Fransina Maria Roosen (b 1841)

Petrus Josephus Roosen & Johanna Barnada Hulsing

12 November 1841 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
baptised: 13 November 1841 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[3]
died: 8 August 1902 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[3]


When Fransina Maria was born, her parents were living at Bruggestraat 114[1].  

from Francina's birth certificate

Today, number 109 Bruggestraat is
number 16 and number 114 is 22[3]

She was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church one day after her birthday and named after Francina Maria Hulsink[3].

Baptism entry

Harderwijk's register of inhabitants for the periods of 1862-1870 and 1870-1880 has Fransina living with her mother and grandparents at Bruggestraat 44[5,6].  The old number was 114.

At some time during the first half of the 1890s she may have been living with her older sister, Margareta Bernarda in the Kerkstraat[2].

Ajoining pages from the Harderwaijk Roman Catholic Church List of Members[2]

Fransina Maria died on 8 August 1902 in Harderwijk[4].  She was 60 years old.  She never married and had no children

From Fransina's death certificate

Fransina Maria Roosen birth certificate
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