Josephus Theodorus Roosen (b 1831)

Antonius Roosen & Geurtje van der Heijden

13 April 1831
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
13 April 1831
Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[7]
2 September 1892
Gorinchem, South Holland, NL[21]

29 July 1858
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[8]
 Joanna Josephina Grijpma
8 September 1834
Groningen, Groningen, NL[22]
30 December 1883
Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL[19]
 Buried:3 January 1884OLV Kerkhof, Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL[23]
Antonius Peterus
Johanna Maria
Geertruida Wilhelmina Maria

Johanna (Anna) Maria
Johanna Josephine
Johannes Josephus

Bernarda Anthonia
Tobina Catharina
Wilhelmus Theodorus

Theresia Geertruida
Wilhelmus Josephus


When Joseph was born in 1831, his parents, Antonius and Guertje were living at Grotepoortestraat 513 and Antonius worked as a Carpentry Joiner[1].  Josephus was baptised on the same day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[7].

from Josephus Theodorus' birth certificate

Josephus Theodorus' baptism entry

From 1834 to 1842, the family lived at Vischmarkt 647[2,3,4,5]

In 1845, Antonius purchased a house at Vischmarkt 653 (#14 today)[6].

Joseph grew up in Harderwijk and learned the trade of the Cabinetmaker[8].  He was probably apprenticed to his father as was common in those days.

Vischmarkt 2 (was 647 in the 1830s)

Vischmarkt 14 (was 653 in the 1840s)

Like most young men in those times, Joseph was drafteed into the National Guard (Nationale Militie) by the lottery system of the day.

He was described as having oval brown eyes with a broad nose and a small mouth.

He served 5 years and his discharge was granted on 7 July 1858.

 His last assignment was with the 3rd Infantry Regiment[13].

Joanna Josephina Grijpma
Joanna was born on 8 September 1834 in the town of Groningen in the northern province of the same name and was three years younger than Joseph.  Joanna's parents were Joannes Josephus Grijpma and Maria Anna van der Harne.  Joannes was a Shopkeeper and he and Maria Anna lived at Brugstraat 207 in Groningen[22].

Joannes Grijpma was baptised on 21 November 1801 in Groningen, the son of Tobias Grijpma and Maria Smook.  He married Maria Anna van der Harne in 1823 in Groningen.  Maria Anna's parents were Johannes van der Harne and Johanna Luberti[25].

from Joanna Josephina Grijpma's birth certificate

Marriage And Life In Harderwijk
Their Engagement was published on 10 July 1858.

Overveluwsch Weekblad, 10 July 1858, page 4 -- Engagment Announcment

Joanna worked as a Domestic Servant in Harderwijk.  Perhaps she left Groningen to look for work in Harderwijk.  Joseph and Joanna were married in Harderwijk on 29 July 1858, probably at the Roman Catholic Church.  Their Banns had been previously read on 11 July and 18 July[8].

Joanna's parents did not attend their daughter's marriage but gave their permission by a Notary Declaration[8].  Why didn't they attend?

After their marriage and until early 1864 Joseph and Joanna lived in the Luttekepoortstraat in Harderwijk and their first three children - Antonius Peterus (b1859), Johanna Maria (b1860) and Geertruida Wilhelmina (b1861) where all born there[9,10,11,12]

Sadly, Johanna Maria died aged only 2 years[17].

Oddly, Ref 9 has the family name spelled as Roozen but the spelling on his children's birth certificates and his signature thereon is clearly with an 's'.  This arises later also.

From 1860, Joseph stated his occupation as Carpenter[10,11,12].

 Josephus Theodorus Roosen
Photo courtesy of his granddaughter, Rian

Move To Naarden
On 24 April 1862, The family packed up and moved to Naarden, a town approximately 50 km west from Harderwijk[9].  Why did they leave?  Probably looking for work or maybe a family argument?

The modern day route from Harderwijk to Naarden (Google Maps)

The family was recorded in the Naarden Inhabitants Register as arriving on 25 April 1862[14].  Joseph's occupation was Carpenter.  The family first lived in the Regenboogstraat in the heart of old Naarden and later at Kerkstraat 139 in 1868 and later Kerkstraat 141K until very early 1881[14,15,24].  Joseph's older son, Antonius Peterus was working as a Carpenter also, probably apprenticed to his father.  Joseph and Joanna had their next eight children while living in Naarden[15].  During this period, Johanna (Anna) Maria (b1864) worked as a Domestic Servant for a time in Bussum before returning to Naarden just in time for their next move[15].  Their daughter, Barnarda Anthonia died in 1872 when they lived in the Kerkstraat[18].

Regenboogstraat, Naarden

Move To Utrecht
On 11 February 1881, the entire family packed up again and moved to Utrecht[15].  In February 1882, the family lived in the Amsterdamse Straatweg, District H41, Utrecht.  Josephus continued to work as a Carpenter[16]

Route from Naarden to Utrecht, approx 35 km (Google Maps)

Move To Amersfoort and Joanna's Death
Sometime between 1882 and 1885 the family lived in Amersfoort.  Sadly, Joanna Josephina Grijpma passed away on 30 December 1883, aged just 48 years when she and Joseph lived at Buiten de Utrechtsepoort 148.  Joseph's surname is recorded as Roozen[19,20].

Utrecht to Amersfoort (Google Maps)

from Joanna Josephina's death certificate

from Joanna Josephina's death card

Move To Gorinchem
On 4 November 1886, Joseph and his children - Antonius Peterus, Geertruida Wilhelmina Maria, Johannes Josephus, Tobina Catharina, Theresia Geertruida and Josephine Anna (actually Johanna Josephine) - were entered into the Gorinchem Inhabitants Register.  It is recorded that they arrived from Amersfoort.  The family surname was again spelled as Roozen.[20].

Joseph stayed for the remainder of his life in Gorinchem and continued to work as a Carpenter.  While he lived there, two of his daughters - Geertruida Wilhelmina and Johanna Josephine - met and married their husbands in 1891 and 1893 resepctively.

Joseph Died
Joseph died in Gorinchem on 2 September 1892 aged 61 years.  He was living at the Torenstraat 233 at the time of his passing[21].  Note his surname is back to Roosen!

from Josephus Theodorus death certificate

from Josephus Theodorus death card

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