Josephus Eligius Roosen (b 1831)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Johanna Elisabeth Leenen

30 October 1831 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
baptised: 30 October 1831 Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church, NL[8]
died: 28 October 1899 Rotterdam, South Holland, NL[15]

5 October 1864 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[4]
Sophia Adriana Soomer
23 February 1844 Delft, South Holland, NL[5]

married(2): 13 May 1874 Rotterdam, South Holland, NL[9]
Johanna Catharina Maria Piels
born: 27 November 1838 Nijmegen, Gelderland, NL[10]
died: 4 June 1927 Poortugaal, Rotterdam, NL[16]

Children: Johanna Maria Elizabeth


Luttekepoortstraat, Harderwijk
Josephus Eligius was born at his parents’ house at Luttekepoortstraat 332 in Harderwijk[1].  He was the last child born into this family.

He is not mentioned in 1830 census of Harderwijk but shows up in the 1840 census aged 8 years[2,3].

From Josephus Eligius' birth certificate

Josephus was baptised on 30 October 1831 at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church.

During the period 1850-1855, he was recorded living in the Luttekepoortstraat house (most likely number 332) with his mother and elder siblings Hendrikus and Wilhelmina[18].  His occupation is noted as Bookbinder's Apprectice.  Later in the period 1855-1862, just before his marriage, he was still living in the Luttekepoortstraat house with his mother and elder siblings[12].

In 1863, Josephus was noted as a witness to the registration of birth of Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen.  Josephus' occupation was noted as printer's Typesetter (Letterzetter)[7].

In 1864 he married Sophia Adriana Soomer[4].  He was 22 years old, living in Harderwijk.  Sophia’s parents were Hendrikus Adrianus Soomer (b1814) and Maxilante Vergenie Delgorge (b1814). Sophia was born in Delft and was 20 years old and had no occupation when she was married.

Their marriage certificate includes 3 addenda which include:-
  • Josephus Eligius’ release from the Nationale Militie
  • Josephus Eligius’ extract of birth
  • Sophia Adriana Soomer extract of birth
Josephus was balloted into the Nationale Militie by lottery number 162.

Above – Luttekepoortstraat (north end)

Left – Luttekepoortstraat (south end)

In the period 1862-1870, Josephus and Sophia were noted as living in Harderwijk[13].  Josephus' occupation was Bookbinder.  No children were recorded.  This record also states that Sophia left Harderwijk on 14 July 1865 for Amsterdam.  Josephus is not recorded as leaving with her!  A later record in the same reference states that Josephus was back living with his two siblings (Hendrikus is noted as the Head of the household) so this is presumably after Sophia and he have separated.  His occupations is recorded as Printers Typesetter (Letterzetter).

Josephus and Sophia were divorced and the divorce was registered on 10 November 1873 in Arnhem, Gelderland.

Here is additional information with the Soomer Family Tree.  There is also a website for the Somer, Soomer, Zomer and related names - see

Josephus declared his divorce in Rotterdam, South Holland and this declaration was registered on 20 March 1874[6].  His first marriage certificate was also endorsed in Arnhem on 27 August 1874[4].

Two months after his declaration, Josephus Eligius married Johanna Catharina Maria Piels who was 35 years of age and was born in Nijmegen, Gelderland, NL.  They were married in Rotterdam on 13 May 1874.  Johanna’s parents were Theodorus Petrus Piels and Jeanne Marie Petronella Bongers.

Josephus and Johanna announced their engagement in the newspaper:-

and also their marriage:-

Josephus and Johanna settled down and had many years of marriage.  On 13 November 1886, they celebrated 12 years of marriage.  It appears to have been a happy marriage.  They were living in The Hague at this time.

Josephus died on 28 October 1899 in his house on the Bleekerssteeg, Rotterdam aged 67 years[15].  His death certificate states his last occupation was
Printers Typesetter.

From Josephus Eligius' death certificate

There may be some personal items from the Roman Catholic Armbestuur (a sort of charity looking after poor people) deposited with the Rotterdam Town Archive in 1900[14].  To be checked.  It may be that Josephus worked as a Guard for the
Nederlandsche Rijnspoorweg Maatschappij (Dutch Rhine Railway Company) and retired in 1869.  He may have lived for some time in the Oude Leidenhuis (Old Leiden House, probably an old person's home in Rotterdam).

Johanna died on 4 June 1927 in her house at 14, Area (Wijk) 6 in Poortugaal, Rotterdam[16].  She was aged 88 years.

From Johanna Catharina Maria's death certificate

Poortugaal is a small district within the community of Albrandswaard.

****** There are a number of BMD certificates in Nijmegen for a Johanna Catharina Maria Piels with different spelling of father's name (but similar to Theodorus Petrus) but different mother's name.  This JCM Piels had a family with Hoenselaar in/around Nijmegen.  The notes in Genlias warn that the certificate data is faulty.  I haven't figured this out yet!

It appears that Josephus and Johanna had only one child - Johanna Maria Elizabeth, born on 19 May 1875 in Rotterdam, NL[11].  Johanna died on 30 October 1875 in Rotterdam, NL, aged 5 months[17].

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