Antonia Maria Roosen (b 1846)

Antonius Roosen & Geurtje van der Heijden

9 June 1846
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
9 June 1846 Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church, Harderwijk[2]
21 March 1929
Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL[28]
 Buried: 25 March 1929
Amersfoort Roman Catholic Church, Amersfoort, NL[29]

5 August 1875
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[5]
Antonius Mattheus Hendriks
7 August 1841
Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL[6]
28 January 1898
Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL[27]
Antonius Mattheus
Geertruida Cornelia Antonia
Hermanus Josephus

Cornelia Antonia
Aleida Bernarda Sophia
Theodora Geertruida


Antonia was born at her parents' home at the Vischmarkt 653 on 9 June 1846 and was baptised on the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church in Harderwijk. 

Her godparent was her cousin, Anna Antonia Roosen (born 1832).  Anna was just 16 years old herself but 16 years was a mature age in those days[1,2].

Antonia grew up and was educated in Harderwijk as part of the small but closely knit Catholic population.  Antonia was not yet 5 years old when her mother died in January 1851[3].

In the period before 1870, Antonia lived with her older sister, Alijda Bernarda Roosen who was married to Wilhelmus Johannes Zikking, at their house in the Hondengaatstraat in the centre of Harderwijk[4].

Vischmarkt 14 (was 653 in the 1840s)

from Antonia Maria's birth certificate

Antonia Maria's baptism entry

Shortly before 1871, Antonia left Harderwijk for Amsterdam.  She may have met up with her aunt, Maria Sebilla Roosen or brother, Peterus Theodorus Roosen and possibly lived with him at Bloemstraat 86 but in any case, not long after arriving there, she met her future husband.  She worked as a Domestic Servant at the time[5].

Antonius Mattheus Hendriks

Antonius was born on 7 August 1841 in Amersfoort, Utrect, NL.  His parents were Hermanus Hendriks and Cornelia Antonia van Daal[6].

from Antonius Mattheus Hendriks birth certificate

Antonius had been married twice before he met Antonia Maria Roosen. 

His first marriage was with Maria Adriana Putman on 9 June 1869 in Amersfoort[7].  With Maria Putman, Antonius had one son, Hermanus Jacobus Hendriks, born 1 July 1870[8].  Hermanus died on 5 September 1871 aged just 1 year[11].  Maria Putman died on 8 January 1872 in Amersfoort[9,12].  During their marriage, Antonius worked as a Stucco Renderer (Stucadoor)[12]

Antonius was not long a widower.  After only 7 months, he married Wilhelmina van Leunen on 8 August 1872 in Amsterdam.  The marriage certificate states that Antonius resided in Amesfoort[10].  Presumably, Antonius travelled to Amsterdam early in 1872 to meet and marry Wilhelmina but Ref 12 records that he officially advised the Amersfoort authorities only on 9 September 1872 and there is no reference to his second marriage.  Wilhelmina lived and worked as a Domestic Servant in Amsterdam at the time of the marriage and Antonius plied his trade as a Stucco Renderer[10].  How did they meet, was it arranged?  Were her domestic duties in the house where Antonius lived?  Wilhelmina was born on 4 January 1839 at her parent's house at Kerkstraat near Spiegelstraat 302 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Hermanus van Leunen and Maria Nieuwenhuijzen[13].  Wilhelmina died on 2 November 1874.  She and Antonius were living at Haarlemmerdijk 439 at the time[14].

Antonia Maria Roosen & Antonius Mattheus Hendriks In Amsterdam

Third time around for Antonius - he and Antonia met and were married on 5 August 1875 in Amsterdam. 

Their Banns were announced on 25 July and 1 August.  Antonia's older brother, Peterus Theodorus Roosen was one of the witnesses.

Antonia worked as a Domestic Servant and Antonius continued to work as a Stucco Renderer[5].

from Antonia Maria's marriage certificate[5]

From July 1875 until July 1877, Antonia and Antonius lived at Noorderstraat 11 and their first child, Antonius Mattheus was born there[15,16].

From February 1878 until September 1879, they lived at Bloemstraat 58, the house of Antonia's brother Peterus Theodorus Roosen and their second child, Geertruida Cornelia Antonia Hendriks was born there[17,18].

Between September 1880 and November 1886, they lived at Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat 120 and their last four children were all born there[19,20,21,22].

Around June 1888, the family moved to Da Costakade 87 but stayed only approximately 1 year before moving back to Amersfoort.  They were entered into the Amersfoort Inhabitants Register on 26 June 1889[23,24].

Antonius and Antonia Maria
ca 1892

Throughout the period 1880 through to 1889, Antonius stated his occupation as Stucco Renderer but it is believed that at the Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat address, Antonius and Antonia may have operated a small Pub (public house) as an annex to the ground-floor cafe (now a Tex-Mex restaurant)[25].

Noorderstraat 11

Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat 120

Da Costakade 87
Pictures from Google Maps

To A New Life in Amersfoort

This was, of course, just a "return home" for Antonius.  Amersfoort is located between Amsterdam and Harderwijk but for Antonia, most of her relations had by then left Harderwijk.  All the children moved with them.  Antonius was a Publican in Amersfoort and Antonia was a Shopkeeper[26].

The Hendriks family ca 1892

L to R --- Aleida Bernarda Sophia b1884, Antonius Mattheus b1876, Geertruida Cornelia Antonia b1878,
Antonius Mattheus b1841 (father), Antonia Maria Roosen b1846 (mother), Cornelia Antonia b1882,
Hermanus Josephus b1880, in-front -- Theodora Geertruida b1886.

The Hendriks children - grown up - sometime after 1904
(Antonius Mattheus b1841 (father) and Hermanus Josephus b1880 not present, probably already died)

L to R --- Aleida Bernarda Sophia b1884, Geertruida Cornelia Antonia b1878, Antonius Mattheus b1876,
Antonia Maria Roosen b1846 (mother), Cornelia Antonia b1882, Theodora Geertruida b1886.

Passing On
Antonius Mattheus died first on 28 January 1898 in Amersfoort.  He was only 57 years old.  He died at his house at Koningstraat 16[27]

After Antonius Mattheus' death, Antonia remained in Amersfoort.  For a time, she lived at 't Zand (photo at right).  She lived on the second floor above the residence of the Verger of the Roman Catholic Church[25].

Antonia died on 21 March 1929 in Amersfoort and was buried in the Roman Catholic cemetery on 25 March[28,29].

't Zand, Amersfoort

from Antonia Maria's death certificate

Antonia Maria Roosen

Antonius Mattheus Hendriks

Children of Antonia Maria Roosen and Antonius Mattheus Hendriks

Antonia and Antonius had 6 children:-

1.   Antonius Mattheus Hendriks
Antonius was born on 8 October 1876 at his parents' house at Noorderstraat 11, Amsterdam[16].  He grew up in Amsterdam and Amersfoort and married Maria Petronella Regtien on 7 August 1901 in Amsterdam.  Antonius died on 26 October 1957 in Amsterdam[25].  As a young man in Amersfoort, Antonius was an Apprentice Baker and later in Amsterdam he was a Baker[26,32].  Maria was born on 14 September 1876 at Lindengracht 127 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Johannes Regtien and Johanna Maria Steenbeek[30,31].  Maria died on 26 March 1960 at Oosterwierum, Friesland, NL[25].  Antonius and Maria had 6 children:-

1.1   Antonius Mattheus Hermanus Hendriks was born on 30 June 1902 in Amsterdam at his parents' house at Da Costakade 201[33].  He died on 29 March 1980 in Amsterdam[25].  Antonius worked as a Book Printer.  He was buried in Amsterdam in the Bejaardentehuis Sint Jacob[25].  On 27 October 1926, he married Dina Dorothea Smit[35].  Dina was born on 7 December 1900 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Antoon Maria Smit and Catharina Frederika Pannekoek[34].  Antonius and Dina had 5 children.

1.2   Johannes Christoffel Hendriks was born on 20 August 1904 in Watergraafsmeer, North Holland, NL.  He died on 17 October 1960 in Amsterdam.  Johannes worked as a Plumber and also as a Fireman.  Johannes married Maria Hendrika Magdalena Groenewoud on 2 May 1928 in Watergraafsmeer.  Maria Hendrika was born on 30 May 1906 in Bussum, North Holland, NL.  Her father was Gerardus Joseph Groenewoud.  Johannes and Maria Hendrika had 2 children[25,36].

1.3   Hermanus Josephus (Henk) Hendriks was born on 14 December 1905 in Amsterdam and was baptised the same day.  He died on 26 June 1962 in Amsterdam and was buried on 2 July in Amsterdam.  He worked as a Fireman and a Plumber.  Hermanus married Johanna Hendrika Wilhelmina Rengenhart on 14 April 1932 in Amsterdam.  Johanna was born on 29 March 1907 in Amsterdam and died on 30 September 1999.  Her father was Cornelis Rengenhart.  Hermanus and Johanna had 5 children[25,37].

1.4    Maria Johanna Geertruida (Mies) Hendriks was born on 5 March 1909 in Amsterdam.  She died on 7 July 1943 in Amsterdam and was buried on 12 July in Amsterdam.  Maria married Nicolaas Wilhelmus Johannes van Rossum on 10 September 1930 in Amsterdam.  Nicolaas was born on 4 November 1907 in Amsterdam.  His parents were Nicolaas van Rossum and Anna Maria Antonetta Irene Verhoeven.  He worked as a Carpenter.  He died on 8 February 1978.  Maria and Nicolaas had 4 children[25,38].

1.5   Cornelis Albertus (Cor) Hendriks was born on 20 December 1911 in Amsterdam.  He died on 6 August 1975 at the Saint Anthonius Hospital in Sneek, Friesland and was cremated on 8 August in Goutum, Friesland, NL.  Cornelis worked as a Carpenter and Tram Conductor.  He married Antonetta Petronella Anna Agnes (Net) Welling on 19 May 1937 in Amsterdam.  Antonetta was born on 29 January 1914 in Dortmund, Germany.  Her parents were Antonius Jacobus Josephus Welling and Hendrika Wilhelmina Geertruida Johanna van Wandelen.  She died on 1 December 1966 in Grouw, Friesland and was cremated on 4 December in Goutum.  Cornelis and Antonetta had 3 children[25,39].

1.6   Bernardus Petrus Hendricus (Ben) Hendriks was born on 5 November 1916.  He died on 24 January 2005 in Amsterdam.  Ben worked as a Plumber and Bus Driver.  He married Anna Hendrika Welling on 15 May 1940 in Amsterdam.  Anna was born on 16 March 1918 in Amsterdam.  Her parents were Antonius Jacobus Josephus Welling and Hendrika Wilhelmina Geertruida Johanna van Wandelen.  Ben and Anna had 7 children[25,40].

2.   Geertruida Cornelia Antonia Hendriks
Geertruida was born on 2 October 1878 at her parent's house at Bloemstraat 58, Amsterdam[18].  She died on 8 March 1945 in Amersfoort and was buried on 13 March in Amersfoort[25].  On 12 February 1901, Geertruida married Gerardus Hendrikus Rouwhorst in Amersfoort.  Gerardus was born on 9 February 1876 in Amsterdam and his parents were Jan Berend Rouwhorst and Petronella de Bruin.  Jan Berend was a Wooden Shoe Maker[42].  At the time of their marriage, Gerardus worked as a Butcher[41].  The family lived in Amersfoort all their lives and all their children were born there.  In 1902 the family lived at Bloemendal  9[43].  Gerardus operated his butcher shop on 't Havik.  Gerardus died on 19 July 1951 in Amersfoort and was buried on 23 July[25].  Geetruida and Gerardus had 11 children:-

2.1   Petronella Johanna Bernardina Rouwhorst was born on 16 February 1902 in Amersfoort[43].

2.2   Antonius Mattheus Gerardus Rouwhorst was born on 4 February 1904 in Amersfoort[44].  Antonius died on 21 June 1975[25].  He married Anna Maria Tromm on 12 February 1901 in Amersforrt[25].  Antonius and Anna had 3 children.

2.3   Geertruida Cornelia Johanna Rouwhorst was born on 29 August 1905 in Amersfoort[44].  She died in 1933[25].

2.4   Geradus Hendrikus Antonius Rouwhorst was born on 13 November 1907 in Amersfoort[44].  Gerardus worked as a Carpenter.  He married Elisabeth Sophia Stokkermans.  In 1935, they lived in Vlagtwedde, Groningen.  They had 4 children[45,25].

2.5   Johannes Bernardus Antonius Rouwhorst was born on 9 November 1909 in Amersfoort and died in 1983[44,25].  Johannes married Anna Mathilda Maas and they had 3 children[25].

2.6   Antonia Maria Cornelia Rouwhorst was born on 22 December 1911 in Amersfoort[44].  She married ?..Swinkels and they had 2 children[25].

2.7   Johanna Petronella Alida Rouwhorst was born on 21 October 1913 in Amersfoort[25].  She lived in Amersfoort and worked as a Salesperson.  She never married and died on 14 July 1939 in Amersfoort aged just 27 years[47].

2.8  Unnamed stillborn child on 23 February 1916 in Amersfoort[46].

2.9   Herman Joseph Antoon Rouwhorst was born on 16 March 1917 in Amersfoort.  He died in 1971.  Herman married Martha Houtveen and they had 5 children[25].

2.10   Cornelis Antonius Gerardus Rouwhorst was born on 28 June 1918 in Amersfoort.  He died on 15 August 1974 in Amersfoort.  He married Petronella Hendrika Beke.  Petronella was born on 20 Sep 1915 in Arnhem, Gelderland and died on 6 March 1992 in Enschede, Overijssel.  Cornelis and Petronella had 4 children[25].

2.11   Clazina Henrietta Geertruida Rouwhorst was born on 16 April 1924 in Amersfoort but died aged only 10 months on 28 February 1925 in Amersfoort[25,48].

3.   Hermanus Josephus Hendriks
Hermanus was born on 23 September 1880 at his parents' house at Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat 120, Amsterdam[19].  He died on 24 October 1904 at his parents' house at 't Havik in Amersfoort aged only 24 years.  He never married and worked as a Photographer.  He grew up and worked in Amersfoort.  He went to live in Groningen, leaving Amersfoort on 17 June 1901 before returning to Amersfoort on 8 May 1903[26,49].

4.   Cornelia Antonia Hendriks
Cornelia was born on 6 October 1882 also at Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat 120, Amsterdam[20].  She died on 29 July 1966 and was buried on 2 August  in Leiden[25].  She grew up and worked in Amersfoort and went to live in Leiden, leaving Amersfoort on 13 August 1903 before returning to Amersfoort on 9 January 1904.  On 2 February 1904, she left Amersfoort for Baarn[26].  Cornelia married Petrus Hermanus Josephus Vreeburg.  Petrus was born on 8 August 1874 in Leiden and died there on 20 July 1955[25,52].  Petrus' parents were Jurianus Cornelis Vreeburg and Anna Maria Wouters[52].  Cornelia and Petrus had no known children.

5.   Aleida Bernarda Sophia Hendriks

Aleida was born on 13 September 1884 also at Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat 120, Amsterdam[21].  She died on 25 October 1968 in Utrecht and was buried on 29 October in Utrecht[25].  On 6 February 1917, Aleida married Petrus Hendricus Franciscus (Piet) van der Straten.  Piet worked as a Confectioner at the time of their marriage[50].  Piet was born on 26 May 1886 in Amersfoort.  His parents were Leendert Cornelis van der Straten and Anna Maria Louise Kleuren[51].  Piet died on 18 September 1951 in Utrecht and was buried on 21 September in Utrecht[25].  Aleida and Piet had 3 children.

6.   Theodora Geertruida Hendriks
Theodora was born on 15 November 1886 also at Lange Leidsedwaarsstraat 120, Amsterdam[22].  She grew up in Amersfoort and in her younger days worked as a Milliner and/or Dressmaker[26].  On 3 September 1907, Theodora left Amersfoort for Deventer.  She found her way to Arnhem then back to Amersfoort on 14 December 1911 before leaving again for the Leideschestraat 49 in Amsterdam on 29 February 1912.  By November 1913, she was back in Amersfoort and was working as a Shopkeeper[26].  Theodora joined a Christian Mission and travelled to Indonesia (the the Netherlands East Indies).  Theodora died on 18 July 1944 in Ambarawa, Java, Indonesia in a Japanese prisoner of war camp[25].

Please visit Henny Eizenga-Hendriks website for much more information about the Hendriks family.

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Photos courtesy of Henny Eizenga-Hendriks.

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