Johannis Hendrikus Roosen (b 1835)

Petrus Josephus Roosen & Johanna Barnada Hulsing

22 December 1835 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
27 October 1865 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[2]


When Johannis Hendrikus was born, his parents were living at Bruggestraat 109[1].

Birth certificate

He was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on the same day[4].

Baptism entry

Today, number 109 Bruggestraat is
number 16 and number 114 is 22[3]

Harderwijk's register of inhabitants for the periods of 1862-1870 and 1870-1880 has Joannis living with his parents at Bruggestraat 44[5].  This the renumbered 114.

Johannis died aged 29 years. At the time of his death, his parents were living at Bruggestraat 114 (new 44).

His death certificate states that he was not married and his occupation as Carpentry Joiner, he was probably working with his father.

Death certificate

His parents publicly thanked those who offered condolences for Johannis' passing:-

Johannis Hendrikus Roosen birth certificate
Johannis Hendrikus Roosen death certificate
Karel Uittien – personal communication, Oct 2003
4 Johannis Hendrikus Roosen baptism entry, Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church book.
5Harderwijk bevolkingsregister 1862-1870