Everhardus Eligius Roosen (b 1834)

Antonius Roosen & Geurtje van der Heijden

9 July 1834
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
baptised: 9 July 1834 St Catharina Church, Harderwijk[21]
27 December 1925
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[18]
buried: 31 December 1925 Begraafplaats Oostergaarde, Harderwijk[19,20]

14 January 1857
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[2]
Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij
3 Nov 1835
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[3]

Geertruida Antonia Maria
Maria Antonia Aleida

Antonius Peterus Theodorus Bernardus Josephus Theodorus

Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Petrus Antonius

Theodora Petronella Theodorus Antonius

Antonia Hendrika Josephus Petrus Johannes Hubertus


Everhardus (also known as Geradus) was the second son of Antonius Roosen and Geurtje van der Heijden and was born in Harderwijk at his parents' house at the Vischmarkt 647[1]

From Everhardus birth certificate

He was baptised at the St Catharina Chapel on the same day[21].

Everhardus' baptism entry

The 1840 Census of Harderwijk[5] also showed him living there with his parents and two siblings and he certainly lived with his parents at Vischmarkt 653 which his father purchased in 1845[17].  In the inhabitants registers of 1850-1855, heis recorded living at the Vischmarkt house[27].

Vischmarkt 2 (was 647 in the 1830s[17])
Vischmarkt 14. This is most likely to be
number 653 in the 1840s.

This photo is believed to be Everhardus Eligius.  It was found by Dinie Veldman in her grandmother's photo collection and was marked "grandfather"

Some time before his marriage, he met Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij.  Geertruida was the daughter of his aunt, Maria Sebilla Roosen, who some years earlier had gone to live in Amsterdam and was married there.  Geertruida was her first child with Antonius Formanoij and she was born in Amsterdam.  Aged just 21 years, unmarried and without a job, Geertruida gave birth to her first child, Geertruida Antonia Maria, on 20 November 1856 in Harderwijk[4].  Maria Sebilla, her husband Antonius Formanoij and Geertruida must have moved back from Amsterdam sometime just before this since Everhardus/Geertruida's marriage certificate states that she born in Amsterdam and lived in Harderwijk for less than one year[2]
Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij extract of birth

The child is first named Formanoij but on the day Everhardus married Geertruida (14 January 1857), he declared that he was the father of the child[2,4] and she used the Roosen name henceforth.

Note on Geertruida Antonia Maria (Formanoij)'s birth certificate[4].

Everhardus and Geertruida were, in fact, first cousins. Everhardus' father and Geertruida's mother were brother and sister.  This chart shows how.

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Everhardus' marriage certificate states that he was working as a Carpenter (Timmerman) in Harderwijk. He was discharged from military service on 27 December 1856 having been earlier balloted in. Their marriage certificate includes 4 addenda:-
  • certificate excusing Everhardus from military service (Nationale Militie)
  • extract of birth for Everhardus
  • extract of death for Geurtje van der Heijden
  • extract of birth for Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth

Certificate excusing Everhardus Eligius from further military service

Living in Harderwijk

When Geertruida Antonia Maria was born in November 1856, her mother (as yet unmarried) was living in the Luttekepoortstraat[4].  Likely the house of her parents, Antonius Formanoij and Maria Sebilla Roosen.

In the period 1855-1862, Everhardus, Geertruida and their children Geertruida and Maria were living with her parents and five of their children at Luttekepoortstraat 20[23].

In 1861 when Antonius Peterus Theodorus was born, they were living in the Schoenmakersstraat[7]. When Bernardus Josephus Theodorus was born in 1862, they were living at Lutteke Barrier[8].

In 1863, they were again living in the Luttekepoortstraat (and they remained there for at least the next 14 years[9,10,11,12,13,14,24]) but moved between various houses for example no. 91 during 1862-1870[24] and no. 6 during 1870-1880[25].

His name appears in the Address List of Harderwijk of 1908, G (Everhardus) E Roosen, Carpenter, living at the Luttekepoortstraat 146[16].  Everhardus and his family also appear in the list of inhabitants of Harderwijk for the period 1885 to 1918[15].  This record also shows the family living at the Luttekepoorstraat.

Luttekepoortsraat 146 lay just outside the main city wall to the south east.  The original building has been demolished.

For a period around 1902-1910, Everhardus and Geertruida lived in Amsterdam at Elandsgracht 109[28].  In November 1910, it is recorded that Everhardus left this house. But Geertruida stayed on until October 1919.

It is possible that Everhardus' health declined and he left Amsterdam to return to Harderwijk where he entered the Piusgesticht (an old person's home operated by the Roman Catholic church) in Harderwijk.  

The Piusgesticht later became a hospital and then replaced by apartments in ca 1984/85[17].

The records of the Piusgesticht show he moved there in 1910 and that his monthly accommodation cost was met by the Catholic Church Ambestuur - a type of church charity organisation[22].  The accommodation cost was 1 guilder per day in 1910 but had increased to 1.60 guilders in 1911.

From the Piusgesticht records of 1910

In 1911, the church sought donations to rebuild the Catharina Chapel.  Everhardus was one of the donors - he contributed a small amount of 25 cents.  Of course, he was very poor but at least he gave what he could[26].

Everhardus died on 27 December 1925 aged 91 years at the Piusgesticht in the Rabbistraat.  He was buried on 31 December in the Harderwijk Cemetery in grave 4D no 469.

From Everhardus' death certificate

From the Harderwijk cemetery records

What happened to Geertruida?
Reference 15 also states that Geertruida left Harderwijk for Amsterdam in July 1899 to live at the Korte Koningsdwarsstraat 7.  She and Everhardus may have lived there for a time before moving to Elandsgracht 100 around 1902.

Ref 28 records that she left Elandsgracht 101 in October 1919 to live with her daughter Theodora Petronella and her husband Antonie Meijer.  Ref 29 records her (but not Everhardus) living with the Meijer family.  There are many addresses listed including Korte Koningsdwarsstraat 7.  Around 1908, they may have lived at Korte Koningstraat 18 (ground floor).

Did she leave Everhardus permanently or did she later return?  Perhaps she died in Amsterdam?

Everhardus Eligius Roosen birth certificate
Everhardus Eligius Roosen & Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij marriage certificate
Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij-Roosen extract of birth
Geertruida Antonia Maria (b 1856) birth certificate
1840 Harderwijk Census
not used
Antonius Peterus Theodorus Roosen birth certificate
Bernardus Josephus Theodorus Roosen birth certificate
Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen birth certificate
Petrus Antonius Roosen birth certificate
Theodora Petronella Roosen birth certificate
Theodorus Antonius Roosen birth certificate
Antonia Hendrika Roosen birth certificate
Josephus Petrus Johannes Hubertus Roosen birth certificate
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