Alijda Bernarda Roosen (b 1839)

Antonius Roosen & Geurtje van der Heijden

30 March 1839
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
30 March 1839
Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[2]
13 June 1912
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[3]

 Married (1):
17 April 1861
Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[4]
 Wilhelmus Johannes Zikking
10 October 1835
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[5]
25 February 1882
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[6]
Hendrikus Johannes
Johannes Antonius Alooisius
Johannes Theodorus Antonius

Jacobus Antonius Josephus
Wilhelmus Antonius
Joannes Theodorus Antonius

Joannes Everhardus Hubertus
Bernardus Theodorus Albertus
Barbara Geertruides Josephine
 Married (2):
28 December 1892
Den Haag, South Holland[91]
 Hendricus Johannes Vandermeulen
 Born:ca 1851Melckweser, Belgium[91]


Alijda Bernarda was born the 4th child of Antonius Roosen and Geurtje van der Heijden on 30 March 1839 in Harderwijk[1]

She was baptised the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[1,2].  The witness at the baptism was Joanna Bernarda Hulsink, who was married to her uncle, Petrus Josephus Roosen.

When she was born, her parents were living at Vischmarkt 617 in Harderwijk[1].

Vischmarkt 2 (was 647 in the 1830s)

from Alijda Bernarda's birth certificate

Alijda Bernarda's baptism entry

It may be presumed that Alijda grew up and was educated within the tightly knit Catholic community that existed in Harderwijk in the mid 1800s.  Her future husband also came from that community.

Origins Of The Zikking Name

It is believed that the Zikking surname originates from a group of German migrants from the town of Vreden.  Vreden is a community in the province of North Rhine-Westfalia and located right on the Dutch border just a little south of Enschede.  The early records of people granted citizenship in Harderwijk reveal a nymber of families from Vreden migrated and stayed in Harderwijk.  Names such as - Bensing, Boemers, Bokhorn, Brunink, Buitenhuis, Deekering, Elbingh, Evinck, Felderink, Geerlings, Hendriksen, Lubbertsen, Moelenkamp, Rekes, Unek and Verhove.  It appears that these families were predominantly of the Roman Catholic faith and they tightly intermarried[7,9]

The origins of Zikking could be derived from - Hendrik Secking, Jan Hendrik Sikken and/or Jacob Zikken - all originally from Vreden and granted citizenship in Harderwijk in the 1700s[7]:-
  1. "Jan Hendrik Sikken born in Vreden married a citizens daughter and gained with that 'small citizenship' and paid 15 guldens and made an oath.  Date 16 April 1792"
  2. "In 1795, Jacob Sikken lived together with Jan Hendrik Sikken in house no. 394 which lies in the Kleine Haverstraat near the Luttekepoortstraat and the Wullewerstraat"
The Roman Catholic Churchbook records the marriage between Johannes Henricus Sikking and Emerentia Nieuroode on 20 May 1788.  This is certainly the same person as "Jan Hendrik Sikken" above, who was granted citizenship in 1782.  They had a son, Henricus Johannes Zikking baptised on 9 January 1801 who later married Barbara Antonia van der Hoeve in Harderwijk on 22 November 1827.  Note the change of spelling of the surname.  Henricus Johannes Zikking worked as a Weaver[8,9].  Wilhelmus Johannes Zikking is their son[5].

Wilhelmus Johannes Zikking
Wilhelmus Johannes was born on 10 October 1835 at his parents' house at 625 Schoenmakersstraat (Shoemaker street) in Harderwijk[5].

from Wilhelmus Johannes' birth certificate

Alijda and Wilhelmus Married
Alijda and Wilhelmus were married on 17 April 1861 at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church in Harderwijk. 

Their Banns were read on the 7th and 14th of April.

Alijda was 22 years old, with no occupation and Wilhelmus was 25 years old and worked as a Tailor.  Wilhelmus' father, Henricus Johannes has given up weaving and worked as a Publican.

Wilhelmus was serving with the National Guard (Nationale Militie) based in barracks in Zutphen.  He is described as having blue eyes, brown hair, a broad chin and a "normal" nose.  He was dischared on 1 April 1861[4].

Signatures on the marriage certificate:-
  • W J Zikking (groom)
  • A B Roosen (bride)
  • H J Zikking (father of the groom)
  • A Roosen (father of the bride)

Alijda and Wilhelmus lived their lives in Harderwijk in the centre of the old town:-
  • 1862 -65  -Hondengatstraat
  • 1866        -Schoenmakersstraat
  • 1868        -Grootepoortstraat
  • 1869-82  -Schoenmakersstraat
During their married lives Wilhelmus worked as initially as a Tailor but from 1868 until his death he was a Shopkeeper.  He also operated a Coffeeshop[21].

It appears that Alijda did not work but it is likely she helped out with the shop.

Harderwijk streets

Refs 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19
In 1893-98 she was living in Den Haag[39,49,51].  On 30 January 1909, she was recorded returning to Amsterdam from Den Haag and lived at NN Marnixstraat 253 and then after 20 January 1910 at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 63.  Her daughter-in-law, Johanna Wilhelmina Theodora Zikking (b1894) was living with her[85].

Passing On

Wilhelmus Johannes Zikking died on 25 February 1882 , probably at his home in the Schoenmakersstraat.  He was only 46 years old.  His brother, Jacobus Zikking and brother-in-law, Everhardus Eligius Roosen made the necessary declarations[19].

from Wilhelmus' death certificate

Alijda Married Again

On 28 December 1892, Alijda married Henricus Johannes Vandermeulen in Den Haag.  Hendriucs was 39 years old while Alijda was by then 53 years old.  Hendricus was born in Melchweser, Belgium on 17 August 1853 and his parents were Lambertus Vandermeulen and Regina Morren[91,97].  The witnesses to the marriage included Alijda's children - Hendrikus Johannes Zikking, Johannes Antonius Alooisius Zikking and her brother-in-law, Jozeph Hubertus Grummer.  Grummer married Alijda Emerentia Zikking, a sister of Alijda Bernarda's late hsuband and they lived in Den Haag.  Also, Alijda's son, Wilhelmus Antonius who married Petronella Perquin also lived in Den Haag.  Perhaps that is how Alijda Benarda came to be living there and how she met HJ Vandermeulen?

The death of Henricus Vandermeulen has not yet been found but he must have died before 1912[20].

Alijda Pased Away

Alijda Bernarda lived another 20 years before passing away in Amsterdam on 13 June 1912[20].  

from Alijda Bernarda's death certificate

Children of Alijda Bernarda Roosen and Wilhelmus Johannes Zikking
Alijda and Wilhelmus had 9 children.

1.  Hendrikus Johannes Zikking.
Hendrikus Johannes was born on 28 April 1862 in Harderwijk[10].  His first marriage was to Elisabeth Johanna van Sark on 29 Dec 1890 in Doesburg, NL.  Hendrikus was 28 years old and Elisabeth was 43 - a significant age difference!  Hendrikus was working in Doesburg as a Teacher.  Elisabeth was born in Gouda, North Holland on 30 March 1847.  Her parents were Joannes Theodorus van Sark and Hendrika Johanna Wennekes who both lived in Gouda.  At the time of their marriage, Elisabeth had only lived in Doesburg for less than 6 months.  Elisabeth had been previousely married to Everadus van de Weijer who had passed away[21].  Elisabeth died on 15 April 1916 in Doesburg.  She and Hendrikus lived in the Waterstraat at the time.  No children have been found.

Hendrikus then married Maria Louisa Star on 16 May 1918 in Doesburg.  Hendrikus was still working as a Teacher[24].  Maria was born on 13 May 1873 in Haarlem, North Holland.  Her parents were Petrus Hendrik Star and Elisabetha Philippina Hanewald but both had passed away by the time of her marriage[25].  They are mentioned in the Inhabitants Register of Den Haag 1913-39 but there is no house address and no specific years noted[59].  No children have been found.

Hendrikus died on 7 May 1942 in Haarlem, NL.  He was 80 years of age and noted as a Widower[90].

2.  Johannes Antonius Alooisius Zikking.
Johannes Antonius was born on 7 July 1863 in Harderwijk and baptised the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[11,9].  Like his older brother, he married twice,  His first marriage was to Geertruida Antonetta Catharina Veldman on 25 May 1892 in Harderwijk.  He may have met Geetruida when he was living in Amsterdam around 1880-82.  He was living with his uncle, Peterus Theodorus Roosen in the Bloemstraat 181[36].  Geertruida was born in Amsterdam on 30 April 1867.  Her parents were Hendricus Gerardus Veldman and Hendrina Maria Waldram.  At the time of Geetruida's death the family lived in the Schoenmakersstraat in Harderwijk, probably with his mother.  Geertruida died on 7 December 1905 in Harderwijk.  When they were married, Johannes' occupation was stated as Coffeehouse Operator[26,27,28].  He must have taken over his father's business.  Johannes and Geertruida had 2 children:-

2.1   Henricus Johannes Wilhelmus Zikking was born on 3 March 1893 in Harderwijk.[29].  Henricus died aged only 18 years on 8 February 1912 in Amersfoort, Utrecht and was enlisted in the Army as a Corporal.  He was not married[30].

2.2   Hendrikus Gerardus Zikking was born on 3 November 1896 in Harderwijk and baptised on the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church.  Interestingly, his birth certificate states he was born on the 4th! [31,9].  He married Alida Maria Knopper in Amsterdam on 20 June 1922.  He stated his occupation as a Mechanical Engineer (or Draftsman).  Alida was 26 years old and was born on 14 September 1895 and was born in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Bastianus Knopper and Geertruida Alida Slaman and lived at Hugo de Groot Kade 40 at the time[32,81,87].  Immediately after their marriage, Hendrikus and Alida lived at de Witte de Wittestraat 111, 3rd floor[81].  The marriage did not succeed and they divorced on 25 February 1929 in Amsterdam[33].   Alida Knopper married again on 21 July 1931 with Adolf Friedrich Wilhelm Strotzel in Amsterdam[88].

Hendrikus married a second time with Petronella Theodore Schiphorst in Amsterdam on 6 February 1930.  Petronella was born on 5 October 1910 in Dusseldorf, Germany.  Her parents were Josephus Hermanus Schiphorst and Alberdina Margareta de Lange[8,81,89].  Hendrikus and Petronella lived at the same address in the Witte de Wittestraat.  They had, at least one child:-

2.1.1   Josephus Hermanus Zikking was born on 4 July 1930 in Amsterdam[81].

Johannes then married Johanna Catrina van der Maath on 8 January 1907 in Amersfoort.  Johanna was born on 28 December 1874 in Amersfoort.  Her parents were Timotheus Gerardus Johannes van der Maath and Maria Johanna Massa who had both passed away by this time.  Johannes stated his occupation as a Shopkeeper in Harderwijk but maybe that referred to his Coffeeshop[34,35].

Johannes and Johanna lived in Amsterdam, on and off between 1918 and 1939.  They lived in may homes, probably a number of them with relatives.  Some of their addresses included da Costakada 115, Frederik Hendriksplein 1, da Costakada 41, Jakob Catskade 17, Overtoom 440 and others.  Their last recorded address in Amsterdam was da Costakada 41 in April 1939[37].  During this time, they appear to have moved between Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Harderwijk.  Johanna Catrina passed away on 14 December 1947 in Baarn, Utrecht[8].  No death for Johannes has been found.

3.   Johannes Theodorus Antonius Zikking.
Johannes Theodorus was born on 4 April 1865 in Harderwijk but died aged only 4 years on 28 February 1869 in Hardwerwijk[12,38].

4.   Jacobus Antonius Jozephus Zikking.
Jacobus Antonius was born on 18 October 1866 in Harderwijk.  He died aged only 28 years on 5 July 1894 in Ransdorp, North Holland.  He was not married and worked as a House Painter[13,39].  Ransdorp was then a village just 10 km north-east of Amsterdam.

5.   Wilhelmus Antonius Zikking.
Wilhelmus was born on 16 June 1868 in Harderwijk and was baptised the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[14,9].  After growing up in Harderwijk, he trained as a Teacher[40,42,43].  He met and married Petronella Margaretha Perquin in Den Haag on 20 September 1893[96].  Petronella was born in Den Haag on 25 July 1868.  Her parents were Wouterus Perquin and Antonetta Adriana van Dam[41,96].  In 1894-95, they lived in Nijkerk, Gelderland but by 1904 they had moved to Rotterdam[42,43,44].  In the 1920s, they lived in Den Haag for a time[47].  Wilhelmus died on 22 October 1930 in Rotterdam, South Holland[40].  Petronella died on 20 October 1943 in Den Haag.  She was 75 years old[86].

Wilhelmus and Petronella had 3 children:-

5.1   Aleida Wilhelmina Hendrika Zikking was born on 1 July 1894 in Nijkerk, Gelderland[42].  In 1946, she is recorded living in Den Haag[59].  It appears she never married.

5.2   Wouterus Adrianus Zikking was born on 21 November 1895 in Nijkerk, Gelderland[43].  On 11 May 1923, Wouter married Hendrika Jacoba Geertruida van Bork in Rotterdam.  Hendrika's parents were Hendrik van Bork and Jacoba Keller who were both living in Rotterdam and were both unemployed at the time[67].  Hendrika was born on 24 September 1901 in Rotterdam[45].  All four parents were present at the marriage.

5.3   Petronella Anna Francisca Zikking was born on 28 November 1904 in Rotterdam.  Her parents were living in a house on the Nicolaas Zasstraat, Rooterdam at the time of her birth[68].  Petronella married Martinus Anthonius Stephanus Sliedregt on 2 May 1924 in Rotterdam.  Martinus worked as an Auto Mechanic[69].  Martinus was born in Delft, South Holland on 19 August 1901.  Martinus' parents were Andreas Johannes Sliedregt and Adriana Johanna Brouwer[63].  They lived in Den Haag for a period[46].

6.   Joannes Theodorus Antonius Zikking.
Joannes was born on 29 October 1869 in Harderwijk and was baptised on 30 October at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[15,9].  He died shortly after on 5 December 1869[48].

7.   Joannes Everardus Hubertus Zikking.

Joannes (2nd) was born on 3 November 1870 in Harderwijk and was baptised on 4 November at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[16,9].  His uncle, Everhardus Eligius Roosen was named as his Godparent.  Joannes married Johanna Josephina van Eck on 31 August 1893 in Amsterdam.  When he was married, Joannes worked as a Carpenter.  Johanna was born in Amsterdam on 30 May 1869.  Her parents were Hendrikus van Eck and Matje Verheul[49,50].  Johanna died sometime between August 1894 and 1898[51].  With Johanna, Joannes had 1 child:-

7.1   Johanna Wilhelmina Theodora Zikking was born on 8 August 1894 in Amsterdam[53].  Johanna married Gerardus Werneke on 29 January 1919 in Amsterdam.  Gerardus was born on 1 February 1890 in Abcoude-Bambrugge.  Gerardus' parents' were Wilhelmus Werneke, a Tailor and Maria Spithoven.  Gerardus stated his occupation as Postman[54,55].

Joannes married a second time with Antje Burgink on 18 August 1898 in Amsterdam.  Antje was born on 5 September 1868 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Antoni Hendrikus Burgink, a Shoemaker and Gerritje Kroon.  Joannes was still working as a Carpenter[51,52].  Joannes and Antje had 2 children:-

7.2   Johannes Antonius Hendrikus Zikking was born on 29 June 1899 in Amsterdam[56].  Johannes married Helena Theodora Bauersch on 16 April 1925 in Amsterdam.  Helena was born in Zutphen, Gelderland on 17 April 1898.  Helena's parents were Johann Bauersch and Gerritje van de Weerd.  At the time, Johannes worked as a Furrier[8,57].  They were divorced on 13 May 1937.  In Amsterdam, they lived at Da Costakade 93 and the Witte de Wittestraat 18[82].

7.3   Barbara Victorine Gerarda Zikking was born ca 1924 in Amsterdam.  On 12 September 1929, she married Jacobus Johannes Nicolaas in Amsterdam.  Jacobus was born ca 1887 in Den Haag.  His parents were Gerardus Johannes Nicolaas and Maria Wilhelmina Drabbe.  Jacobus worked as a House Painter[8].

8.   Bernardus Theodorus Albertus Zikking.
Bernardus was born on 8 December 1872 in Harderwijk[17].  He worked as a Commercial Traveller/Saleman and died in Rotterdam on 13 June 1924[58].  He married Elisabeth Maria Johanna Christina Broeckx on 2 August 1899 in Den Haag, NL[94].  Elisabeth was born in Tilburg, North Brabant on 10 March 1873.  Her parents were Gerardus Stephanus Broeckx and Marianna Johanna Lucas.  The Broeckx family was living in the Heuval district of Tilburg[60].  Elisabeth died in Breda, North Brabant on 19 April 1944.  She was 71 years old.  It appears that she married again after Bernardus died.  Her death certificate notes that she was divorced from Adrianus Joannes Jansen[61]

This Zikking family moved a few times between Rotterdam and Den Haag.  In 1899, they were reported to have left Rotterdam for Den Haag and their first two children were born there ca 1901-1902[62,70,73].  Bernardus is noted as a Hotelkeeper.  Around 1903-04 they had moved to Rotterdam and stayed for, at least, the next 10 years.  In 1904 the family lived in Waerschutstraat[74].  In 1906 they lived in the Raampoortstraat[76].  In 1907 they lived at Oppert 89[77].  In 1909 they lived at Kruiskade 41[78].  By 1930, Elisabeth was living in Breda and supported herself from a pension[71].  Bernardus and Elisabeth had 7 children:-

8.1   Aleida Hendrika Zikking was born on 27 April 1901 in Den Haag[70].  On 1 September 1911, Aleida and her sister, Johanna Cornelia, were sent from Den Haag to the town of Best** - probably for education[73].  Reference 73 shows her, at what appears to be, and all girls establishment until 9 September 1914 when she left for Rotterdam.  On 5 November 1930, she married Dirk Ameling.  Dirk was 39 years old, born in Rotterdam on 22 September 1891 and at the time of their marriage, he worked as a Goldsmith.  His parents were Frans Ameling and Sara Harshagen.  Dirk had been previously married and was divorced from Johanna van Ijssel[44,71].  Dirk had two children with Johanna van Ijssel - Fredrika Johanna Ameling born 1918 and Fritz Willem Ameling born 1920[80].  Later Dirk worked as a Watchmaker[80].  Aleida and Dirk had one child of their own:-

8.1.1   Elisabeth Sara Ameling was born on 8 February 1933 in Rotterdam.

8.2   Johanna Cornelia Josefina Zikking was born on 17 September 1902 in Den Haag.  On 1 September 1911, together with her older sister, Aleida, Johanna was sent to Best** where she stayed until 15 March 1916[73].  It appears that she married Barsamiant Haig who worked a s a Musician and was born in Cairo, Egypt on 2 May 1890.  The reference states that his religion was Armenian Orthodox and Johanna's was Roman Catholic.  They lived in Hamburg, Germany for a time and arrived in Rotterdam on 1 May 1931 and lived at the Scheveningen-Rotterdamschestraat 65[72].

8.3   Barbara Victorine Zikking was born on 16 September 1904 in Rotterdam[74].  Barbara left Rotterdam on 1 April 1920 for Zouterwoude, a town just south of Leiden, South Holland and on 4 March 1925, she is recorded arriving in Den Haag from Zouterwoude and she moved into a  house at Helmerstraat 2, 2nd floor.  Later in August 1926, she moved to Huijgenstraat 14 with an uncle N.S Heijden - who is this?[62,59].  Barbara died suddenly aged only 22 years on 15 April 1927 in Groesbeek, Gelderland.  She must have been visiting someone since her death certificate states she lived in Zoeterwoude[75].

8.4   Theodora Elisabeth Zikking was born on 16 August 1906 in Rotterdam[76].

8.5   Wilhelmus Antonius Johannes Aloijsius Zikking was born on 23 November 1907 in Rotterdam[77].

8.6   Cornelia Gerardina Johanna Maria Zikking was born on 21 July 1909 in Rotterdam[78].  On 13 May 1916, Cornelia also went to Best** and stayed until 25 September 1923[73].  Cornelia died on 27 January 1927 in Rotterdam.  She was only 17 years old[79].

8.7   Antje Maria Elisabeth Zikking was born on 16 May 1914 in Rotterdam[73].  Like her older sisters, she also went to Best** on 13 September 1921 and left on 24 January 1924[73].   On 28 November 1938, she married Hendrikus Marinus Graafmans in Breda.  Fredericus was 51 years old and born in Bergen op Zoom.  His parents were Fredericus Adrianus Graafmans and Adriana Maria van den Boom[92].  According to one family tree, Antje died in Venlo, NL on 21 Setember 1990 and Hendrikus on 17 August 1972, also in Venlo[93].

**Best is a small town located north-west of Eindhoven, North Brabant.

9.   Barbara Geertrudes Josephine Zikking.
Barbara was born on 4 December 1875 in Harderwijk and was baptised the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[64,9].  Barbara probably lived in Den Haag.  She married Victor Adolph Croin on 28 December 1898 in Breda, NL[95].  Victor was born on 9 December 1864 in Hoofdplaat, Zeeland.  His parents were Josephus Judocus Croin and Paulina Angelina  Begheijn[65,66].  On 30 August 1912, the family arrived in Amsterdam and lived at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 63, Houderkoperstraat 9, 2nd floor and other places[83].  They had (at least) 1 child:-

9.1   Josephus Victor Croin was born on 23 July 1902 in Den Haag[65].  Joseph married Geertruida Maria Josephina Knipscheer.  Geertruida was born on 6 August 1904 in Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam they lived at Jan van Galenstraat 68 and later, after February 1938, at Jan van Lennepkade 33[84].  Josephus operated a Cigar Shop -"Croin"- at Jan van Galenstraat 68.

As a sideline,  the Author's uncle Wim (Wilhelmus Johannes Antonius Maria Roosen, born 1918), as an orphan fled the Post family home and lived for a time with his aunt "Truus" in the Jan van Galenstraat 68.

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