Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen (b 1863)

Everhardus Eligius Roosen & Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij

2 November 1863
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
 Baptised: 3 November 1863 Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church, Harderwijk, NL[8]
25 January 1935
Arnhem, Gelderland, NL[2]

4 May 1889
Doesburg, Gelderland, NL[5]
 Maria Theodora Böhmer
26 March 1858
Wisch, Gelderland, NL[3]
2 April 1925
Arnhem, Gelderland, NL[4]
Everhardus Antonius
Geertruida Johanna Maria
Maria Berendina

Dorathea Maria
Berendina Maria


Antonius was born in Harderwijk, the fifth of ten children.  The witnesses noted on his birth certificate were Henderikus Kornelis and Josephus Eligius Roosen.  These are brothers and half-brothers of Antonius' grandfather, Antonius.  He was born at his parents' house in the Luttekepoorstraat.

He was baptised on 3 November 1863.

Extract of Register of Persons, Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church

Antonius probably grew up in Harderwijk and learned the trade of  Printer's Typesetter (Letterzetter)[5].  Perhaps he learned his trade from his great-uncle, Josephus Eligius Roosen?  As a young man, Antonius left Harderwijk for Doesburg and found work there.  Sometime later, he met Maria Theodora Böhmer.

Maria was born in Wisch and her parents were Gerhard Böhmer, a Wooden Shoemaker and Johanna Gezina Berendsen[3].  Gerhard was born in Gendringen in 1828 and Johanna was born in Wisch in 1834.  They were married on 14 January 1858 in Wisch just a few months before Maria Theodora was born.  Other children of Gerhard and Johanna were - Henrica, born 1860, Geradus Hendrikus, born 1870 and Berendina Theodora, born 1873.  All four children were born in Wisch[7].

In 1889, Antonius and Maria Böhmer (Marie) were married in Doesburg[5].  Maria was 31 years of age and had no occupation.  She was already 5 months pregnant with their first child, Everhardus Antonius, when they married.

Antonius/Maria marriage certificate

They lived in Doesburg for many years and were there to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 1914.

Antonius' grandson, Marie Hendrik Roosen, has very little recollection of his grandfather having only met him once as a young boy.  This minimal contact was due to the separation that existed between Antonius and his only son, Everhardus Antonius who, having trained for the priesthood, gave up his Roman Catholic faith and married a non-Catholic woman.  Perhaps Antonius, a very pious Catholic, could never forgive his son[6].

In 1977, a daughter of Antonius (Maria Berendina) is reported to have passed the following information to a friend of William Roosen[6].  My translation:-

Antonius was a very young man when he left Harderwijk to go to Doesburg to work as a Printer's Typesetter and always made a solid living.  He worked for many years with firm H.G.J. Becking in the Roogestraat, Doesburg.  This firm no longer exists.  After his departure from Becking in approx 1918, he worked for a short time in Druten and then went to Arnhem where he worked for some time for a daily newspaper.  He had heavy asthma and died of pneumonia in 1935.  His character was very impetuous and short-tempered.

Marie Hendrik Roosen has passed on another anecdote about Antonius' short temper:-

........Antonius and Maria had their first child very shortly after their marriage (4 months actually) then followed up with a second child 1½ years after that.  There was then a pause of more than 3 years before the third child was born.  The story goes that the local priest was concerned about this long time between numbers 2 and 3 and went to Antonius' house to discuss this.  Apparently, Antonius misinterpreted the good meaning of the priest and flew into a rage.  He lifted the flabby priest right off his feet and threw him down the stairs............

Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen ca 1885

Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen and  Maria Theodora Böhmer Maria Theodora Böhmer with daughter, Geertruida Johanna Maria.  Her son, Everhardus Antonius, is to the right holding on to her dress.

Towns of interest - Harderwijk, Doesburg, Druten, Arnhem
Credit:- Maps of Netherlands - Visit us for large and small maps of the Netherlands.

Antonius and Maria left Doesburg around 1918 and after a short time in Druten they moved to Arnhem.

Maria died in Arnhem aged 67 years.  Antonius died 10 years after Maria in Arnhem aged 71 years.

Antonius' death certificate
Maria Theodora Böhmer and one of her daughters ca 1905 Maria Theodora Böhmer (thought to be)

Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen birth certificate
Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen death certificate
Maria Theodora Böhmer birth certificate
Maria Theodora Böhmer death certificate
5 Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen & Maria Theodora Böhmer marriage certificate
6 Marie Hendrik Roosen  – personal communication, Oct 2004
7 Jeroen Geven - personal communication, Feb 2009

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