Elisabeth Petronella Roosen (b 1811)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Antonia Maria Peters

29 June 1811 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
29 June 1811 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[2]
died: 16 October 1843 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[9]

married: 19 May 1841 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[6]
Philippus Mulder
born: ca 1812 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL


Elisabeth Petronella was born the sixth child of Johannes Theodorus and Antonia Maria Peeters in Harderwijk and baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church.  Her birth was registered on 2 July 1811.

From her birth certificate

Elizabeth Petronella's baptism entry

Her godfather was noted as Arnoldus Leuvenig – this must mean Johannes Arnoldus Lövenich, her older cousin and first son of her aunt, Maria/Anna Elisabeth Rosen, from whom she received her first name. Presumably he travelled from Aldenhoven, Germany to be present at the baptism. She received her second name from her mother's sister, Petronella Peters.

She was probably born at her parents house at Luttekepoortstraat 332. Her father, Johannes Theodorus is noted as living there in 1812[3].

In the Harderwijk 1830 Census[4], she was noted as living at Bruggestraat 108.  She was 18 years of age, unmarried, and worked as a Servant. She was living in the same house as her future sister-in-law, Geurtje van der Heijden who was also working as a Servant.

Elisabeth is noted as his Godmother when her nephew, Joseph Cremer (b1834) was baptised in Harderwijk[5].

A few years later, Elisabeth must have gone to Amsterdam where, on 19 May 1841, she married Philippus Mulder[6].  Their marriage certificate states that Elisabeth was working as a Servant.  Philippus was working as a Carpenter and was born in Amsterdam.  Philippus' parents were Joseph(us) Mulder and Geertruida van Steijn.

One of the witnesses was A Formanoij, presumably, Antonius Formanoij which suggests that his wife, Maria Sebillla Roosen, was also present.  It may be that Elisabeth went to Amsterdam and stayed with her older sister before marrying Philippus or perhaps Elisabeth was a servant in the Mulder household?  

Another of the witnesses was Cornelis Mulder noted as a Carpenter.  Probably the father of Geertruida Philippina Paulina Mulder who married Petrus Theodorus Roosen in 1866?

Elisabeth died on 16 October 1843 in Amsterdam aged only 32 years and only one year after giving birth to their only child[9].

From Elisabeth Petronella's death certificate

Elisabeth and Philippus had only one child - Johannes Cornelis Mulder who was born on 20 September 1842 and died on 18 March 1845[7,8].

Elisabeth Petronella Roosen birth certificate
Elisabeth Petronella Roosen baptism entry
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