.  His religion was stated as Roman Catholic but Maria and Christoph Anton's religion was stated as Netherlands Reformed.  17 other people are recorded as living at this address so it was quite crowded!

From May 1851 until April 1852, the family lived at Zeedijk 112 (later changed to 218)[27].  Anton was still working as a Piano Tuner and now Anton's younger brother, Friderich Cremer (born 1831 in Waltrop, Germany) was also living with them. 

For a period of only 3 months, until 7 July 1852, the family lived at Rozengracht 152[28].  Anton's profession has changed to Piano Maker.  Friderich Cremer was still living with them.  He was also working as a Piano Maker.

After staying at Noorderkerkstraat 13 for only 9 days, the family is recorded having left Amsterdam for Enschede on 16 July 1852[29].  Friderich was not recorded at this address.  Sometime before April 1853, the family moved to Zwolle where the next three Cremer children were born.

Maria Hendrika died in Zwolle on 28 December 1857[7,30].

from Maria Hendrika Petronella van Wezep death certificate

After Maria Hendrika's death, Anton married a second time to Pieternella Elizabeth van Malsen on 11 August 1859 in Zwolle[8].  Pieternella  was born on 10 December 1827 in Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe, NL and her parents were Arie van Malsen and Pieternella de Bondt[35].  Pieternella was already a widow twice over.  Her first husband was Hendrik Oldemans and her second was Hendrik van der Wildt.

Anton was then working as a Piano Maker in Zwolle.  It appears they had no children together.

Pieternella died on 6 May 1900 in Zwolle[36].

from Pieternella Elizabeth Malsen death certificate

Anton died in Zwolle on 23 May 1906[12].

From Anton's death certificate

Children of Anton Cremer and Maria Hendrika Petronella van Wezep:-

4.1  Christoph Anton Cremer was born on 9 February 1851 in Amsterdam - 2 months before his parents married[32]

His birth certificate stated his surname as "van Wezep" but later Anton Cremer
declared that he was the father.

In June 1884, agged 33 years, we find him in Amsterdam having come from Arnhem - what was he doing in Arnhem?

In Amsterdam, Christoff can be followed from place to place[48]:-

* June 1884 to June 1885  - Molsteeg 8
* June 1885 to July 1885  - Damstaat 11
* July 1885 to April 1887  - Vondelkade 73
* April 1887 to January 1890  - Spuistraat 286, Office Worker
* January 1890 to ?  -N.Z. Voorburgwal 55, Office Worker

After this last entry in the Amsterdam Population Register, nothing more is known.

4.2  Joseph Cremer was born on 29 April 1853 in Zwolle[19].  He died very shortly after birth on 4 May 1853 - only 6 days old[31].

from Joseph Cremer's death certificate

4.3  Joseph Cremer was born on 10 June 1854 in Zwolle[21]

According to the Amsterdam Population Register of 1874-93, he lived in Amsterdam at Korte ????schedwarsstraat 47/49.  It is stated that he arrived in Amsterdam from America in December 1878.  His profession was Piano Maker.

He then lived in Amsterdam at Kalverstraat 5 from December 1878 to 3 February 1885.  He worked as a Coffee-House Waiter/Servant.

Nothing more is known. 
How/When to America?  On return, why a low level job in a coffee-house?

4.4  Agatha Sara Cremer was born on 8 September 1856 in Zwolle[13].

from Agatha Sara's birth certificate

In February 1877, Agatha Sara arrived in Delft from Utrecht.  Her stated profession was Seamstress.  She stayed at Ouder Delft 147, Wijk 5 in Delft for nearly 3 years and left for Amsterdam in November 1879[51].

It is surmised that she met Jelle Biljardt in Amsterdam.  Agatha Arrived from Delft and stay until 20 Jun 1881 when she left for Lochem[48].  In Amsterdam she lived at Damstraat 3 and worked as a Shop Assistant.

She married Jelle Tjipken Frico Biljardt on 20 October 1881 in Lochem, Gelderland, NL[15].  Jelle was born in Lochem on 11 February 1854[14].  Jelle's parents were Jelle Biljardt and Hendrika Antonia Muijderman.  Jelle worked as a Manufacturer and Salesman (of what?)[15,16].

They lived for a time in Lochem and on 4 April 1882, they left together for Ijmuiden[50].

From April 1884 to October 1884 they lived in Velsen and then Jelle moved to Bussum and Agatha went to (can't read)[49].  I expect this was a separation.

They were divorced on 4 December 1890 in Amsterdam, NL[16].  Agatha Sara was living in Amsterdam and Jelle was back in Lochem.  It appears they had no children. 

Jelle subsequently married Johanna Christina Voortman in Winterswijk, Gelderland on 10 May 1895[17].  He died on 18 November 1911 in Eefde, Gorssel, Gelderland, NL[18].

Agatha Sara married again also.  On 9 June 1892, she married Hendrik Feltkamp in Amsterdam[37].  Hendrik was born on 20 March 1832 in Enschede, NL and his parents were Joan Engelbert Feltkamp and Johanna Loosjes.

Hendrik was the widower of Cornelia Frederika Susanna Constantia van Dompseler.  He worked as a Commision Agent (of some sort).

In Amsterdam, Agatha and Hendrik lived at Korte Westerdok 6.

Neither the death details of Agatha Sara nor of Hendrik Feltkamp have been found.

5.  Friderich Cremer was born 22 June 1831 in Waltrop Germany and baptised on the 23rd at St Peter's Catholic Church.[28].

Friderich Cremer baptism entry

Friderich found his way from Munster to Amsterdam in late November 1851 - seeking out his older brother Anton.

He was registered by the Amsterdam Police into the Amsterdam Foreigner's Register on 5 Nov 1851[52].  He arrived with introductory papers dated 9 April 1847 from a magistrate in Munster.  The Foreigner's Register describes him as 20 year of age, approx 1.78 m tall, blond hair and of the Catholic faith.  It also states that he plans to live with his brother, Anton at Zeedijk 112.

The Amsterdam Pouplation Register of 1874-93 records him living in Amsterdam with his older brother at Zeedijk 112 until April 1852[27].  For a period of only 3 months, until 7 July 1852, he lived at Rozengracht 152[28].  Friderich's profession was Piano Maker and was unmarried at this time.

The Foreigners Register also tells us what happend later.  It is recorded that on 28 July 1852, Friderich left Amsterdam for  --->  Paris!

6.  Joseph Kremer was born 12 June 1834 in Harderwijk[4].  His father's surname is spelled Kremer on the birth certificate.  Henceforth, Joseph was Kremer with a "K".

from Joseph Kremer's  birth certificate

Joseph was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on 12 June and his Godmother was noted as Elisabeth Roosen (presumably, his aunt, Elisabeth Petronella b1811)[22].

Joseph Kremer b1834 baptism entry

Nothing more is known of this Joseph.  Perhaps he died young?

7.  Peter Joseph Kremer was born on 22 November 1836 in Harderwijk[23] and baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on the same day.  His Godparents were his uncle, Petrus Josephus Roosen and his step-grandmother Johanna Elisabeth Leenen[24].  His father's surname is spelled Kremer on the birth certificate.  Going forward his name was alternately noted as Kremer and Cremer.

Peter Joseph Kremer baptism entry

Peter Joseph married Catharina Louisa Amalia Eickmeijer (Eikmeyer).  It is possible they married in Germany.

Catharina was born on 9 October 1841 and was baptised on 24 October at the Evangelist Church in Borgholzhausen, Westfalen, Germany.  Her parents were Henrich Wilhelm Eikmeyer and Marie Elisabeth Willems[34]

Catharina was the eldest of 5 Eickmeijer children.  Her younger siblings were - Peter August (in 1844), Anna Louise (in 1845), Peter Theodor (in 1847) and Anna Maria (in 1848).  Her siblings were all born in Schlebusch, Rhineland, Germany, so the family must have moved there sometime between 1842 and 1844[34].

When his daughter, Elisabeth Amalia was born, Peter worked as a Machinist and lived in Koln, Germany (temporarily living in Maasbracht)[39].  In 1894 the family was living in Venlo, Limburg and Peter still worked as a Machinist[40].

Peter and Catharina moved to Zaandam, North Holland - possibly to be with their daughter.

Catharina died on 9 December 1902 in Zandaam[38] and Peter died on 6 June 1907 in Groningen[25].

from Catharina Eickmeijer's death certificate

from Peter Joseph's death certificate

One child of Peter Joseph and Catharina has been found:-

7.1  Elisabeth Amalia Cremer was born 9 October 1864 in Maasbracht, Limburg, NL[39]

On 23 Jan 1894, she married Albert Coops in Venlo[40].  Albert was born on 1 November 1865 in Doesburg, Gelderland and his parents were Frederik Coops and Johanna Gerharda van der Meij[42].

Their baans were read on 7 and 14 January in Zaandam. Why?

They lived in Venlo for some time.

On 21 March 1894, they were registered in Zaandam.  It is noted that they arrived from Venlo.  They were still living in Zaandam in early 1899[59].

They lived for a time in Groningen then Den Haag.  They arrived in Den Haag in May 1911 from Groningen[54].  Albert worked for the Post Office.

They moved to Wisch from Den Haag.  They were first entered into the Wisch population Register on 2 March 1920.  Albert 's faith is noted as Netherlands Reformed and Elisabeth's as Roman Catholic.  It is also noted that they came from Den Haag[53].

It appears that Albert was moved around towns by his employer - the Dutch Post Office.

Elisabeth died in Den Haag on 12 May 1933[55].
Albert died on 11 November 1948 in Amersfoort[41].

8.  Friderich Wilhelm Kremer was born on 6 October 1838 in Munster, Westfalen, Germany and baptised on 6 November at St Aegidii Church, Munster[34,56]

Friderich Wilhelm baptism entry

Friderich Wilhelm died on 21 May 1842 and was buried on 25 May[56].

9. Theodor Philipp Henrich Kremer was born on 13 October 1840 in Munster, Westfalen, Germany and baptised on 17 October at St Aegidii Church, Munster[34,56].

Theodor's baptism entry

Nothing more is known.

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