Geertruida Antonia Maria Roosen (b 1856)

Everhardus Eligius Roosen & Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij

20 November 1856
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
 Baptised: 20 November 1856 St Catharina Church, Harderwijk[5]
8 November 1905
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[2]

14 January 1891
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[3]
 Leendert van der Voorde
27 January 1846
Brielle, South Holland, NL[19]
23 February 1900
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[4]
Maria Antonia Aleida
Geertruida Antonia Maria

Pieter Willem



When Geertruida Antonia Maria was born in November 1856, her mother (as yet unmarried) was living in the Luttekepoortstraat[1].  Likely the house of her grandparents, Antonius Formanoij and Maria Sebilla Roosen.

Her name was initially registered as Formanoij but when Everhardus Eligius Roosen married her mother, he stated that he was her father and an endorsement was added to her birth certificate[1].  Thereafter she went by the Roosen name.

From Geertruida's birth certificate

Geertruida was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on the day of her birth.

From the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church Persons Register

Growing Up In Harderwijk
For a few years after Geertruida was born, she and her parents remained in the house of Antonius Formanoij and Maria Sebilla Roosen at Luttekepoortstraat 20[6].  

When her brother, Antonius Peterus Theodorus was born in 1861, they were living in the Schoenmakersstraat[7].  

When her next brother, Bernardus Josephus Theodorus was born in 1862, the family was living at Lutteke Barrier[8].

In 1863, the family was again living in the Luttekepoortstraat (and remained there for at least the next 14 years[9,10,11,12,13,14,15]) but moved between various houses for example no. 91 during 1862-1870 and no. 6 during 1870-1880[15,16].

For a short time between April 1877 and May 1878, she was in Amsterdam working as a Servant at Weteringdwarsstraat 34 and moved back to Harderwijk[29].  Again, between September 1880 and May 1981 she was working as a Servant at Leidschestraat 52 then moving back to Harderwijk[30].

The inhabitants registers of Harderwijk for the period 1885-1918 record that up to around 1890, Geertruida was back living with her parents in the Luttekepoortstraat and now she has two children of her own[17].  Her first two children, Maria Antonia Aleida, born 1882 and Geertruida Antonia Maria, born 1889 are noted as grand-daughters of the Head of the house, ie Everhardus Eligius.  This register notes that Maria Antonia Aleida was born and illegitimate child.

The register also notes that left Harderwijk on 7 May 1887 for Amsterdam and returned in April 1889, very pregnant just before the birth of her second daughter, who sadly, only lived a few days.  It is recorded that Geertruida went to Amsterdam to work as a Servant.  

One can only speculate as to the cause of her relocation to Amsterdam.  Was she sent away from Harderwijk to reduce embarrassment to the family?  Was she being separated from her lover, Leendert van der Voorde (who later certified that he was the father of daughter Maria AA)?  Did Leendert follow her to Amsterdam?  Was he the father of the second child born out of wedlock?

It is very likely that Leendert was the father of Geertruida's second daughter, Geertruida Antonia Maria, born April 1889.  Since the child died after only a few days, it was not necessary for him to make the same declaration of parentage as he did for Maria AA.

Origins of Leendert van der Voorde
Leendert was born in Brielle in January 1846.  His parents were Pieter van der Voorde and Leentje Dubbled and was the 11th of eleven children of this couple[19,35].

It is not known exactly why or when he came to Harderwijk but perhaps it was for military training at the Harderwijk Werfdepot. The Harderwijk Werfdepot was set up specifically to train solders for the KNIL (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger or Royal Netherlands East Indies Army). The KNIL was formed by royal decree on 10 March 1830.  It was not part of the Royal Netherlands Army, but a separate military arm specifically formed for service in the Netherlands East Indies.

Brielle, South Holland location

from Leendert van der Voorde's birth certificate[35]

Leendert served in the KNIL and their marriage certificate states that he was a pensioned military man[18,4].  Was he wounded in battle in the Netherlands East Indies?  We don't know when he went overseas or when he returned but it can be surmised that he returned to Harderwijk sometime before 1892.  Geertruida was 35 years of age when they married - rather old for a person of that time.  Could they have met when Leendert first arrived in Harderwijk for military training?  Perhaps she waited for him to return from overseas service?

In any event, Geertruida and Leendert finally married in January 1891 in Harderwijk.  This is nine years after they first met.  Perhaps Everhardus Eligius did not think him a suitable match?  More likely the problem was one of religion.  Leendert was of the Dutch Reformed (Protestant) faith and Geertruida was Roman Catholic[20].  Geertruida's father, Everhardus was a pious man and no doubt would have resisted the idea of this marriage.

Henk van der Voorden maintains a website for van der Voorde and related names:-

The author has extracted some data from Henk's website to show the direct line for Leendert and Geertruida.  Click here to see that table.

In December 1892, Harderwijk records state that Leendert, Geertruida and Antonia left for Ouder-Amstel[17].  They stayed for 1 years before moving on.

In May 1894, they are recorded arriving in Alphen aan der Rijn[17].  It is possible that they associated with Geertruida's aunt, Antonia Hendrika (born 1874), who spent some time there.  Their address in Alphen is noted as Wijk H, Nr. 19 and Leendert's occupation is stated as Toll Collector (Tolgaarder).  Perhaps there was a bridge or punt across the Rhine and he may have collected the toll from traffic crossing.

They stayed in Alphen for just over one year and in August 1895, with Geertruida pregnant, they left Alphen aan der Rijn to return to Harderwijk[17].  Probably to be with Geertruida's family for the birth of their third child.

Leendert passed away only 4 years later in February 1900.  He was only 54 years old.  Was he injured during his military service, could this have shortened his life?

From Leendert van der Voorde's death certificate

Geertruida left Harderwijk shortly after Leendert's death.  She arrived in Amsterdam and her inhabitant registration was dated 18 October 1900 when she lived at Koestraat 38[37].  From 15 March 1901, she lived at Keizerstraat 4 and from 12 August 1901 at Korte Keizersdwaarsstraat 13 and from 14 April 1902 at Lange Keizersdwaarsstraat 3.  All these houses are located closely together in the inner east of Amsterdam.

She died in Amsterdam on 8 November 1905.  She may have been living in the Dijkstraat at the time.  Note, this is after her father was admitted to the old persons home (the Piusgesticht) in Harderwijk.

From Geertruida Antonia Maria's death certificate

As mentioned above, it is believed that Leendert van der Voorde was the father of all three of Geertruida's children:-
  • Maria Antonia Aleida Roosen / van der Voorde,  was born and baptised on 3 November 1882 in Harderwijk[21,22].  Her surname stated in her birth certificate and baptism rentry was Roosen but Leendert van der Voorde declared that she was his child when he married Geertruida and this is endorsed on Maria's birth certificate.  She lived her life with the van der Voorde surname.

Maria Antonia Aleida's baptism entry at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church

Maria died on 25 October 1912 in Amsterdam[33].

from Maria Antonia Aleida's death certificate

Maria left Harderwijk and arrived in Amsterdam.  Her first registration as an inhabitant was on 25 March 1899 when she lived at Gelderskade 113 (home of de Leeuw)[37].  Maria worked as a Domestic Servant.  From 6 July 1899 she lived at Oude Hoogstraat 18 (home of J Mendels) and from 6 September 1899 to 23 April 1900, she lived at Kerklaan 34 (home of A Baruck).

She returned to Harderwijk for a short time and returned to Amsterdam on 19 June 1900 and was registered living at Nieuwe Prinsengracht 92 (home of de Mattos).  From 7 September 1900 she lived at Muidergracht 26 (moved with de Mattos) and from 23 April 1903 at Krom Boomsloot 11.  Her occupation is now stated as Worker (Werkster), but what work was she doing?

Later she lived at many more addresses - Lange Keizersdwaarsstraat 17, Bilderdijkkade 81, Nicolaas Beetsstraat 87, Bilderdijkstraat 189, Kinkerstraat 28, Oude Spiegelstraat 2, Kinkerstraat 36, Keizersstraat 28 and Lennepstraat 80.  She was rarely at any of these addresses for more than a couple of months.

Johannes Gerardus Mulder is mentioned in Ref 37, so I expect he was living with her or at least "hanging around" a lot!

Maria married Johannes Gerardus Mulder in Amsterdam on 17 February 1910[31].  Johannes was the son of Hermanus Mulder and Anna Maria Deuvik and was born in Amsterdam on 3 March 1884.  He worked as a Chauffeur[32]

from Maria Antonia Aleida & Johannes Gerardus Mulder marriage certificate

It would appear that Maria and Johannes were "close friends" for some time before they were married.  Maria had three children before they were married:-

1.   Dirk van der Voorde was bor on 21 January 1903 in Amsterdam[37].

2.  In 1906, Maria gave birth to a son, Johannes Hermanus van der Voorde.  Johannes Hermanus was born on 10 February 1906 in Amsterdam and on their marriage certificate, Johannes Gerardus declared that he was the boy's father[31].  Johannes used the surname Mulder.

from Maria Antonia Aleida & Johannes Gerardus Mulder marriage certificate

Johannes Hermanus van der Voorde/Mulder married Jansje Wisman in Amsterdam on 30 May 1929.  Johannes was working as a Chauffeur like his father before him.[34].

3.   Anna Maria van der Voorde was born on 6 February 1908 in Amsterdam[37].

Johannes Gerardus Mulder Married Again
On 11 May 1921, Johannes Mulder married Cornelia Johanna Schild in Amsterdam.  He is noted as the widower of Maria A A van der Voorde.  When his son, Johannes was married, he worked as a Motor Mechanic[34].
  • Geertruida Antonia Maria Roosen, born on 1 April 1889, in Harderwijk and died on 4 April 1889[23,24].  Probably Leendert van der Voorde's child also but this was never declared.
  • Pieter Willem van der Voorde, born on 2 February 1896 in Harderwijk[25].  He was baptised the next day in the Roman Catholic faith[26].  His birth was published in the local paper on 8 February.

From Pieter Willem's birth certificate

Pieter Willem's baptism entry.

Overveluwish Weekblad, 8 February 1896

Pieter Willem lived with his mother in Amsterdam until her death (at a house on the Dijkstraat) and then was placed into a Roman Catholic orphanage (see below) until he was about 14 years old.  After leaving the orphanage, Pieter Willem went to Waspik, (near Waalwijk) North Brabant, where he trained to be a Carpenter.  At the age of 18, he joined the Army and was based in/near Katwijk, South Holland.  He returned to Amsterdam and worked as a Carpenter and met his future wife.

Pieter Willem married Trintje Harmina Sieders on 26 Aug 1920 in Amsterdam[27].  Trintje was born on 19 February 1901 in Hoogeveen[18,36].  At the time of his marriage, Pieter Willem worked as a Carpenter.  Later he became a Fireman until he retired aged 55 years.  After Trintje died in 1956, he moved to Velp (near Arnhem) and in 1958, he married again.  In Velp, he operated a tobacco shop[18].

Children.  Pieter Willem and Trintje had 4 children, all boys.

Note regarding the Orphanage.  A Roman Catholic orphanage was located in a quiet section between the Elandstraat and the Lauriergracht in the heart of the Jordaan district, just west of the Dam Square.  

The complex consisted of multiple buildings designed by Steven Vennecool, the last of the great architects of the 17th century.  The oldest portion was built around an original wooden home which has remained partially preserved.  

The first buildings for the orphanage were built around 1700.  In 1790 more construction took place and in 1883, the last section was completed.  The complex included a series of corridors that connected with former monasteries in the immediate vicinity.

 During World War 2, these buildings were used by the resistance and for hiding weapons.  The orphanage remained in use until the 1950s[28].

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