Antonia Maria Johanna Roosen (b 1872)

Peterus Theodorus Roosen & Geertruida Paulina Philippina Mulder

17 November 1872 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[1,5]
died: 19 May 1944 Alkmaar, North Holland, NL

24 October 1894 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[2]
Jacobus Johannes Lambertus Rault
30 October 1871 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[1,12]
died: 10 July 1936 Heiloo, North Holland, NL[13]


Antonia was born in Amsterdam, probably at Bloemstraat 181 in the colourful Jordaan district.  She was named after an older sister who died approx 9 months earlier.

She spent, at least, the first few years of her life lving at Bloemstraat 181 but by the time her younger brother, Wilhelmus Johannes was born in 1879, the family had moved down the street to Bloemstraat 86[6].  When she was 9 years old, the family was still living at the same address[7].

Location of Bloemstraat 181 and 86.

Bloemstraat 181, Oct 2003

From Antonia Maria Johanna's birth certificate

Antonia married Jacobus Johannes Lambertus Rault on 24 October 1894 in Amsterdam.  Antonia had no occupation, Jacobus’ was 22 years of age and worked as a Butcher[2].

The witnesses to the marriage included Willem Hendrik Mulder (stated to be an uncle of  Antonia, another Carpenter) and Antonius Mattheus Hendriks who was married to Antonia's aunt, Antonia Maria Roosen (born 1864 in Harderwijk).

From their marriage certificate

Jacobus Johannes Lambertus Rault
Jacobus was born on 30 November 1871at his parents' house at Tweedebinnendwarsstraat 389 in Amsterdam.  His parents were Johannes Cornelis Casparus Rault and Wilhelmina Johanna Vontijn/Fontijn[12].

From his birth certificate

Where They Lived
After their marriage, Antonia and Jacobus lived in more than 16 different homes in Amsterdam between 1894 and 1915 but it is not known why they moved so often[1].  It seems that they may have lived with a number of family members - aunts and uncles, so maybe they had very little money.

Some of the Amsterdam houses they lived in are noted below.  There were quite few others!

When their first child, Maria Helena Johanna was born in 1895, they were living at Warmoesstraat 17[16,1].  Jacobus occupation was stated as Butcher and Antonia's occupation was stated as Civil Servant (Ambtenaar)[16].

When Geertruida Theodora Maria was born in 1896, they were living at Spuistraat 1 and Jacobus occupation was stated as In service (Bediende).  This could mean he was working as a Servant, Waiter or other kind of service job.  Now Antonia has no job[19].  In 1898, they were living at Dirk van Hasfeltsteeg 57[20,21].  In January 1899, Jacobus is temporarily unemployed[27].

By May 1900, Jacobus was working as an Undertaker's Assistant (Aanspreker) and the family lived at Langestraat 88[23].  Perhaps thi is the start of his long term career?  In 1902 they were living at Zeedijk 17[25].  In December 1903 they were living at Prins Hendrikkade 58[26,32].

In 1903, Jacobus declared the death of an aunt (AGJ Rault) and stated his occupation as an Undertaker's Assistant[9].  Again in 1907, he declared the death of another aunt (HCC Rault) and again in 1911, another aunt (AGJ Rault) and in each case he stated his occupation as Undertaker's Assistant[10,11].

From AGJ Rault death certificate

For one year from September 1907, they lived at the Korte Lijnbaansteeg 4 - probably with Antonia's father and mother.  From February 1911 they lived at Warmoesstraat 25 and later moved to Warmoesstraat 20 in July 1915 where they stayed for another 5 years.  Antonia may have operated a shop in the Warmoesstraat 20, Amsterdam[3,4].  At least during their last 10 years living in Amsterdam, they were reasonably settled.
Later he may have worked as a qualified Undertaker[4].

Korte Lijnbaansteeg 4
Sep 2016

Warmoesstraat 20
Sep 2016

After the death of Antonia's father, Peterus Theodorus in June 1913, Antonia's mother, Geertruida Paulina Philippina Mulder, lived with the Rault family.

In June 1920, Antonia, Jacobus and 3 children moved to Heiloo[1] a small town lying south of Alkmaar.  It is not clear if her mother moved to Heiloo also but her death is recorded in Amsterdam[8].

The only record found in Heiloo is an entry for the family in the Heiloo Bevolkingsregister (inhabitant's register) for 1921-1936[14].  The entry was made in June 1923.  Jacobus' occupation is stated as a Trader in Petroleum.  The family members recorded in this register are Jacobus, Antonia and the children Maria Helena Johanna, Josephina Geertruida Maria and Cornelis Theodorus Jacobus.

From the Heiloo Bevolkingsregister 1921-1936

Jacobus died in Heiloo on 10 July 1936 aged 64 years[13,14].

from JJL Rault death certificate

Shortly after, in August 1936, Antonia is recorded as moving to Bergen (just north of Alkmaar)[14].  This move is also recorded in her Amsterdam Persoonenkaart (inhabitant's register) which further states that she lived at Kogendijk 49 in Bergen with her daughter Josephina and her family[15].  

Kogendijk, Bergen 

This reference also tells us that she moved from Bergen back to Amsterdam in June 1943 and lived with her brother, Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen, at Frederik Hendrikstraat 108 (3rd floor).  She may not have stayed very long with Theo since she moved to Alkmaar and died there on 19 May 1944.

From Antonia's Amsterdam Persoonenkaart

It is believed that Antonia and Jacobus had (at least) 9 children[1]:-
  • Maria Helena Johanna born 6 August 1895 in Amsterdam[16]

From Maria Helena's birth certificate

She moved to Heiloo with her parents[1].  She married Pieter Zonneveld on 10 February 1926 in Heiloo[17].  Pieter was 32 years old and was born and raised in Castricum[33].  His parents were Jan Zonneveld and Cornelia Voorhout.  

Among the witnesses who signed on the marriage certificate were N J Schaper who married Maria's sister Josephina.

Maria Helena Johanna died in Heiloo on 12 January 1930[18].  She was buried on 16 January .

Fragment of Maria Helena Johanna's death notice
Click on image to see the full card.

Maria Helena Johanna and Pieter had only one child, Johannes (Jan) Zonneveld who was born on 4 December 1926.  Jan never married and passed away in 1977.  He lived in Heiloo.

  • Geertruida Theodora Maria born 31 October 1896 and died on 11 November 1898 in Amsterdam  aged less than 2 years[19,20].

From Geetruida's death certificate
  • Cornelius Johannes Theodorus born 2 February 1898 in Amsterdam and died on 23 October 1898 aged less than 1 year[21,22].
  • Josephina Geertuida Maria born January 1899 in Amsterdam[27,1].  She moved to Heiloo with her parents in 1920[1].  On 18 November 1925, she married Nicolaas Johannes Schaaper in Heiloo.  Nicolaas was born on 11 January 1891 in Bergen, North Holland.  His parents were Simom Schaaper (born Assendelft) and Guertje Hoogland (born Alkmaar).  He was the 6th of 7 children[28].  In the Bergen Bevolkingsregisters of 1922-1939, Nicolaas is still living at home and his father has married a scond time with Maria Commandeur[29].  (In both of these references, the family name is spelled "Schaaper")

After Nicolaas married Josephina, he gained his own Bevolkingsregisters entry in the same period[30].  This reference notes 4 children:-
  • Cornelis Simon Maria Schaper (Cor), was born 6 February 1927 in Bergen and died 12 August 1997 in Bergen..
  • Maria Antonia Jacoba Schaper (Rie), was born 5 February 1929 in Bergen and died 5 September 2008.
  • Simon Jacobus Antonius Maria Schaper (Siem), was born 10 February 1933 in Bergen and died 24 April 2000.
  • Jacobus Nicolaas Maria Schaper, was born 30 May 1937 in Bergen.
The family is noted as being of the Roman Catholic faith and are living at Kogendijk 49. No death dates are provided in this reference.

From reference 30.  Note: the family name has one 'a' scrubbed out inconsistently.

As a young man, Nicolaas Johannes Scha(a)per worked in a local chocolate factory.  After he and Josephina were married, they purchased a dairy farm which worked until his death[31].

Josephina died on 15 Feb 1952 in Bergen[17].  She was buried on 19 February.  She suffered from diabetes and was in and out of hospital very often[31].

Fragment of Josephina Geertruida Maria's death notice
  • Dorothea Cornelia Maria was born 10 May 1900 in Amsterdam but died only on 31 July just 1 months later[23,24].
  • Cornelis Theodorus Jacobus born 29 Aug 1902 in Amsterdam[25]. He moved to Heiloo with his parents[1,14].  He died on 9 January 1927[14].

From Cornelis Theodorus Jacobus birth certificate
  • Antoinette Wilhelmina Johanna was born in September 1903[1] at Prins Hendrikkade 58 in Amsterdam but died on 25 December 1903 at the same address aged only 3 months[26,32].

From Antoinette Wilhelmina Johanna's birth certificate
  • Johanna Jacoba Maria born 20 Dec 1905 (?) in Amsterdam. She may have died on 18 July 1912[1].
  • Geertruida Philippina .?. born in 1906 in Amsterdam[1].

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