Antonius Roosen (b 1802)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Antonia Maria Peeters

1 Oct 1802 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
15 August 1863 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[13]

20 October 1830 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[3]
Geurtje van der Heijden
Leusden, Utrecht, NL[12]
18 November 1803 Hoogland, Utrecht, NL[14]
14 January 1851 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[12]

Josephus Theodorus Everhardus Eligius
Theodorus Bernardus

Alijda Bernarda
Peterus Theodorus
Antonia Maria


Antonius was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on 1 October 1802.

Antonius' baptism entry

His godmother is noted as Elisabeth Luvening – certainly his aunt, Maria/Anna Elisabeth Lövenich (nee Rosen). Antonius was named after his uncle and godfather, Antonius Rinck. They must have made the trip from Aldenhoven, Germany to Harderwijk to be present at the baptism.

The 1830 Census of Harderwijk[2] records Antonius was living with his older brother, Petrus Josephus and sister-in-law, Johanna Barnarda Hulsing, at Bruggestraat 109. Also living at this address were three children of Petrus Josephus – Karel Louwrens Theodorus, Margareta Bernarda and Hendrika Josephina.  Antonius was 27 years of age, not yet married and worked as a Cabinetmaker.  His religion was stated to be Roman Catholic.

Living in the same street at Bruggestraat 108, were Elisabeth Petronella Roosen (Antonius’ younger sister) and Geurtje van der Heijden who was 26 years of age, unmarried and working as a Servant. Her religion was stated to be Roman Catholic also.  Is this how she met Antonius?  Very likely.

Marriage to Geurtje van der Heijden
Antonius and Geurtje were married in Harderwijk on 20 October 1830[3].  Antonius was 28 years of age and Geurtje was 26.  She was 3 months pregnant at the time and Antonius was working as a Carpentry Joiner.  Their marriage Banns were published in Harderwijk on the 10th and 17th of October 1830.

Marriage certificate

Marriage entry in Roman Catholic church book

Geurtje was born in Leusden, a small village located south-east of Amersfoort and baptised at the Roman Catholic Church in Hoogland, a village just north-west of Amersfoort.

Her parents were Peel van der Heijden and Lijsje Hannesje van der Velde and they were living in Putten (just south of Harderwijk) in 1830[14].

A snapshot of Geurtje's family tree is here.

Antonius and Geurtje’s marriage certificate included 6 addenda:-
  • Antonius’ extract of baptism
  • certificate excusing Antonius from military service
  •  extract of death of his mother, Antonia Maria Peters
  • Geurtje van der Heijden’s extract of baptism
  •  extract of death of Lijsje van der Velde (died January 1815)
  •  marriage Banns (do not have)

The certificate excusing Antonius from service with the Nationale Militie describes him as being 1.60 metres tall with blue eyes. He had already served for 5 years and the certificate says it is only proper that he be discharged.

When their first child, Josephus Theodorus, was born in 1831, Antonius and Guertje were living at Grotepoortestraat 513 and his occupation was still Carpentry Joiner[4].  From 1834 to 1842, they lived at Vischmarkt 647[5,6,7,8].

The 1840 Census of Harderwijk also records them living at Vischmarkt 647[10].  Antonius, Geurtje as well as their children – Josephus Theodorus, Everhardus Eligius and Alijda Bernarda.  Another family is also living with them, Willem Schaftenaar, his wife, Berendina and their son Lubbertjen. A rather crowded house!

In 1845, Antonius purchased the house at Vischmarkt 653 (#14 today). He purchased the house from Jacob Slaap[11].  When Antonia Maria was born in June 1846 his occupation was again stated as Cabinetmaker[9].

Vischmarkt 2 (was 647 in the 1830s[11])

Vischmarkt 14 (was 653 in the 1840s)

Passing On
Geurtje van der Heijden died on 14 January 1851 at 11.00pm at their house On the Vischmarkt, Harderwijk, probably number 14[12].  She was 47 years of age.

Geurtje van der Heijden's death certificate

Antonius died on 15 August 1863 at 7.00am at his house On the Vischmarkt, again, probably number 14[13].  He was 60 years of age.

From Antonius' death certificate

The house at Vischmarkt 653 was sold in 1865 to Cornelis Brower[11].

Antonius Roosen Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church baptism entry
1830 Harderwijk Census
Antonius Roosen Geurtje van der Heijden marriage certificate
Josephus Theodorus Roosen birth certificate
Everhardus Eligius Roosen birth certificate
Theodorus Bernardus Roosen birth certificate
Alijda Bernarda Roosen birth certificate
Peterus Theodorus Roosen birth certificate
Antonia Maria Roosen birth certificate
1840 Harderwijk Census
Karel Uittien – personal communication, Oct 2003
Geurtje van der Heijden death certificate
Antonius Roosen death certificate
Geurtje van der Heijden extract of baptism